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Geary to Greenwood, 5 January 1861, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 612 (815), NADP Document D66.
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Office, Supt Indian Affairs
Portland Ogn Jany 5th 1861

      Referring to your letter to this office of the 3 September 1859 authorizing the removal of the Indians from the Umpqua Agency to the Yaquinna Bay on the Coast Reservation, and directing "the taking of the earliest measures to that end," I would respectfully say, that in pursuance of Instructions from this office, Sub Agent Sykes commenced early last spring to prepare the way for the carrying of this purpose into effect, by opening a farm, and breaking a considerable extent of ground at the contemplated place of location, which he planted in potatos. This crop however, on account of the want of sufficient time and means, to properly prepare the soil, proved an almost entire failure.
      In the latter part of the summer and fall the Indians were removed to their new location and the agent informs me, have already succeeded in preparring for themselves comfortable cabins with but little expense to the Government. In view however of the failure of the crop above referred to, their subsistence for this winter, and until crops can be gathered, must be almost entirely derived from the appropriations of the government.
     It has also been necessary to incur considerable expenses in providing suitable clothing to protect them from the severities of the winter season.
      It will be remembered that no treaty with these

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Indians has ever been ratified, and that consequently the only source from which to meet the expenses of their removal and subsistence is from appropriations of a general character. You will at once percieve the inadequacy of existing appropriations to meet the liabilities that have been incurred for the objects indicated, and that the sums specified, in the Estimates of Deficiency Appropriation for this superintendency for the current fiscal year, recently submitted, as required for the Sub Agency of Mr. Sykes, will, every dollar, be needed. What is obvious in this connection, is equally true in regard to the entire Estimate to which I allude, and the cutting of it down will only arise from an inadequate view of the wants of the service, and must result in wrong to the Indians, the great embarrasment of the several agents, and injury to those, who, to aid in meeting emergencies and performing duties, for which no adequate provision existed have become the creditors of the government.
      In regard to Mr. Sykes, the energy, and perserverance, with which he performed the duty assigned him, of removing these Indians from scenes of deep degredation, and of pernicious influence to society, to their present abode, which it is trusted will prove an assylum, is deserving of special commendation.
      A copy of his report in regard to this service, is herewith submitted. The aggregate expenses, inclusive of these of an extraordinary nature, for the current year, in the Agency in charge of Mr. Sykes, will be considerably less than in former years.

Very respectfully
Hon. A B Greenwood
Your obt servant

Commr. Ind Affrs Edward R Geary
Supt Ind Affrs