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Augur to MacKall, 1 September, 1857, in United States, Department of War, Records of the Office of the Secretary of War, Record Group 393, Box 11, National Archives, NADP Document D150.
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Head Quarters Fort Hoskins O. T.
September 1. 1857.

      I respectfully enclose copies of three letters referring to Indian Affairs in this vicinity.
      The first, from Agent Metcalf was received about nine Oclock P.M. on the 21. ultimo.
      I agreed perfectly with the Agent as to the importance of compelling those Indians to return, both, as likely to prevent other tribes from attempting the same thing; as also, to have a salutary effect upon the Coquilles themselves.
      By breaking up a couple of our teams I was able with our pack animals to mount twenty five or thirty men - it is folly to send foot men after these people – and proceeded next morning to the Agency, when I arrived in the evening, I found however, that and the two principal chiefs of the Coquilles were there before me, and they reported all their people as returning. In the talk I had with Washington, who was sent for by the Agent, he stated he had merely been to visit the tribes on the Siuslaw & Umpqua river, but with no intention of crossing the latter river.
      From information received from other Indians however, there is little doubt of their intentions of which in fact they openly talked before leaving, and they would have succeeded, had they not been stopped at the Umpqua.
      I told "Washington," that was the second time I had been obliged to come there with Soldiers to bring back the Coquilles, and that if his people made another attempt to leave, their chiefs

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would be punished. He promised they should give no more trouble.
      There is no doubt these people have received Messages from white people living in their former Country telling them to return and they would be protected–that the whites there were anxious for their return.
      The Agent Mr. Metcalf tells me, he is endeavoring to ascertain who these white people are, and that if he succeeds he will have their Names published.
      The Agent being satisfied that the Coquilles were all returning, did not deem it necessary to make any use of the troops, in which I coincided, and I returned to this Place the following day.

Very Respectfully Major Your Obt. Servt.
C. C. Augur.
Capt: 4th Infr.

Major W. W. MacKall.
Asst. Adjt. Genl. U. S. Army.
Head Qrs. Dept. of Pacific.
San Francisco.

[Enclosures: Metcalfe to Augur, 20 August 1857 (D160), Nesmith to Augur, 27 August 1857 (D161), and Auger to Nesmith, 27 August 1857 (D162).]