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Holcomb to Bagley, 11 February 1878, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Sent by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881, National Archives Microcopy 21, Roll 145, NADP Document D84.
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Feb 11. 1878.

Wm Bagley.
Indian Agent
Siletz Agency. Oregon.

      Acknowledging the receipt of your several communnications in reference to the condition of the Indians at your agency, you are advised that owing to the limited amount of funds at the disposal of this office, applicable to the service in Oregon, no general supplies can be purchased, but to aid your Indians to become self supporting, as far as practicable the Honorable the Secretary of the Interior has, upon the recommendation of this office, granted you authority to advertise in the "Oregonian" of Portland, for proposals to furnish such agricultural implements, hardware, grain and seeds, as may be needed for such purpose, to an amount not exceeding $2000 – and to enter into contract therefor with the lowest responsible bidders.
      With this assistance it is hoped you will be enabled to induce your Indians to cultivate their lands to as great an extent as the means furnished will permit.
      Make your advertisement short and general, calling attention to the places where lists of the articles for which bids are invited, can be

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seen and direct the publishers to forward their account to this office for settlement, accommpanied by a printed list of their advertising rates, and one copy of each issue of the paper in which it is inserted
      In executing the contracts and funds, the full names of the parties interest should be given, whenever they occur – signed in the same manner, affixing to each signature a seal of some adhesive substance – see section 4 to 7 inclusive, of printed instructions of July 1. 1877.

Very respectfully.
C.W. Holcomb.
Actg Commr.