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Palmer to Parrish, 15 May 1854, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 608 (excerpt), NADP Document D23.
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[...] You will also designate their chiefs by name; whether they are friendly or hostile to the whites, and to other bands of Indians; the diseases prevalent among them, and their mode of treating disease; also the number of firearms owned by them, and any other information you may deem escential to enable the Indian Department to act advisedly in the adoptions of measures to secure their peace, happiness and ultimate civilization and enlightment.
     I desire you to use all possible diligence to acquire this information at the earliest possible moment so as to enable me to report to the Indian department at Washington at an early day.
      In visiting the Chit-ko Indians at the mouth of the Chit-ko River I think it will be well to inform them that they may expect pay for the loss of their lodges burned by Miller and his party in February last. Justice seems to require this, and it will be difficult to convince them of our sincerity without it, as the burning was an outrage for which there is not, as I verily believe, the least shadow of justification.
      I have written to General Wool requesting that a small military force be sent up immediately, and in the event they come, you will take immediate steps to cause the arrest of A. F. Miller, Cole Colier, John Metzker, __ Powers, J Wagner, A Shough and others engaged in killing the Indians at Chit-ko village, and burning their lodges, and have them handed over for trial to the civil authorities for trial [...]