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Bagley to Editor, Weekly Corvallis Gazette (Corvallis, Oregon), 21 September 1877, 2, NADP Document D169.
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      We published a communication from Geo. Harney, in the GAZETTE of the 7th inst., which Agent Bagley denominates "that absurd letter," and which not only contains untruthful assertions, but unjustly reflects upon Hon. Ben. Simpson, who was apppointed special Indian Agent for removal of the Alsea Indians, but who was prevented from completing his work by a serious accident which befel him while in its performance. We exceedingly regret that anything should appear in the GAZETTE which would either directly or indirectly cast unjust reflections upon any public officer, or in an manner prejudice the Indians upon our border, or retard a peaceful and speedy solution of questions connected with the Indians upon our reservations. In order to correct any wrong impression that may have been created, we take pleasure in publishing the following note from Mr. Bagley:
      EDITOR CORVALLIS GAZETTE – Dear Sir: Lest some stranger might be deceived by that absurd letter of George Harney, in your issue of the 7th inst., permit me to say, through your columns, that though our allotments of Government funds have been very small no Indians belonging to this Agency have died from starvation. The Nestuccas came on the Reserve nearly two years ago. Four deaths have occurred among them, all from disease. The Alseas commenced their removal here about six weeks ago. No deaths have occurred among them. In addition to a considerable quantity of provision furnished them by me, they have the source of supplies as they have ever had, "viz:" the ocean. Could they be given all the food in Oregon, they would eat whale blubber as a luxury. Yours, respectfully.