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Special Projects will be conducted via E-mail and will include traditional quilting, wall art and weaving. "The House of Zsuxxa" focuses on textile arts. I've made textile arts my life, and have wandered many paths that include: computerized machine embroidery, all facets of quilting (traditional and avante guarde), weaving, knitting, crochet, and smocking. The Weaver's Attic will introduce you to loomed rag rugs and woven wall hangings. If you are interested in weaving and would like more information on looms, hit the hot spot for direct Email.

The Batik Floral is a class based on the series of Kumiko Sudos' books. Dimensional flowers were created from origami folds and traditional English dimensional techniques. I found myself working exclusively with the popular wax resist Batiks and found them most wonderful for needleturn applique.

Months ago I was inspired by the book Harmonies and Hurricanes, by Kumiko Sudo. While working through a textile art using oriental fabrics, I thought I'd pick up a Watercolor UFO and add more blossoms. With wonder under and tacky glue I began the creation, "Manna".


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