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Swan to Hayt, 19 July 1879, in United States, Office of Indian Affairs, Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880, National Archives Microcopy 234, Roll 628, NADP Document D111.
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Toledo, Benton Co, Ogn. July 19th 1879

Hon E A. Hayt Comr Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.

I am just in receipt of a letter from several (said to be) good Citizens at the "Lower Alsea:" – stating that a number of the Indians formerly living there, but who were transfered to the Agency have wandered back and taken – possession of the lands hitherto occupied by them.
      These lands have been taken up by white men and claimed by them, and insist that these Indians are aggressors, and they have ordered them off but they (the Indians) refuse to go, and so there is likely to be trouble at once between them, the whites are threatening to put the Indians off the lands, and word comes to me that the Indians will resist them.
      Another letter has just come to hand from Suiselaw which is some thirty five (35) or

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forty (40) miles lower down on the Coast, stating that there is trouble at that point between the Whites and Indians, relative to the rights of each party about the fishing grounds. As stated, the Indians persist on putting Fish traps along the River and across, thereby preventing the Fish from going up stream and so the supply is cut off from the Whites farther up this water course.
      In seeking advice of the Ex Ind. Agent and County tax Commissioner, and other good and reliable citizens, I am advised to go up at once and settle these differences else there may be serious trouble and perhaps loss of life.
      In view of this state of affairs, I have thought it advisable to go down and see & try to arrange these differences.
      If these Indians return here they of course will need assistance in the way of supplies, and therefore I ask that you order me to supply them (if needs be) to sustain life until thay can find employment of some Kind.

Very truly Yours
E A Swan.
U S Indian Agent