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Biddle to Dole, 23 October 1862, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 613, NADP Document D75.
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Corvallis P.O. Oregon
October 23rd 1862

      This is to inform you, that I have been relieved of my duties as Indian Agent, at Siletz Agency, by James B. Condon, Indian Agent, in pursuance of Orders from Wm H Rector Supt. Indian Affairs. On the 11th inst, I transfered the property &c to Agent Condon, and am ordered premptorily by Supt to close up my account with the Department by the 13th of next month. This is purely an arbitrary act on the part of the Superintendent, and is done more to satiate private revenge, than for any good Official reason. Mr. Rector has not informed me officially why he has suspended me, and I am left only to conjecture the cause. I understand through Senator Nesmith that Supt. Rector has prefered charges against me to the Department – this he has denied to me often, and said the charges had not, and would not be forwarded, before he would give me due notice.
      I would respectfully request that I be furnished a copy of the charges in detail as early as possible. I think I will be able to Satisfy the Department that any charges derogatory to my Official integrity are false.

Very Respectfully &c
B. R. Biddle
U. S. Indian Agent

Hon. Wm P. Dole
Com. Indian Affairs –