Downstream is a collaborative process-oriented performance integrating dance, performance, audio and video by the faculty and students at California State University San Marcos. Through four experiential workshops, we developed an approach to sequenced dance/movement based on its relationship to audio. The work consists of realtime ambient, amplified and sampled audio produced by the dancers and performers. For the live performance we also include realtime, closed circuit video. The work is performed in front of an audience and is also streamed live, to a virtual, listening audience.

Content arose out of the process which was highly experiential, performative and improvisational. Themes and images we developed include language, media, fluency, exchange and duet.


Tony Allard
Bill Bradbury
Brian Desjean
Kristine Diekman
Terri Fox
Richard Hunt
Phillip Jerge
Neal Lett
Lindsey Kuhns
Yvonne Mikuljan
Karen Schaffman

Mark Schmidt
Wesley Thatcher
Theresa Thompson

Chuck Allen
Chad Huggins
Albert Rascon
and participating students from our classes

Video Documentation:

Brandon Lawrence
Justin Sheppard