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Swan to Trowbridge, 31 August 1880, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 630, NADP Document D122.
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Siletz Indian Agency
Toledo. Benton Co Oregon
August 31st 1880 –

Hon R E. Trowbridge.
Washington D.C.
Comr Indian Affairs

      Since the meeting of the Oregon Methodist Episcopal Conference Aug 17th it has come to my knowledge that a petition was secretly circulated in the Willamette valley, - praying Conference for the recommendation of appointment of one Wadsworth of this county as Agent of this Reservation (said to read) in case of a vacancy. I learn this petition was reported favorably on by their Committee on Indian affairs, and approved by Conference. At my early coming here I was sought and it was plainly made known to me, that all the patronage of this Reserve was to be given exclusively to Methodist tradesmen, as such, regardless of economy, they also wish to control the appointment of Employes at this Agency regardless of capacity and fitness,– because I would not grant them these priviledges and preferences – hence this petition. I may add that I have been a Methodist in it's true sense as I trust, for many years and was recommended to this Agency by the Methodist Board of Missions in New York –

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city. I have yet to learn that religion runs counter to – right and duty, as is suggested by the acts of this Conference. And while they thus assume to control, they give not a dollar to carry on this work here,- all the cost coming out of the pockets of the willing Agent and Employes.
      While I am acting as Agent I shall be controlled by orders from the Department, and my oath of office: – other than this I can be no longer Agent.
      When my resignation is tendered it will be to the sources from whence came my appointment. I note this to – your office not knowing whither the said petition or petitions went. I have also written the Board of Missions in the city of New York.

Very Respectfully
E A. Swan
U S Indian Agent