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Palmer to Walker, 1 July 1856, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 610 (excerpt), NADP Document D38.
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Office Supt Ind Affairs
Dayton O.T. July 1st 1856.

      You have been appointed by the Supt Ind affairs as conductor and Local Agent for the Indians now residing and to be located upon that portion of the coast reservation between the mouth of Salmon river and fifteen miles South of Seletz river, and extending East an average distance of twelve miles.
      The first object that will claim your attention will be the removal of the coast bands now encampt at Dayton to the mouth of Salmon River or in the vicinity or around fresh Lake -- And [illegible] this object you will take charge of the imigrating forty and conduct them to that point – Sixteen ox teams, two yoked to each team, will be furnished at Dayton and if possible additional ones at the Grand Ronde. with this number it is believed you will be able to carry all the property belonging to the Indians – the old infirm and helpless and rations of flour for twelve days. Care must be used and allow the aged and infirm to occupy [...]

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[...] they may be placed at any point deemed by you suited to their condition and the [illegible] insure peace and good order.
      Lieutenant Auger with a detachment of twenty United States troops will accompany you to the coast and you will cooperate with that officer in such arrangements relative to travel, encampments and the general government of the imigrating party as will best tend to promote peace, insure good order, and facilitate the [illegible] of these indians.
      Mr. Wm. Church will accompany you and act as commissary and aid you in all proper duties. he will be regarded as assistant conductor and remain with you until further instructed.
      You will retain two yokes of cattle which with the wagon now at the mouth of the Salmon river will enable you to transport your supplies and do other halling at that point. The balance of the teams you will have to return immediately.
      Mr. Jeffers will be instructed to examine the country north of Salmon river. You will render him such assistance as to enable him to fulfill his mission.
      Should Cpt [illegible] arrive at [illegible] before my arrival you

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will inform him that it is my wish to have the Coquills placed south of Seletz River – but for a temporary encampment – it is not material as to the particular point. he will remain with them until my arrival or until further advised.
      The flour turned over to you has been furnished by directive from this office – you will therefore sign and forward me duplicate receipt and be particular in your distributions and secure accurate provision returns.
       You will call upon Sub Agent [illegible] for axes, and other tools to use in perfecting the wagon [illegible], receipting to him for the same. The beef delivered you by Mr. [illegible] and [illegible], as per contract, will be certified to by you showing the quantity slaughtered each day and at the end of each month a certificate given by you of the aggregate amount used the month. Monthly returns of provisions [illegible] certified to, and witnessed must be forwarded [illegible] to this office. You will keep me advised of matters at short intervals.