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Swan to Nash, 8 January 1880, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 630, NADP Document 116.
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Siletz Indian Agency.
Toledo, Benton Co Oregon.
Jan'y 8th 1880

Wallis Nash Esq.
Corvallis, Or.

Dear Sir:
      I am this afternoon in receipt of yours of the 2d inst and note contents.
      I concede that a public road, by the route marked out in your communication would be to us here a great convenience, bringing as it would your place so much, nearer this Agency. Now "so far and yet so near" – distance by the old road 60 miles more or less a portion of the season this road is impassable and the remainder of the time over hills, around mountains, through deep valleys, requiring a good two day hard pulling, and wearysome riding.
      If Govt stores are to continue coming over the old road, the new would be an improvement that would commend itself to any one, as such.
      But to me as acting Agent of this Reservation, having been here quite six months, looking over matters pertaining to the interests of this strange people, learning as I have their weaknesses, I am led to the conclusion that any additional outlet would be anything but expedient.

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I have even now very much difficulty in keeping many of our Indians from going outside: for when they go they necessarily come into contact with the whites, and most likely with the lowest class attended with results deleterious to the red man most universally.
      This new road would come to and cross the Reserve and when settlements are made on both sides of the line the whites and Indians wold be brought into close proximity, and I am certain discord and dissensions would continually be arising, such ever has been the history of our country, and the red man always coming out second best.
      And therefore I cannot be persuaded that such change would be for the best interests of the Indians, or for the Government having them in charge.

Very Respectfully Yours
– E A. Swan
U S. Indian Agent