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Interesting AI Articles

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme on You Tube
Quare Pusher X Machines Robot Band from Japan
Bees and Traveling Salesman
Bonkras Shogi Player
Deep Blue Chess Player Bug
Magnus Carlsen wins
DARPA Grand Challenge
AI and Sports
Neural Nets
IBM Watson
PARO Robot Seal
Human-like Robot
Flickr Park
Digital Clone

Contest Site

MY SYSTEM DEMO (dedicated to Dr. Alfred Bork who passed away in 2007)

The DeCEN system has moved to: a system for developing reasoning skills in determining countability of English nouns. This was written using the Tutor Writer. The Tutor Writer is available for anyone at CSUSM who is willing to give me a feedback.

The Cpp Tracer is now at: a system for understanding execution of a simple C++ program.

Tutors for CS111 students are at: systems developed by my students using the Tutor Writer.