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Huntington to Cooley, 26 October 1866, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 615, NADP Document D91.
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Washington D.C Oct 26th 1866.

      Upon the subject of the Reservation made favor of the "Rogue River" Indians, temporarily in 1853. (per treaty of Sept 10th of that year) and confirmed in 1854. (per treaty of 15th Nov of that year, and commonly known as the "Table Rock Reservation." I submit the following suggestions.
      The design of the Department in locating this Reservation appears to have been to make it a colony of many other tribes besides the Rogue Rivers, (such as the Coast Reservation is now) but the warlike propensities of the Indians and the facilities which the neighboring mountains gave them for committing depredations, rendered their removal necessary.
      Accordingly in 1856 they were taken to the Coast Reservation, and divided between the Grand Ronde and Siletz Agencies.
      This was ten years ago, and since that time there has not been an Indian upon the tract.
      As a Reservation for Indians it is useless.

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It contains 300 or 400 square miles, a large part of which is arable land, and if opened to settlement would soon be occupied by an agricultural population. The importance of accomplishing this end is apparent.
      I recommend therefore that such action be taken as will bring the Land into market, and permit it to be occupied.
      This may be accomplished in two ways. – first, by selling (with the consent of the Indians) the lands in small parcels, the proceeds (less the expense of surveys) to go to the Indians, and second, to purchase from them by treaty or otherwise, the entire tract and treat it in the same manner as other lands of the United States.
      In my judgement the latter is the most economical and speedy course.
      Action of Congress is, of course required, and I trust that you will examine the matter, and recommend such legislation as will accomplish the object.

Very respectfully
your obt Servent
J.W. Perrit Huntington
Supt of In aff. for Oregon

Hon D. H Cooley
Comm of Indian Affairs