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Swan to Trowbridge, 23 August 1880, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 630, NADP Document D121.
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United States Indian Service,
Siletz Indian Agency,
Toledo, Benton Co. Oregon Aug 2,3d 1880.

Hon R E. Trowbridge.
Comr Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.

      I am in receipt of your letter of the 4th inst marked "Civ," relative to the removal of the Alsea Indians. In the selection of persons to visit them in June to persuade them to come, I sent men with whom the Indians take counsel in their private as well as public matters, and who have a greater influence with them than any white men in these parts, and the reasons why they did not come was as follows.
      With the Indians are two of their number, who speak our language well and who are looked up

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to by them, they are shrewd; cunning and unscrupulous, these two urged the Indians to go to the Siletz before, and in the prescence of, our agents, but was secretly telling them to remain there, this I am assured of.
      Then some of the white men living down there who have been foremost in pressing the removal of these scattering red men, really, are urging them to remain;– telling them the Govt will not fulfill their pledges &c. thus the ignorant and honest of these Indians are held by these designing and bad men.
      A letter came a few days since from – one of the two indians, saying that they would all come here in four or five weeks,– as soon as their early vegetables are suitable to be gathered. I deem it advisable to grant their request

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and try them, for then they will have gathered in their gardens,– they will also have secured their fall stock of fish, beside I can then leave here far better than now, as our grain harvest is just commencing and my presence is very much needed here in the securing of these grains. If, at the expiration of their own time, I go down and they then refuse coming shall I use force?, and if so, will it be made of men that I can gather up, or shall I ask Genl Howard at Fort Vancouver to send me a squad of soldiers? or will you give me orders to arrest and send to Vancouver the two Indians who have been the ruling cause of their refusal? upon the receipt of your orders I will at once go down and act,

Very Respctfully.
E A. Swan
U S. Ind. Agt