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Dent to Rector, 30 September 1861, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 612, NADP Document D71.
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Fort Hoskins Oregon
30th Sept 1861

Dear Sir
      But a short time since I furnished an Escort to your Special Agent for the purpose of endeavoring to take and bring back some Indians who had left the Reservation and gone back to the Rogue River Country. That party has not yet returned they may be successful, if so, it may [illegible] Measure put a stop to Indians leaving the Reservation and going to their Old Homes. – if they are unsuccessful I fear a large number of those now on the reserve will follow their example and go South.
      The reason assigned by the Indians for wishing to leave the Reserve is that they have not food or clothing, nor can they get either if they remain on the Reserve. A New Agent has now been appointed, and I would respectfully urge upon you the absolute necessity of immediately supplying him with food and clothing for the Indians under his charge, if it be the wish of the Indian Department to retain the restives who are still on the Reservation. Otherwise you may I think surely expect an Exodus before Spring.
      It is idle to hide the fact that farming to the extent of a sustenance of all the Indians on the Reserve is an utter failure, and I may also state that the grain produced is of such inferior quality

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as to be almost useless.
      Potatoes they have, but they cannot subsist on these alone. Beef and Flour should go to them at once, before the bad weather sets in, or you will be cut off from the trail to the Reserve by high water.

Your obt Servt
F. F. Dent
Capt 9th Inft
Commanding Ft Hoskins

W H Rector Esq
Supt Ind Affairs