Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CSUSM

Sajith Jayasinghe


     • A database of glycemix index and glycemic load.

     • A (better alternative to the confusing USDA?) food pyramid from Harvard university.

     • The customizable food pyramid from the USDA.

     • Information on trans fats from the FDA.

     • Information on the BRM at Cornell.

     • Information on metabolic needs and exercise at Harvard.


     •     Memebrane proteins:

     ◦ Resources relating to membrane proteins including MPEx (Membrane Protein Explorer), and MPtopo (the Membrane Protein Topology Database).


     •     Prediction methods:

     ◦     http:/ Membrane Protein Explorer (MPEx), for the prediction of membrane protein transmembrane segments.


     •     Visuallization and dynamics:

     ◦ Visulal Molecular Dynamics (VMD), a molecular visualization program.

     ◦ NAMD, for scalable molecular dynamics.

     ◦ PyMol, a python based molecular visualization tool.

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