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Harney to Editor, Weekly Corvallis Gazette (Corvallis, Oregon), 7 September 1877, 2, NADP Document D168.
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      EDITOR GAZETTE: I wish to make a few statements, though your paper, relative to the situation of the Indians on the Siletz reservation. The Alsea and Nestucca Indians were removed about one year ago from their reserve on the Lower Alsea to the Siletz, and no extra provision made for their maintenance, as was promised by Mr. Ben. Simpson. These Indians are now actually dying off, fast, from starvation. Their sole living is gained from what little fishing they can do. For some time past a majority of them have been living on muscles and the remains of the whale that was washed ashore on North Beach a few weeks since.
      Mr. Bagley has had no funds with which to provide for for them, or he would cheerfully do so.
      I sincerely wish some one would interest himself in procuring means to save these tribes from starvation. I do not think the government would knowingly go back on the promises made by Simpson, at the time of the removal of these Indians to our reservation, if Mr. Simpson was authorized to make them.
      I hope you will be kind enough to publish this communication, as it is a matter of life and death with these Indians. Yours truly,

Siletz, Aug. 29, 1877.