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Computer Science Department, CSU San Marcos
alias: "Rika Sensei"
alias: "Empress"
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Our pets help make our university run. Please visit this page to learn about them. If you would like your pet to be on this page, send me email.

Think Adoption First

Currently, there are many dogs at Animal Shelters due to bad economy. If you are thinking about getting a pet, please think about adoption first. As you see at the following page, some are small poodles. They are locked up in dark cages. I hope you will go see them at the North (Carlsbad) Shelter. I had also volunteered for the following rescue organization: ARRF. They have many dogs that need to be adopted.

My Advice for the Students

  1. Never wonder if you have the right to exist. You do.. as all birds and animals do.
  2. Be confident. Even false confidence is better than no confidence. True confidence will allow you to be nice to other people.
  3. Always know what you want to be, even if it is a big dream.
  4. Be fascinated with the new things you learn each day.
  5. Don't be afraid to admit your shortcomings. Don't be afraid to apologize.
  6. Make someone laugh today.

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