Professor Shaun-inn Wu's Home Page

Dr. Shaun-inn Wu's Home Page

Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems


For those who are interested in getting Computer Science internship credits, here is the Policy and Frequently asked questions about internships in Computer Science and Information Systems at CSUSM.

The final presentations on the senior projects completed in CIS 490 Project Management and Practice is available for viewing.

Spring 2019 Teaching Schedule (01/23/19 - 05/08/19):
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No electronic inquiries about any confidential information including grades will be answered. You can access your grades through the Cougar Course and SMART systems.



Research interests include The most recent publication: The following is a list of completed or ongoing Masters theses and projects under Dr. Wu's supervision:


Some of Dr. Wu's university and community services are as follows:

Dr. Wu received BS in Mathematics from Soochow University, MS in Mathematics from University of Texas at El Paso, MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. Dr. Wu taught at Computer Science Department of University of Minnesota, Morris for several years before joining CSUSM in 1991. Dr. Wu had been Chair of Computer Science Department at California State University San Marcos from 1994 to 1998. Dr. Wu also worked as a senior system and software analyst in computer industry for several years prior to full-time teaching and has been a consultant to local computer industry.

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