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Weekly Corvallis Gazette, 21 April 1876, Corvallis, Oregon, NADP Document D166.
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      "The wreck of the Caroline Medan, on Yaquina Bay Bar, on the 5th inst., is, we believe, the third or fourth of its kind for the present season, and furnishes a very strong argument against the efforts that are being made by the citizens of Benton county to connect themselves with the said outlet to the sea, by a narrow gauge railroad from Corvallis, and this will doubtless put a quietus on the movement altogether.
      "From the government survey made of the said bay years ago, it is condusive there is not over 16 feet of water there at high tide, which should at once disprove the hallucination indulged in by those of the above named county, who fondly hope to see the navies of the world lying at anchor in her pent-up harbor, waiting for cargoes of pork, socks and butter from the interior, while the sailors desport themselves with the rural excursionists who annually visit there to catch oysters and crabs. If Benton county has $200,000 to contribute in the way of a bonus to enterprise she had best direct it in the establishment of woolen mills, flax factories, and a moderate expenditure on the Willamette, to enable them to be sure of the advancement of their material prosperity, rather than to dissipate it on a chimera which would turn to torment its instigators. They cannot make a whistle out of a Hogg's tail.–Oregon City Enterprise.