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Huntington to Dole, 6 February 1865, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 614 (excerpt), NADP Document D79.
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[...] the amounts appropriated, and usually remitted. The fund for "Removal & Subsistence" is the one upon which we mainly rely for the support of the very large number of Indians upon the Coast Reservation who are not parties to any ratified treaty. My letter of December 4th 1863, advised you of the very great disparity in the amount per-capita which was applicable to these Indians as compared with those of other Agencies, and I respectfully now refer you to it for details. The deficiency then existing is increased still further at this time by the Greater depreciation of the currency, and the witholding of one third of the appropriations under the law referred to. – These Indians have for the last two years raised ample supplies of food (except a few decrepit, infirm & orphans) with no other aid than the Superintendence and direction of from four to six employees, and the tools teams &c furnished by the Government. They will continue to do this, but they are very destitute

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of clothing, and during the very last cold winter have suffered severely in consequence. To furnish them with tools, teams &c, with blankets, clothing &c with seeds, with Superintendence and instruction, with everything in fact, we have no fund but the "Removal & Subsistence" and the Small balance of the appropriation for "Colonizing" &c. – The fund for "General & Incidental Expenses" is required as you are aware, to pay the Salaries of Commissioners at four Agencies at $1200. per annum each, the Salary of Messenger $1200. by late instruction the Salary of Clerk to Supt. $1800. the traveling expenses of Superintendent Agent and Messenger, the transportation of amenity goods, costs of stationary and fuel (these expenses are all more than doubled by the condition of the currency) rent of Superintendency office, and the many little expenses which are constantly occuring. The Salaries alone amount to $7,800. per annum, rent to $480. Stationary fuel &c to about $1200 transportation to about $3000. while the amount remitted for six months is only $5,833. 32/100. This you will perceive is totally inadequate to [...]