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Swan to Hayt, 29 November 1879, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 628, NADP Document D114.
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Siletz Indian Agency
Toledo, Benton Co. Ogn. Nov 29th 1879

Hon E A. Hayt Comr Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.

           Sir: There is an English Company having larged landed interests adjacent to this Reservation, and their representatives Wessrs Hogg & Nash living at Corvallis have applied to me asking aid in the construction of a wagon road from their town to this Agency, by the way of their lands, to which, I could not give my approval, to these reasons, I desire to call your attention. This road would shorten the distance (as they claim) between Corvallis and the Reserve fifteen miles, which is one of the reasons for my opposing it, as the fewer avenues for exit the better. One of the guardians of the Reservation is it's isolation, and I think it well if it remain so. My observation is, that every time an Indian goes outside he loses, –his associations is with the

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low. If this road is built it would bring the white settlers with close proximity with our Indians located on or near the line, such proximity has always brought trouble. Our natural outlet is by the Sea, and as we have still one by wagon road, another would prove injudicious.
      I find that the white settlers adjacent to this Reserve are aggressions, and already have caused me much trouble. The proposition of these resident managers is, that the Government build the road on the Reservation, and also make a donation of three to five hundred hundred dollars, an investment wh¡ch I think the Government would not be so likely to make.

Most Respectfully Yours
E A. Swan
U S. Indian Agent