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Swan to Hayt, 13 December 1879, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880. National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 629, NADP Document D115.
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Siletz Indian Agency.
Toledo, Benton Co Oregon
Dec 13th 1879

Hon E A. Hayt Comr Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.

      I desire to call your attention to a current report in this vicinity to the effect that this Reservation is to be thrown open for settlement, and it is said that the Hon Senator (Slater) from this state has a bill to that end which he is to present at the early session of Congress.
      It was stated by the Press that the Senator was to visit this Reserve on his way to Washington, but he failed to do so, though he did find time to go still further and visit Newport, (Yaquina Bay) and there obtained what information he possesses from well known interested parties, – which doubtless would enable him to present a much stronger case than his visit here would have done.
      I may be permitted to add that amongst the strongest supports of this project is an immense

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English landed Corporation who already own nearly or quite 100,000 acres adjoining this Reservation.
      Our Indians have been made aware of their purposes and its effect upon them is apparent. They have (as they say) no heart) to build homes, till the lands, and expend their all if soon they are to be stripped of all that is dear to them.
      I hope and trust that no bill driving these deserving red men from their rightful possessions, will be entertained for one moment. It seems to me cruel. That these remnants of tribes from afar and near, who have been (through pledges made by the Government) induced to leave their former homes and come here with the understanding that this should be their abiding place.
      I wish if consistent that the Indian Department would give me (in writing) some

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apierance of their being permitted to remain, so that I could lay it before them and quiet their apprehensions. – such a paper would bring cheer and comfort to this heretofore homeless race.

Very Respectfully Your Obt Servant
E. A. Swan
U S Indian Agent