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Weekly Corvallis Gazette (Corvallis, Oregon), 7 April 1876, 2, NADP Document D165.
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      The abandonment of the Alsea Reservation by the Indians, and its occupancy, by white settlers would be a great public benefit, and would not, in any manner, work a hardship upon the "poor Indian" as some suppose. The editorial correspondence of the Eugene Journal, dated Washington City, March 11, has the following upon the subject. Elsewhere we publish Secretary Chandler's letter.
      The Alsea Indians, who gave their consent to Surveyor General Simpson, as special commissioner, last summer, to move to the Siletz, on the north side of the Yaquina River, have failed to do so up to the present time. They were prevented from complying with their agreement, it is believed, by interested persons, Senator Mitchell and Mr Simpson, since his arrived here, have been actively at work to cause the removal of the Indians in accordance with their agreement under the law passed last year, to the Siletz, so as to open up for settlement all the country along the coast south of the Yaquina river. They succeeded some days ago, in getting the necessary order signed by Secretary Chandler. Special Agent G.P. Litchfield is directed to turn over all the money and property in his possession to the Agent at Siletz, where the Indians will be located, and to vacate the place he now holds as sub-agent.