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Nesmith to Augur, 27 August 1857, in United States, Department of War, Reports of the Office of the Secretary of War, Record Group 393, Box 11, National Archives, NADP Document D161.
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Office Supt. Indian Affairs.
Salem, Oregon August 27. 1857.

      [...] a letter received this morning from Agent Metcalf I am informed that the Upper Coquille Indians are leaving the reservation and the Agent expresses great fear that all the Coast Indians will follow them.
      I am satisfied if their exodus is not prevented, that we shall again have open hostilities along the Coast, and in the southern portion of the Territory
      You are aware that the Indian Department is powerless, so far as presenting any physical barrier to the return of these people is concerned, I have therefore to request that you will render Mr. Metcalf such assistance as is in your power, to prevent those people from leaving the reservation.

I am, Sir. Very Respectfully.
Your Obt. Servant.
(signed) J. W. Nesmith.
Supt. Ind. Affairs O &. W.T.

Capt C. C. Augur.
4th Infy U.S.A.
Com.d.g. Fort Hoskins. O.T.

[Attached to Augur to MacKall, 1 September, 1857 (D150) and two additional enclosures, Metcalfe to Augur, 20 August 1857 (D160), and Auger to Nesmith, 27 August 1857 (D162).]