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Bagley to Hayt, 26 November 1877, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 624, NADP Document D85.
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Office Siletz Indian Agency
Toledo Benton Co Or Nov 26th 1877

      I desire to again respectfully call your attention to the condition of the Alsea Indians who are here, as well as those who are now at Alsea on leave of absence. We have found it impossible to feed any of them, except such as we can give employment or furnish with lumber for houses, and were left with the only alternative of allowing them leave of absence to fish in the waters of Alsea where they are acquainted with the fishing ground and can more easily obtain their subsistance than here besides this many of them still own their compuritively comfortable houses at Alsea into which they can go and find shelter from the storms which for a few weeks past have been very severe

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      While I deeply regret the necessity of this course it could not be avoided unless by allowing them to suffer with hunger and cold. They should by all means be provided by Government with Houses, food and clothing this winter, and with some teams seed and farming implements in the early spring so that they could during the coming year provide their own food for themselves. They do not give up their desire to remain here so soon as they shall be assured that Govt- is acting in good faith with them in the matter of allottment of land and assistance to cultivate the same, I respectfully ask that you will at an early day make such provision as is possible for their maintainance and so forth. Unless this can be done it will not be possible to keep them on the Reserve, except by force of arms. They could be overpowered and starved to death on the reserve but such a course would not be wise I herewith send you a statement of the

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number of Alseas who have voluntarily given up their claims to the Alsea Country and desire to find homes on this reserve with the amount required to furnish them with rations during the winter. Could we obtain one half the amount they are justly entitled to and in the spring provide for them such teams, tools, seed &c as would inable them to provide for themselves, they would be confortable and contented. Or could they be returned to their former homes and secured in the possession of them they would provide for themselves What can I do for them. Estimates have been sent to your office, from which I have received no reply. Can you do anything to help us place the Indians of this reserve in a condition to support themselves and thus soon bring them out of the slough of dispossion. Would that our Government might deal justly with the Indians and thus save Millions expended in prosecuting wars against them. As there are no Treaty funds for this Agency

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we are dependant entirely upon the general incidental fund, and hence plead earnestly to you. Hoping you will give this matter your early attention I am

Very Respectfully,
Your Obedient Servant
William Bagley
U.S. Indian Agent

Hon E. A. Hayt
Commissioner of Indian Affs
   D. C.