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Watch TED Talks and learn how to do presentations

Interesting AI Articles

I am very interested Tom Michell's work:
How human brain stored word meanings (Tom Michell)
Machine that reads to learn continuously (Tom Michell).
Vocaloid for creating a singer.
Bug research by Eamonn Keogh (CSUSM alumnus)
New AIBO dog
Google Self Driving Car
Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme
Quare Pusher X Machines Robot Band from Japan
Bees and Traveling Salesman
New Travelling Salesman Solution
Deep Blue Chess Player Bug
DARPA Grand Challenge
AI and Sports
Neural Nets Find Cat Videos
IBM Watson
PARO Robot Seal
PARO Goes to a Sushi Bar
Human-like Robots
Digital Clone
Poker AI   Poker 2   Poker 3
Japanese-Chess Playing Cute Robot
Japan Shortage of CS People

Help Files for CS Majors

Help on CougarApps Set Up.
Help on Putty.
Help on File Transfer.
Help on Emacs Editor.
Help on Unix.
Help on GCC Compiler.
If you want me to create more help files, send me email.

Visualizers for CSIS Students

The following was created to help programming course students learn C++, mathematical concepts, and even Theory. Beginning students should read the Tutorial file and use the Visualizers as prompted by the Tutorial.
  1. Tutorial on C++.
  2. GO TO Visualizers.

Other Fun Tutorials (Use Firefox to get sounds)

  1. Learn Japanese Sounds.
  2. Generate Japanese Sentences.
  3. Learn Music Notes.
  4. Learn English Verb Tenses and Articles.

The Future of Computing

  1. Learn about the Internet of Things.
  2. Learn about Quantum computers.
  3. Learn about nano robots.