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McCain to Secretary of the Interior, 26 September 1878, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 628, NADP Document D97.
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Eugene City. Oregon. Sept 26 – 1878.

To the Hon Secretary of the Interior. U. S. A.
Washington City D. C.

Honored & Dear Sir.
      Inasmuch as there is great dissatisfaction among all the leading indians on the Siletz Reservation with the management of Mr Wm Bagley the present Agent and also with Mr T. F. Royal the present Clerk, on account of inefficiency and want of energy in conducting the material interests of said Reservation; and inasmuch as the said Siletz Reservation is under the controll of the Methodist Episcopal Church so far as nominating the Agent, I would therefore respectfully call your attention to the above facts. As Presiding Elder, or Superintendent of Church work on said Reservation, I have had personal

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personal supervision and know whereof I speak. The state of feeling is so intense against the said Mr Bagley that it can only be held in a abeyance by promising them a speedy change. Mr Bagley is not a bad man but lacks decission and energy. The result is that the indians are a large part of the time at the point of starvation while at the same time they are surrounded with the best of agricultural lands. Mr Bagley has been asked to resign but seems inclined to hold on. I am thoroughly convinced that a change ought to be made, and fear that serious trouble will result from a failure to make it. A petition was recently placed in my hands signed nearly all the leadidng indians asking for a new Agent. In case such change should be made I would recommend Hon W. G. Piper of Albany for the place

J. S. McCain.
Presiding Elder, Eugene City. District.
Oregon Conf