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Palmer to Commissioner of Affairs, 20 September 1856, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 609, NADP Document D41.
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Office Superintendent Indn. Affr.
Oregon City, O. T. 20th Septr. 1856

We, the undersigned, Joel Palmer, and Ephraim Palmer, of Dayton, Oregon Territory, Agree, jointly and severally, to do the work hereinafter mentioned for the compensation specified, in the Seletz Valley, on the Coast Reservation, for the benefit of the Indian Department of the United States, and by advice and direction of A. F. Hedges, Superintendent of Indian Affairs for Oregon Territory.
      To wit:
      To plow and put in Three hundred (300) acres of winter wheat, at Twelve ($12) dollars per acre – furnishing all the requisite material for the same.
      To make rails and fence the same with a six-rail fence, staked and double ridered, for five ($5) dollars per One hundred rails and stakes.
      To erect one Log. or Splitboard Dwelling house, with the requisite Doors, Windows, Chimneys &c. Sixteen by thirty (16 x 30) feet, two rooms for five hundred ($500) dollars.
      To erect one Blacksmiths Shop, build Forge, put in Anvil block, Vise

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Bench and Doors for Two hundred ($200) Dollars.
      To transport a set of Blacksmiths Tools, and set them up in the shop, for One hundred and fifty ($150) dollars.
      To burn five hundred bushels of charcoal and house the same, at Twenty (20c,) per bushel.
      All the work herein specified to be executed in a workmanlike manner, and to be completed by the 1st day of Feb. 1857.
      The said Superintendent Agrees on his part to pay in Cash at the prices herein before set forth, the amount for each class of work so soon as the same shall be completed. And for the planning and putting in wheat payment to be made upon the completion of each one hundred acres.
      Witness our hand, and seal, the date and place first above written

(Done in triplicate.)

Joel Palmer

In presence of [...]