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Bagley to Hayt, 13 March 1878, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 625 (excerpt), NADP Document D95.
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      Many are without names, while others have more than one.
      Those belonging to the Klamath tribe, when asked to give their Indian names, replied, – "We have many names in our own language, but none are correct, and therefore of no use to you. We feel ashamed and can not tell you, for really we have none. We claim none other than our English names, & want nothing else. We are trying to become civilized. Does the Comm. of Indian Affs think that we are still wild? Does Government expect improvement while under the yoke of "Old Fassion"? We have names given to us for sport but these would be of no use to you."
      How could I under such circumstances, compel them to give their names. I think it would have [...]