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Hedges to Manypenny, 22 September 1856, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 609, NADP Document D42.
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Office Supt Indian Affairs
Oregon City Sept 22nd 1856

      I have the honor to enclose herewith a contract entered into with Joel Palmer and Ephraim Palmer for putting in Three Hundred Acres of wheat in the Siletz Valley and doing sundry other work therein mentioned, all of which is deemed of the highest importance to the interests of the Indian Department in this Territory –
      Besides the Indians now upon the Coast Reservation a census of whom was furnished your office in my letter of 23rd August, it is intended that so many of the tribes from the Southern part of the Territory now temporarily located on the Grand Rond Reservation as it may be deemed expedient, shall, in the Spring remove to the Siletz Valley or in that vicinity upon the Coast Reservation –
      The necessity of the work provided for in the enclosed contract will therefore be apparent. It will also be noticed that the contract made with Berryman Jennings for furnishing

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a part of said flour shall be delivered at the mouth of the Yaquonah River on said Reservation –
      Mr. Jennings has purchased a small schooner for use in this adventure and will in a few days make an attempt (which it is confidently believed will be a successful one) to deliver a cargo as agreed upon –
      If it is found that this means conveying supplies to the Indians upon said Reservation is available, an incalculable advantage will be gained to the Indian Department in the increased facility for conveying supplies, goods &c, to the said Indians and in the thousands of Dollars saved in the expense of transportation. It is also intended, if this means of communication is found available, to make a further contract for putting in spring crops of wheat, potatoes, peas, &c.

Very Respectfully
Your obet servt
A.F. Hedges
Supt Indian Affairs

Geo W. Manypenny Commissioner of Indian Affairs