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Swan to Hayt, 13 January 1880, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 630, NADP Document D118.
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Siletz Indian Agency
Toledo, Benton Co Oregon,
Jan'y 12th 1880 ––

Hon E A. Hayt
Comnr Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.

      I am just in receipt of a communication from Wallis Nash Esq of Corvallis, who is a managing director and Agent for an "English Company" owning some 200,000 acres of land adjacent to this Reservation, asking me to faver and urge upon the Govt the giving of $250.00 Cash, and the labor of 10 Indians for two months toward the opening of another and shorter wagon road from this Reserve to Corvallis, passing through the lands of the Company above refered to.
      This "English landed Corporation" are amongst the pressers upon the Govt for the opening of this Reservation to white settlers, as refered to in my letter to you under date of December 13th 1879.–
      There now is, or soon will be a secret move –

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made not only for an appropriation to open such road, but also an effort to scatter these poor Indians from this their long promised home.
      I write now more particularly with reference to the road, that it may be better understood, given by one "upon the spot."
      I enclose you my reply (copy) to the Agent Wallis Nash, and objections against the opening of this, or any other road out from these Indian homes.

Very Respectfully Yours
E A. Swan
U. S. Indian Agent