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Interesting AI Articles

I am very interested Tom Michell's work:
How human brain stored word meetings (Tom Michell)
Machine that reads to learn continuously (Tom Michell).
Bug Resarch by Eamonn Keogh (CSUSM alumnus)
Self Driving Car.
Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme on You Tube
Quare Pusher X Machines Robot Band from Japan
Bees and Traveling Salesman
Bonkras Shogi Player
Deep Blue Chess Player Bug
Magnus Carlsen wins
DARPA Grand Challenge
AI and Sports
Neural Nets
IBM Watson
PARO Robot Seal
PARO Robot video
Human-like Robots
Digital Clone

Help Files for CS Majors

Help on C++.
Help on CougarApps Set Up.
Help on Putty.
Help on File Transfer.
Help on Pine Set Up.
Help on Emacs Editor.
Help on Unix.
Help on GCC Compiler.
If you want me to create more help files, send me email.

Visualizers of Effects of C++ Statements:

Use Firefox. Not IE.
Linked List Visualizer. (written in: HTML5 plus C++)
Stack Visualizer. (written in: HTML5)
Queue Visualizer. (written in: HTML5)
Pass By Value Visualizer. (written in: HTML5)
Pass By Reference Visualizer. (written in: HTML5)
Another List Visualization. (Shows garbage cells)

ADAPTIVE TUTORING SYSTEMS (dedicated to Dr. Alfred Bork who passed away in 2007)

Adaptive means adapting to individual's progress and knowledge.

The DeCEN system (Java Applet) - a system for developing reasoning skills in determining countability of English nouns. This was written using the Tutor Writer. The Tutor Writer is available for anyone at CSUSM who is willing to give me some feedback.

The Cpp Tracer (Java Applet) - a system for understanding execution of a simple C++ program.