Marines do the brave and heroic things they do out of their love for one another.
There is no other reason discernible.

Semper Fi Mac !
Lost Buddies Listing

This site will be used to post your callings for comrades you have lost touch with. Marines, Unit Association clubs, ect... This site will be composed entirely of what you provide me.

You may send submissions to me by email.

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As a recruit at MCRD San Diego in August of 1977 holding barracks a young Black Marine Recruit jumped from the second story floor window before we started our training. I would like to hear from you Marines who graduated from MCRD San Diego November 1977 platoon 3096. Philip Jones 12 May 20
Searching for my roommate. Co B, 2d Amtracs, 1st Lt L Harrel. Originally from Asheville, NC. 25 Apr 20
Looking for any members from MCRD PI Platoon 223, 4/1963 to 6/1963. Hugh Spence. 31 Mar 20
I am looking for a US Marine (either past or present) named Dan (Daniel) Sullivan who was in Brisbane, Ipswich and Amberley, Australia in March/April 1997 on the tandem thrust exercise. He would be approximately 45. Vanessa Maguire 22 Mar 20
Looking for platoon 3301 mcrd san diego cal, 1968. Edd Williamson 30 Dec 19
My name is Teresa Moore Osteen. My brother was in basic training at Parris Island in 1985-86. I got to know a friend of his named Jim Baker he was also in basic training there also. I have looked for him for the last 30 yrs with no luck. I was only 16, he was around 21 or 22 yrs old. He has stayed in my heart all these yrs. I'm now 48 if u could help me with anything I would be so very grateful. I live in Douglas Ga. 30 Nov 19
I am looking to find anyone who went through boot camp with me in April 1966 at Parris Island, 1st Blt, Plt 175. William J Williams 29 Nov 19
I am looking for a recruit book from Parris Island for my uncle. I don't know what color the cover might be. Either the green or red. I am looking for the 2nd Recruit Training Battalion-Platoon 223 or 209. The graduation date will be September 3 or 4th 1946. He reported to Camp Lejeune on Sept. 5, 1946. I am 90% sure the platoon is 223. The start date will be around July 10, 1946. That is the day he reported to Parris Island. Any help would be so appreciated. I need the platoon picture as well. Jacqueline Giacomo. 22 Nov 19
My name is Gary Yohn, I went to Boot Camp at Camp Pendleton April 1967 my platoon was 3003. I was Fox 2/4 Magnificent Bastards looking for friend. Also looking for graduation book and platoon picture. I don't know what my mom did with mine. Would love to find old friends to share memories. f anyone has group picture or graduation book would like to order copies. 8 Nov 19
I’m hoping to find out what happened to Gene. We were in love just when he joined the Marines. Exchanged a couple of letters, which I still have, then lost touch. Please help me, if you can. Thank you. Susi (Wyndroski) Moffitt (Not married - legal name change) Susi Moffitt 24 Oct 19
My name is Leanna Bird-Nelson. I am looking for the friends of my brother, Eric Cullens, who came to our house on many occasions. This was in the early 70’s, MCRD and Camp Pendleton. Richard “Pepe” Joel LeMay from Duluth, MN and Dennis Fisher from Menomonie Falls, WI. 5 Oct 19
Calling all Marines, I have a board coming up in about a month. I am missing a important piece of proof for my claim. I need your help in locating a Marine Corps brother. If you don't know of him PLEASE SHARE to others in your network. Looking for Steve Hayes, 1st LSB, 1st. FSSG, H & S Company, Camp Delmar back gate of Pendleton, 1983-85. I was his roomie & played football for LSB. Ray Larkin needs to talk to him ASAP". Phone or Text: 201-682-7920. 23 Sep 19
My fathers name is Donald Wright and was at camp Pendleton in 1959. This was the year I was born there, Nov 17 1959. My mother Barbara Ann Nicholes married and was stationed at Pendleton. My understanding is she left him when I was two years old we went back to salt lake city utah were from. Later my mother remarried and changed my name in marriage to craig kent gordon from donald wright jr. A close neighbor revealed she believes my father lived in Hawaii and I should contact him. Over the years I've tried many many times with no luck. I would like to find my father before he or I pass away. 22 Sep 19
Please help me find my nephew Robert Allan McMillan. I believe he entered in 1989. His birthdate is 12-8-70. His father was Ronald L. McMillan and mother Karen Jacobs McMillan Papushak from Brunswick,Ohio. His father, my brother passed away and I wanted him to know. 18 Sep 19
I am searching for Peter Thompson. He was only about 18 or so at that time but out of bootcamp and was stationed at Millington, TN, Navy base in aproximately 1977-78. He was a US Marine at that time. 21 Aug 19
Trying to locate a Jackie Wilson, was a Marine at Camp Lejeune in 1964, had been in Okinawa! From Kansas. 3 Aug 19
Trying to locate a former Marine DI, George McDaniel. He was my DI at Navy AOCS class 23-79 in Pensacola 1979-1980. He was SSGT at the time but made Gunny around March 1980. He later became a warrant officer. Our class is trying to have a 40 year reunion and we want to locate him. 15 Jul 19
Looking for Corporal Michael Bryant who formed the C-Asia Band in IWAKUNI Japan 1984. My name is Karen Pearson (LCPL Pearson. At that time). I was a lead singer in the band which performed at the base NCO Club. 15 Jul 19
My name is Bill Helle. I was stationed with 2nd battalion 5th Marines from 1993-1996. I was assigned to the S1 Office and I am looking for any information on some fellow Marines. Jamie Baker, Brian Keil, Bobby Yarbourgh. If anyone has anyway of getting a hold of these guys please email me at 12 Jul 19
I am looking for any information on my deceased husband his name was Allan T Gawrys. He passed away when he was 34 years old from disease caused by agent orange, he graduated from Parris Island on October 29, 1968 I believe it was in platoon 3015— 3rd recruit battalion under Sergeant. V S Shumam and staff Sergeant GM Wilson. He was sent to Vietnam shortly there after he was with H&S company third Battalion first Marine division. I’m wondering if anybody knew him or has any pictures of him or even his yearbook or anything they can give me even if it’s a platoon picture I have been unsuccessful in trying to get anything for him to leave my daughter and my grandson. Everything he had was tossed away when his mother passed away all I have left is his DD 214. Thank you in advance like I said any information would be great. 8 Jul 19
I am looking for Robert Perry USMC who was hurt in a landmine explosion on November 12, 1967 in the vicinity of Quang Nam, Viet Nam. Joanne Fedder. 14 Jun 19
Liberty Bridge, Late Feb 69, Early March 69, 2 WIAs recovered by squad of transients about 1000 meters east of gate, shortly before sundown. Squad Leader & EM, left behind by order of squad leader in high grass. Patrol Squad ordered after NVA, leaving the WIAs behind. Transients from the gate came out and found the WIAs. The transients were joined by a regular squad led by a Lieutenant. Medevac at Sundown. Never saw the original squad. Snuffy Jackson, LCPL HQ 2-13, Echo 2-13, Lima 4-11 & Charlie 1-11 1968-69. 6 Jun 19
Looking for Marine Luis G. Colon who served with me in Chu Lai, Vietnam with VMFA 314, and in Beaufort, SC. Any contact information for him would be appreciated. 6 Jun 19
Looking for Marine Luis G. Colon who served with me in Chu Lai, Vietnam with VMFA 314....and in Beaufort, SC. Any contact information for him would be appreciated. 1 Jun 19
Looking for a platoon photo from MSRD SanDiego 1964 platoon 301. Tracy Bartz. 4 May 19
I’d like to hear from anyone that served at El Toro from summer 1976-1977. Took orders to Okinawa summer 1977 to August 1978. Anyone I ran into either place would be cool to hear from 6633 Electric shop avionics. Glenn L Mello 19 Apr 19
Hello, I'm Corporal Royal Stewart from Baltimore. I served W Base Motor T Mainside, H&S Bn during 1989-1990, Barracks 2005. Im searching info on The Marine that committed suicide in Barracks 2005. I've assisted in 1st Aid and I'm attempting to claim this incident AS A Stressful Event for My VA claim, I'm still having nightmares. Myself Corporal Melvin White/Lcpl Marvin Banks cannot remember the Marines Name or exact date, If anyone has any info please forward To Royal Stewart (443) 653-1817, Thank you. 15 Apr 19
I served in the Marine Corps from 1984 to 1995. Boot camp was in San Diego PLT 3057, 06-84 09-84. I went to Barracks Duty Subic Bay RP. I was in Alpha Co and then transferred to SOB Plt as a patrol leader. Left there March 1986 and went to Camp Pendleton Ca 2nd Bn 5thMar Weapons Co and HQ Co. In 1989 I Served as an Instructor at MCSFBNPAC Mare Island Ca. From there I was off to 3rd LAR Twenty-nine Palms Ca. I was in Alpha Co and then transferred to HQ Co. Last I served as an Internal Pilot with 1st UAV Co 29 Palms. Medically separated in 08-95. 17 Mar 19
My name is David Gregory(Greg) and I enlisted in the Marine Corps Aug 15, 1963. Would like to find yearbook for boot camp at MCRD, Plt 263, which graduated Dec 19, 1963. Also, any buddies from 1st Marine Division, Supply Company, in Hue/Phu Bai, Vietnam from March 1965 – January 1966. 15 Mar 19
Looking for any of the "Remington Raiders" of "A" Co., Schools Bn., MCB Camp Pendleton from Feb 72 to Feb 75. H&S Co. Schools Bn., Cpl. R. Boulangie Disbursing. Cpl. Carol Anderson from Idaho. Also R.L. Goodson, Schools Bn. Mail Room, '74-'75, I remember he was from Texas. I was NCOIC Bn. Mail Room. 14 Mar 19
I am trying to find a good friend of mine from when I was in the Corp. We came in 1 & 2 in a meritorious mast for L/Cpl. He was sent to UNITAS for a 6mo pump of SA. I lost touch with him. We were in 6th Mar, 2 Mar Div, HQC, TOWS! Please, help me if you can. He was from Brooklyn, NY. Semper Fi and God Bless. Sean Patrick Murphy, L/Cpl, USMC 5 Mar 19
I am a former Marine assisting a friend in finding anyone from his father’s company in Vietnam. The Marine’s name is David Francis White and he was with Lima Co. 3/9 in early 1966. I don’t have any additional information at this time. 5 Mar 19
Looking for Pat Kirk, Huey pilot, ca: 1970, MCAS Beaufort, SAR Crew. Pls contact Al Viti – SAR Huey Crew Chief. Both attached to SAR at old SOMS Sqdn. 3 Mar 19
My father's was with 3rd regimental snipers 3rd MARDIV. His nickname was "JD" for James David Johnson. He is looking for his partner Max from Austin, Texas. This was in 1968 at Camp Carroll. My father rotated in may 1968. He is looking for Max and Dad was partnered with Danny Diaz before, which those that know was shot down during his leave to be married to his fiance. Would love to here from anyone that served with Dad or aka JD and has stories. Foe some insight Dad was with India 3/4 1967 for his stent with the grunts before being transferred to snipers. Thanks for reaching out or stories I haven't heard before. David Johnson 25 Feb 19
USMC MSgt Luis Gutierrez passed away 11/11/2018 USMC service 1966-1989. 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. Just thought I would pass this along. If any of his buddies want to get in contact with me. Jenny Gutierrez 1 Feb 19
Looking for a buddy from high school. A group is looking for classmates that we have heard from graduation. I am looking for Patrick Matthews who graduated from Triad high school in Troy, Illinios. We think he enlisted in the Marines in 1965. I did find on a roster a CPL Patrick Matthews who was discharged in 1969. He is 73 years old. If you can find him ask him to get in touch with me. Gary Dollinger 1 Feb 19
A friend of my husbands & mine, name Jack Bowen, Gunnery Sargeant USMC. At Marine Corp Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. He was with 214 in 1975. I'd like to know how he is or if he is still among us living or like my husband 'Up guarding the Streets of Heaven'. He was a nice guy, he helped us through some difficult times in our lives. Was a rock to me while my husband was hospitalized in Va. & I was driving back & forth using his ole stick shift car (which I hadn't driven in years & probably ruined his transmission). He even stayed with my sons while I had to drive up to hospital. I just want to say thanks again after all these years. I know I told him thanks at the time, but years after getting my 'Eddie' on his feet and walking, hard years, but we had 45 yrs together before Eddie passed away in 2009. He, Jack Bowen, meant a lot to me & my family. I hope he has had a wonderful life & want him to know that he has been in my prayers ever since. 25 Jan 19
Looking for a Williams T. Stokes left the Marine in 1982, last station at Parris Island SC. John Black 14 Jan 19
My name is Rich Buchanan. Looking for find great friends and fellow Radio Technicians I was stationed with at Camp Pendleton and Okinawa 1985-1989. Joe Hitchcock, Daniel Gutierrez, Billy Pinion, Kerry Teed, Kenneth McKinney. "Sergeant Buck". 24 Dec 18
I would like to find information regarding Sgt. Sullivan, USMC, who was my class’ military instructor at the Naval Aviation Training Command, NAS Pensacola, Fl., beginning in Sept. 1959. My Preflight Class was designated 36-59. Unfortunately, I don’t know his first name or middle initial. He left a lasting impression on me, and I would like to thank him or any members of his family. There was another, Sgt. Bousquet, I place in the same category: A Few Good Men. Any info regarding either would be appreciated, Joseph P. O’Malley (Formerly Lt., USN). 12 Dec 18
Looking for photos/platoons, USMC 1969-1971 MCRD San Diego PLT 1081. LCpl Vinancio Quinata Cruz. Eleanor Flores. 23 Nov 18
Looking for a Platoon Boot Camp year book for Platoon 1020 Sept. 1966 MCRD PI. It is for W. Costello that was in that platoon and any help will be appreciated. Please contact me at: and I will forward information to him. Marvin Fortney 9 Nov 18
I am trying to help my husband find anyone from boot camp San Diego 3rd Marine Division Platoon 1041 in 1982. Also looking for anyone stationed in Okinawa and South Korea 1982 to 1984 and Paris Island 1984 to 1985 that remembers the short, blond hair with blue eyes Technical Audio Visual specialist - J Mathis. Also anyone that is familiar with the CH46 Helicopter Crash in December 1982 that left 11 dead with 1 survivor. They hit a power line and the pilot was the only survivor. Patricia Mathis 18 Oct 18
Looking for a Marine who was stationed in San Diego MCRD in 1983. He is the father of my son and my son passed away. My son’s name was Ian Blake Hoss, he was adopted by my ex husband. Just wanted him to know. My name is Rebecca and at the time my last name was Garibay. 12 Oct 18
I’m Bill Burton and I'm looking for my friend Dennis (don’t remember his last name) from Ky. Also GSgt J.E. Brubaker from Pa. and Sgt Greg Hearn from La. We served at Cherry Point in VMCJ-2 squadron in 71 & 72. We worked in the power plants shop with the RF4B Aircraft. (Greg was in hydraulics.) Also anyone that knew of the 3 guys that were killed in a car accident on Dec. 4th 1971. They were Bill Mincemoyer from VMCJ-2, Dale Russell Vessel and Joseph S. Barca, were stationed at Cherry Point but were in a different squadron. 26 Sep 18
My name is Jill, I am looking for Jim Jackson stationed at Twentynine Palms CA. in 1972. He married Paula Tripp from Indio, CA in 1972 as well. He was stationed with Conrad Lovley. Please contact me at 4 Sep 18
I am looking for anyone that knew my brother Gunnery Sergeant Steve J. Illes IV, stationed at Camp LeJeune NC 1986-1989, 5th Battaion, 10th Marine Regiment, O Battery. In particular anyone that remembers names of his dive partner, the name of the guy that dove with him on August 6 1989 and anyone else that can tell me anything about Steve. He was presumed dead in a personal scuba diving expedition off the coast of NC. Teresa Semmler 3 Sep 18
I am looking for HARRY MULLINS he was attached to VMFA 312 in BEAUFORT SC in 1967. He was accidentally shot in both legs in Jacksonville Florida. If anyone knows anything about him please contact me at: 31 Aug 18
John Weeks (161395) is looking for Kandy Byers, October 1956 MCRD depot San Diego. 20 Aug 18
Graduated in Platoon 1065, MCRD 1970. SDI was DC Milner. Anyone who may have information on SSgt Milner please email. 11 Jul 18
My husband did basic at mcrd sand Diego Aug 1981. then went to Norfolk VA till 1983. he was a marine Corps honor guard in Norfolk. his name is Jimmy Dixon from Oklahoma. if anyone served with him please contact me. he is looking for a guy who's last name was Miller, he in basic with him. 26 Jun 18
Looking for Daniel Bush, served at Marine Barracks NLON, Groton Ct 1978 – 1979. Would like to get him in touch with former Security Guards at the Barracks. Bob Sheehan, Cpl USMC. 6 Jun 18
I'm looking for a Marine with last name Beathum. He was in boot camp with me in 1972, Platoon 3007, Parris Island, SC. 6 Jun 18
Looking for anyone who was in boot camp with me June 1968- August 1968. My nickname is Doc. Also any Marine that served in the mailroom with me, Doc Dougherty, from 1968-1970 at Camp Pendleton Ca. Looking for Ray whom I served with at Camp Pendleton 21 Area Mail room from 1969-1970. “Ray this is Doc”! Doc Dougherty 17 May 18
Calling VMO-1, 85 to 92'ish Marines. REUNION March 22-24, 2019 in Austin, TX. Please see for more info and to RSVP. Dan Stewart, 206-234-3816. 23 Apr 18
We were looking to see if anyone knew Mark Shugarts, Marine Force Recon First Division, Vietnam 1968-1970. Mark Shugarts died July 19, 2017. His sister, Elizabeth Shugarts, is creating an in home memorial to her brother. We would love to have any stories of him, or any pictures of him in country. Mark Smith 23 Apr 18
I am looking for Lt. John Porter who I served with in Okinawa 1971-1972. Anyone know him? George T. Baxter 8 Apr 18
I served with Jack Duran at the Dong Ha Combat Base, Quang Tri Province (HQs Co., 3rd Marines in 1969.) Later (1970) at Camp Schwab, Okinawa and on Float aboard the LPHs New Orleans and Tripoli. He is from Raton, New Mexico. He is Mexican American. Jack was my best buddy during this very meaningful and formative time. I would appreciate any help in getting in touch. R. Marshall Burgamy 2 Apr 18
Looking for Marines that have platoon book april 4 1968 platoon 242. larry towns 2 Apr 18
Looking for any Marines that were stationed in Rota, Spain at the Marine Barracks from 1976 to 1978. Maria Knight. 3 Mar 18
I am looking for anyone who served A or H&S Company 3rd Recon Bn. (Camp Schwab Okinawa) JUl 1962 - Jul 1963. I am Pvt/PFC Phillip Crane. I was in the Battalion Armory for some of this time and in Company A armory. I am also looking to contact enlisted Marines who served at H&S Co., SDS Quantico sometime between the Fall of 1963 and the end of 1965. 21 Feb 18
I am looking for a Marine named Alan James who was stationed in Guam in 1977 he was around the age of 21 at the time. I have a picture of him while he was stationed there. In 1978 he was transferred to California. He was originally from Michigan, near Detroit. Any information please conctact Sharon Maxwell 727-686-6846 or email. 20 Feb 18
Looking for anyone who was at San Diego recruit training from Nov 82 to Jan 83, Lima Company, Platoon 3101 or Yearbook from same period. George Blake. 15 Jan 18
Corporal George P. Sessis, 4th Marine Division, Tinian, Saipan and Iwo Jima. Though my father is deceased and would be 93 years old now, I am searching For anyone who knew him. A lot of his buddies were from the New York City or New Jersey area. He enlisted in 1942 at age 18. He trained at Parris Island and shipped out of San Francisco in 1944. He was from Ironton, Ohio. He was wounded on Iwo 2/19/44. 4th Marine Division. He died 1/8/80 at age 55. Please contact Toni Shover at 2 Jan 18
Fox 2/7 and H 2/1 (7/65 - 2/66), July 15 to July 20, 2018, Hotel Elegante, in Colorado Springs, Colorado,. Contact Ron Gryn for reunion packet. (352) 638-2872 boatmanron@? 28 Dec 17
Looking for fellow Marines who were in Anglico in 1953-1961, Sgt Ronald K Asbury. Haven't been able to find anyone in my company. 29 palms, hawaii, okinawa, phillipines, japan med, among other sites. 18 Dec 17
Looking to hear from any of the screw-ups from Pl. 396, 3rd Bn., Nov 63 - Feb 64. I now live 5 mins from P.I. in Beaufort.  Found my senior D.I., Robert Caulkins, in Brunswick, Ga. 11 years ago until his death at 86 last year.  Very funny guy.  Not so back in boot.  I'm Bob Sheehan. onwestpond! 16 Dec 17
I am helping a friend find the man who would have been his uncle, had he not fallen on Guam in WW II. This is what we have so far: Corporal James L. Epperson Jr., Guam KIA "E Company" "Third Marines" Third combat Division. Lee Dunkelberg, 210-887-2132. 7 Dec 17
I’m trying to locate any pics on my Dad, Dennis H. Hunt Sr. from Stetson NJ (I think), he went in at 17. He was a Cpl in Paris Island, Lejeune and Okinawa from 1961-65. I don’t know his mos back then besides 0311. Any help would be deeply appreciated. he’s deceased since 2004. Dennis D. Hunt Jr. 29 Nov 17
Calling ALL VMO-1 Marines.  All Years Reunion, March 24, 2018 in New Orleans, LA.  Please contact Heath Thomas for more info or look for it on FB. 29 Nov 17
Looking for fellow Marines who were stationed with me at Cherry Point N.C. and worked in the Naval Supply Building from 1962-1966. My name is Robert DeBellis. 29 Nov 17
When I was in NAS Pensacola AOCS Class 16-73 my D I was Staff Sergeant L. (Louis) E. Wills, USMC. Have spent time over the years trying to locate him and thank him if he is still living, or visit his grave and thank him if he is not. His training and influence helped me survive 35 years of PTSD and depression in complete science before I could seek treatment or file for disability because of my Clearance (TS/SCI) and activities as an Airborne Electronic Warfare Officer.  I owe him. Mike "Mad Dog" Kelley, Former LT, USNRm VQ-1 1974-1977, VAQ-33 1979-1982. 23 Oct 17
I am looking for a Marine named Michael Thornton he entered the Marine Corps in 1980 from Wichita Falls, Texas. I know he was at Camp Pendleton but lost track of him. I was engaged to him. I would love to hear from him email me at 30 Sep 17
Looking for anyone that served in first battilion, third marines, bravo, or charly batterys that served in okinawa in 1962/63 and rotated to camp pendleton in 1963/65 in same batterys. 23 Sep 17
My name is Mike Jackson and I’m a Veteran Service Officer in Quincy Florida. I just recently talked with a former Marine who has been searching tirelessly for information on himself and former fellow Marines. LCpl Jimmie Carl Cooper, DOB 1942, Parris Island October 1959, platoon 274. Served in 3rd Marine Division and Cherry Point as Cryptographer. 22 Sep 17
Looking for my Husband's Marine buddies. He was at El Toro starting in about 1979 and then primarily between Okinawa and Pendleton through his discharge in 1990. His name is Derrick Tucker. Michele Tucker 14 Sep 17
I'm looking for a man named Mark Farrier. He would have been at Camp Pendleton in 1984. Very urgent that I find him. If you have any information please email me, DC Jordan. 19 JuL 17
Looking for LCpl Ronald P Jones discharged base motors Camp Pendleton Calif 1965. Last known to live Chicago Illinois. 13 JuL 17
Looking for J.P. Coen, USMC, MCAF New River 1968-70. L. Stevens 28 Jun 17
My name is Kaitlin Roberts, and the reason I'm writing you is because I produce a podcast called Heavyweight. On the show, we look at a moment from someone's past that's been bothering them -- some unanswered question or regret they have -- and try to sort through that moment in a helpful way. Recently, a woman named Angel Velotta reached out to us. Her father is James Edwards, who served in Vietnam during 1967 in the Third Battalion, Fourth Marines. Angel's parents divorced when she was young and the only time she ever got to see her father was at his funeral. Angel's mother doesn't like to talk about James, and for so many years, Angel has wanted to know who her father was and what his life was like. We're hoping to help her find some answers, and I thought you might know James Edwards or know of someone in the Third Battalion, Fourth Marines who might remember him. You can contact me at this email address or by phone at 847-924-6557. Kaitlin 28 Jun 17
I'm looking to make contact with Marine PFC Joseph J Anderson. PFC Anderson was kidnapped in Cuba with other service personel by Raul Castro in June, 1958. He was released a few weeks later. I am making a film about this event and would love to talk to Mr. Anderson about his experirences. Glenn Gebhard 11 Jun 17
Looking for any former Marines that graduated April 1 1968, 2nd Bn, Plt 211, Parris Island SC. Cpl Danny CHOATE USMC 1968-1972. 3 Apr 17
I'm looking for my biological father all I know is his name Michael Gonzalez and he was stationed at 29 palms in 1981. I'm a vet as well been looking for years. Just want a chance to meet him. Mom said he tried to get a hold of her after I was born. My number is 509-607-4841. Any help would be great. Shawn Weimar 20 Feb 17
I am seeking a Marine by the the name of Francis Patrick Owens, Jr. He served 3 tours in Vietnam before becoming injured and going Stateside. I know he was at Camp Lejeune, but I don’t know when exactly- but he was out by early ’69. He was from Chicago. Went home to Chicago after that and did some roadie work and tour management work for a band from there called the Buckinghams. I have been looking for the wrong name and wrong service for this guy for quite a while. Don’t know which Unit or anything that helps much. So absolutely any information on him would be invaluable! Picture, anything. Thank you, Malcolm. 2 Feb 17
Looking to get in touch with fellow Marines who were members of Platoon 115, graduated April 12, 1971 at PI. Drill instructors were SSgt Corbin, SSgt Ashmus, SSgt Bailey and Sgt. McRay. Permanent duty station was Henderson Hall, Arlington, VA. Please contact George Keene at 17 Jan 17
Looking for Marines stationed at NAD McAlester, Oklahoma from 1974-1977. 14 Jan 17
Does anyone have contact info or leads for Marines that went thru boot with me in Platoon 242 MCRD/SD Feb. 1956 to June 1956? Dr. Charles H. Roberts DO, Apt. 108/Bldg. 207, 10382 NW 24th Pl, Sunrise, FL 33322. 13 Dec 16
Looking for anyone who served at Marine Barracks, Naval Security Station, 3801 Nebraska Ave NW. Washington, DC From 1960 to 1962. Contact Rich G. at 13 Dec 16
Looking for anyone that may have been in Japan in 1981. (Relationships Esp in Feb-March) My mother Pearl Ann Mizzell (Pearl Ann Perry) was in the Air Force and was stationed there during that time. I believe she was staioned at Kadena Air Base. Gave birth to a little girl in December 1981 (my sister). Looking for Bio-Father for health reasons. Could have possibly been married and may not want to entertain this area of life- but just seeking answers. Please pass info as I know there were other military bases around and the military life style. Contact me with any information even if you knew her and who she might have hung around during that time. 17 Nov 16
Looking for Frank Redmon, Instructor at 29 Palms MCCES - Marine Corps Communication-Electronic Schools. Back in 1977 - Frank was a Gunnery Sergeant - last known location for Frank... Joe Spitzer 7 Nov 16
Looking for friends of Johnny Robers platoon 169. Graduated June 1 1966 parris island. Ssgt. F.L. Blackwood 6 Nov 16
I am looking for a Marine with the last name Parker who was stationed at Camp Pendleton fall of 1961. On my mother’s deathbed she revealed that this person may be my sister’s father, my own father raised her as his own but on his deathbed he confirmed that my mom and dad were separated for a time and when they reconciled my mom was pregnant. The shame my mom felt prohibited her from revealing this information for so many years that all she can remember about this man is that his last name is Parker and he was at Camp Pendleton, they dated briefly in the fall of 1961. If you can point me in the direction of records that would also be awesome. Vicki Higman. 6 Nov 16
My husband Pat "Biggs" Imbriglio is looking for any Marine buddies who were on the USS Holland from 1963-1967. He has reconnected with a few but still looking for Bill Hayes, GySgt Roy Moore, George Smith, George Steward, Mike Simmons. MIke Nelson, Darryl Baker, Jeff Krebs, James Sanders and any others that were there. Any info on any of them please email 24 Oct 16
I am Randy Brubaker, looking for anyone who knew or served with Sgt. Ronald D. Brubaker (Recon) who died in a parachuting accident off the coast of Okinawa in September, 1977. As his body was never recovered, I keep "looking" for ways to find him. 16 Sep 16
I'm looking for a Sgt. Levesque, Parris island drill instructor of ours in spring of 1967. He was our most respected hard ass from boot camp and we respected him highly. Any info appreciated. Thank you. Bac, USMCR. ravendance6336@yahoo 4 Sep 16
I was stationed at Camp Hansen Okinawa for 1973 to 74 track vehicle repairman on tanks. Trying to locate to know from our nickname was tank I think he was discharge for being overweight it's been 42 years I'd like to hear from somebody there who would know anything about the guy name tank from tracked vehicle repair. 18 Aug 16
I'm looking for anyone from the 12th Marines (3rd MarDiv) Battalion Aid Station circa 1977-78. I was a Corpsman with Echo and Lima Batteries. Any information would be appreciated! 18 Aug 16
My name is Olivia Armas Corona. I'm looking for Jose Luis Vaca. He was stationed at the barracks in El Toro, Ca in the 90's. In the 90's he was still lance corporal but I lost touch with him mid 90's so I'm not sure if he has retired or is still in active duty. That's all the info I have. Any information regarding Jose Luis Vaca would truly be appreciated. 14 Aug 16
Looking for ret. Marine Corp Gunnery Sgt. Terry Erwin. He would have retired in 1990 or 1991. His mos 6062 or ejection seat mech. He also went by the name of Bigfoot. He was from Kansas City,Missouri and would be about 66 years old. 13 Aug 16
I searching for someone. His name is Ray I do not the last name. He was stationed at Cherry Point North Carolina in 1980, 1981 and knew Sue and Elmer. We lost touch and if at all possible I would like to regain my friendship with him and Elmer and Sue. Elmer is a veteran, Sue is his wife. Just curious where they are and want to say Hey, Love you guys. Thanks so much hope you can help. 21 Jul 16
My name is Donna, and I m looking for Nathan Solomon that was at Camp Pendleton in 1972-73. I believe Nathan was from Ohio or Iowa, he shared Marine barracks and was good friends with LeRoy Verdine Stotts and his brother Allen Wayne Stotts. I don't have any more information than that. I recently found out that Nathan is the only other man that could be my biological father. I would be grateful for any information about him or even a picture to see if I look like him. I was born June 1973. 1 Jul 16
My name is Tom BACHMAN I was stationed at Camp Hansen Okinawa from 1973 to 1974. I was trying to locate a guy named tank we had a little shack together in the village of Kim outside the camp HansenI believe tank was from Kentucky any information would be very helpful. 15 Jun 16
My father passed away in 2010 & though he talked about his service, he didn't REALLY talk about it. He was a DI @ MCRD San Diego in the 50s/60s, did 2 tours in Vietnam...not sure when. I have a couple pics of him in Vietnam, 1 pic in his DI uniform & recently found a pic of him as a DI i1958 w/graduating Platoon 1016. I would just love to see any pics or hear stories...good or bad...about him as a DI, a Marine, a friend....ANYTHING. 10 Jun 16
My husband is trying to find fellow Marines that might have known him when he was in Vietnam. He was stationed in Da Nang and drove a rough terrain forklift. His name is Raymond Embry, he's a black man and was in the 1st Service Batallion 9th Marines from 1965 to 1966. 10 Jun 16
I'm looking for any Marine or other military branches during the Vietnam war that knew my husband, Howard Walter Pressley, Charlotte NC. My name is Susie Gretzinger, previously Susan Pressley, Charlotte NC. 10 Jun 16
My name is Manny Subia and I was in the Marine Corps in the early 70's. I was an E5 and am looking for anyone that served with me. I have recently began having nightmares about our squadron and would like to see if any of you are out there.. I am hoping you are still out there. My number is 408-561-0858 and my email is 10 Jun 16
Looking for Capt. M.L. Mahoney, CO, Lima Co 3d Bn/9th Marines 1978. It was during the middle 70’s “Cambodian Crisis”, + 3/9 was the Ready Reserve (Just transferred from 2/9). We were in Teagu, So. Korea area when a C-130 did a complete Nose-dive ( 50 ft. away from me ). I wound up getting PTSD, + along w/ Lejeune Chemicals, I had a Stroke 5 yrs. After I got out. Need some one who witnessed the crash. LCPL Stephen M. Bartlett, 35 Davis Rd., Hopkinton, Mass. 01748, Ph. 508-435-3768. No idea what Rotation Date, or State he lives in? 8 May 16
I am searching for my father, Frederick M. Diez, who was at the MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT in Parris Island, SC PLATOON 252, Second Battalion in 1961. Looking to contact anyone that was there during that time, and hoping to find the PLATOON BOOK as well! Please contact me to connect with my wonderful dad. Thank you and God Bless. Nicole Diez. 28 Apr 16
I am looking for my biological father whose name is Tim Cash and was stationed at Camp Pendleton in 1973 the year of my birth. The only information I have is his name, age of 17 in 1973 and originally from Jacksonville, Florida. If you have any information, pictures, contact info, anything at all please contact me. 7 Apr 16
My name is Tom BACHMAN I was stationed at Camp Hansen Okinawa from 1973 to 1974 I was trying to locate a guy named Tank. We had a little shack together in the village of Kim outside the camp Hansen. I believe tank was from Kentucky any information would be very helpful. 14 Mar 16
My name is Jerry Ager. I'm looking for men I served with on Hill 452 in Vietnam during May, June 1969 timeframe. One of the men we lost was Rudy Trevino but my memory of others is reduced to nicknames. If anyone was there or remembers of anyone who was there and went by the nicknames: Leprechaun, Tulip, Rebel I would like to hear from you or them. Please email me at 8 Mar 16
My name is Randy Annunziata and I was in the Marines from 1977-1980. I am looking for a former Marine, Elizabeth (Liz) Murphy, maiden name. We were stationed together at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. She rotated to Cherry Point N.C. in 1980. I came back to the states and got discharged. I owe her a big apology and I would like to talk to her. If anyone has any info that would help me to locate her would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 706-669-0235 17 Jan 16
I think my task is impossible. I travelled from Camp Lejuene to Opaloka Florida in 1958 with a buddy of mine but can only remember his first name, Frank, came from Massachusetts, name same as mine. We drove there in his convertible 1957 Chevrolet. I then went to Roosevelt Rose Puerto Rico and lost track of Frank. Can't remember much more. 17 Jan 16
I'm putting this information in for another Marine looking for last 6 members of Platoon 2027 Parris Island 1966. Here is the information; Javier Solis has been unable to connect with: John A. Serrano, Pablo S. Morales, Julio O. Santiago, Czeslaw J. Piotrowski, James F. Johnson, & Francisco J. Perez. If you can help him locate one of these men, Solis' email address is 14 Oct 15
I am not sure if this is the right place to start and if not maybe you can point me in the right direction. I am in search of a Marine that was stationed at Camp Pendleton in the early 1980's. Her Maiden name is Diana Gutierrez and would be in her mid to late 50's at this time. During her time at Camp Pendleton she she located a brother of hers that was given up for adoption at birth in 1963. His adopted name is Fabian Rios and at the time he was living in San Antonio Tx. Shortly after Fabian went to prison and was unable to keep in contact with her. He remembers finding out that he and she have several siblings. The only other he remembers the name of who would be late 50's to early 60's by the name of Guadalupe Gutierrez who was in Pueblo, Colorado. Fabian does not know how to use a computer or even where to begin so i am trying to help him locate his birth family that contacted him so many years ago. The only other information he can remember is that Diana married an African American man that may have also been in the Marines and may have also been stationed at Camp Pentleton at the same time. Any help or what steps to take would be greatly appreciated. Michele Lamb 20 Sep 15
Hello my name is Eve. I'm not even sure where to begin but I'm hoping whoever reads this will understand. I am looking for a Mike Smith who would have been stationed at camp pendleton in 75-76. His friends called him Secretary because that was his job on the base or he did clerical type work. I just found out after almost 39 years through a paternity test that my mom's now xhusband is 0.00% chance of being my biological father. Apparently this Mike Smith is the only other option. I need to find him if nothing more than for health information. I have a daughter who was born with a rare vascular disease and need answers for her too. Does anyone who he was in high school or boot camp with knows him to please respond. Or if they know where he was originally from or went to high school. Born Oct 1976, Eve Marie 16 Sep 15
I am looking for usmc boot camp yearbook H company. 3rd btn. Plt. 3048 series and plt 3050 group photo ; apr 1985-july 1985. Information about who/where to write for yearbook and platoon photos greatly appreciated. I will pay up to one hundred dollars for original copy/scanned or professional duplicate re-print whether from a company or individual marine. Melvin Sherrod, 415-236-0510. 16 Sep 15
Looking for any one from plt 228 2nd bat July 1954 Parris Island. Richard Battagliola. 516 496 2426516 496 2426 9 Sep 15
Was in boot camp aoril 1985- july 1985, H company, 3rd btn,plt 3050, (3048 series, plt 3048,3049,3050,3051), mcrd,parris island. I would like to hear from anyone who was in as ny of the above units. I also would like info on how or where to obtain platoon photo of platoon 3050 from the above unit and yearbook for platoon series 3048 of the above unit or someone willing to make duplucate copies at my expense. Also august 1985-November 1985 mccess-mcagcc, b company, barracks 1642 south , 29 palms and december 1985-march 1987 , 2nd mar,2nd mar div, 2nd mar regt, HQ company, communications plt; also tow, motor and supply plt, 1-2, 2-2,2-3, 2-4, 10Th mar and 8th mar, camp lejeune. Thank you and i hope to hear from marine corps friends soon. Melvin Sherrod. 8 Sep 15
H company, 3rd btn, plt 3050, ( 3048,3049 and 3051), parris island and___ B company, barracks 1642 south and 1642 north, mcces-mcagcc,29 palms__HQ company,2nd regt, 2nd mar, communications plt, tow plt, 10 mar, 2nd mar div, camp lejeune. Richard Odell Jr., Daniel O'Donnell, Richard Collins, Richard Christiansen, Kevin C Miller, Ivan Castillo, Raymond Perez, Dayne Umbower, Randy T Duncan, Gary E Duncan, Brian Kuch, Michael J Burns, Jr., Steve Cupp, Jeff Hunt, Charles Cabezas, Charles Friend, Scott McGowty, Dave Roberts, Eugene Holland, Nick Georgio. Richard Tibbetts, Eric Zilady. David Burn,John Bellflower,Mark Hughes, John Robinson. I would like to hear from the above persons and anyone from the above units, my friends from the usmc. I look forward to hearing from you. Melvin Sherrod. Phone:415-236-0510 8 Sep 15
Hello, my name is Crystal. My father is a marine who served in Vietnam from 1967-1969. His name is Willie "Ed" Carver. He was stationed mainly in Da-nang as MWSG 17. His health is a serious concern for me and he loves to talk about his "old buddies and service days so I would love to find one of you. I'm also on FB under Crystal carver from martin Ky. Thank u all for your service. 19 Aug 15
My name is Debi Powers. My uncle LCPL Allen J. White was from Delhi, Iowa and he served in Vietnam. He was killed in 1967. His unit was: E CO, 2ND BN, 9TH MARINES, 3RD MARDIV, III MAF. I am looking to see if anyone has photos or stories they would like to share with us as his service was never talked about and my grandparents are now deceased. I am working on this for my mother, she has no idea and I would like to surprise her with the research I am doing. I have found many sites that list the conflicts he was in and where he was killed. However I would like to get more information on him. Can you ask on your forum for me? If not, can you maybe point me in a direction you think would benefit my cause? 19 Aug 15
I am looking for anyone who served in H & S CO 7th MTBN Okinawa Japan from December 1977 thru March 1983 as a MT Mechanic or Wrecker Driver. I was a CPL at the time and was assaulted by a LCPL, last Name MINO. Let me know of you remember this incident. If you do I need a “buddy letter” for a VA claim. 5 Aug 15
I am looking for Harry E Taylor 058547. I was stationed at HMX-1 and he was in the next Sqd. AES-12. He was a Captain at the time and I was a CPL.. He would take me flying in T34s and ADs. I left in 1959 and went on to get my Commercial Pilots Lic. Through google I traced him to H&M squadron Chu Lai 1968 where he was a Maj. and XO. I always wanted to thank him for the flying lessons he gave me. When I started flying legally I soloed in 2hrs 30 min. Richard Paul Sgt. 31 Jul 15
Searching for members of HQ Co., 4th reg., 67-68 RVN, 3rd div, scout/snipers, USMC. Schroeder, in particular. Joe 31 Jul 15
I am looking for a man named Clancy Wright who served as a Marine with my husband as an MP in 1973-1976 in Norfolk, VA. My husband’s name is Tom Watson. He believes Clancy lived in New Jersey or New York. I would love to surprise him with Clancy’s contact info. My husband is not sure if Clancy was a nickname or his real name. 3 Jul 15
I am looking for a Marine that served at the naval weapons lab in charleston in 1973. His family owned a tobacco farm. Al Roberts was the name he used. The woman he was dating was Barbara Bordner. She had a son by him after he left and he doesn't know. She didn't know how to find him to tell him. Can you give me advice about how to find him? Charlene Keene 260-221-2379 8 Jun 15
Looking for old friend. Norma Ron Hunt attached to VMFA 333, 1971-1974. Lee Adwell 12 Jan 15
Looking for any one who service with 4th Bn 12th Marines Camp Hauge Okinawa from 12/59–03/61 Especially Mike Btry or Hdq Btry. Thanks Thomas M Loch. 30 Dec 14
Attempting to locate Gysgt Louie B Mason, USMC, assigned to VMFAT-203, MCAS Cherry Point, approx 1975. I was a Sgt at the time in the Flight Line Shop and worked for him. Anyone with information, please contact me at 29 Nov 14
I'm looking for any Marines who knew my uncle Donnie H. Little USMC Cpl, E4 KIA June 9 1968 South of Kye Shan. I think. His convoy was ambushed while on convoy ops. Looks like Fox. co 2/1 was on security, and they had 1st Tanks with them as well. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks and Semper Fi Clint Fields USMC 99-03 0311. Please email me at 29 Nov 14
Looking for friends who served in Iwakuni between 1989-1991. MotorT and Supply. Keith and Heather Perreault. 29 Nov 14
Trying to find DI from platoon 290 June 1966 at Parris Island his name is SSgt. Joseph Jones, Jr. at that time. He is African American and listed as SSgt. J. Jones, Jr in book. any information contact me at 26 Jun 14
Searching for "Dickie". USMC sniper, VN 1967-68, Joe 26 Jun 14
Looking for the following Marines who were stationed with me in 1967 at Cecil Field, Florida. Ronnie Garrett. His age is approx. 66 or 67. 1. His home state was Michigan. 2. Lloyd Carter. his age is approx. 66 or 67. His home state was Missouri. 3. Charles Zimmerman. His age is approx. 66 or 67. Not sure of his home state. 4. James Riley. His ae is approx. 66 or 67. His home state was Pennsylvania. 5. Robert Young. His age is approx. 66 or 67. His home state was Michigan. James Prater 15 Apr 14
I am searching for Ediberto Cruz, US Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, Oceanside Ca in 1998. Puerto Rican born around 1977. Believe he was from Chicago, IL. Cynthia Marguerita Ruiz 12 Apr 14
I am searching for Lloyd Carter, Ron Garrett, and Charles Zimmerman of the US Marines that served at Cecil Field, Florida in 1967. James Prater 10 Mar 14
Looking for Tom Coleman, wife named Connie, stationed in Albany, Georgia in the mid 1970’s. Call me at 937-831-6078 or email me at 22 Feb 14
Please send me a photo or a picture of my dad, John R. Henry, on the computer, he was at Camp Pendleton California during the last part of 1957- 1959, I hope this is the correct dates. He was Corporal at this time, great Marine and expert shot, Thank you, John Jr. 13 Feb 14
Trying to locate an ole buddy Cpl Richard M. Mcintyre. 1st Bn 8th Marines/Camp Lejeune, N.C. 1962 to 1964/discharged naval air station, corpus christi, tx. 1966/I am Ron H Allen 1999244, 02-14-66 to 06-14-66 USMC 12 Feb 14
I am having a reunion for members of Plt 357, June-Sept 1960 under SDI Moore, JDI's Schumaker and Jones. For more info call Ed Bertollo (570) 380-4163 or email at 12 Feb 14
Looking for anyone who may have graduated Marine corps boot camp on Sept 20, 1985. My brother Lawrence Jacobson graduated in that class. Looking for anyone who may have a memory of him. Please email me at 3 Feb 14
I am trying to locate my biological father.. My mothers name was Delores Browm or Gilley she said my dads name is Richard Thomas Ellsworth and that he was 26 years old and stationed in San Diego Ca. I was born in August of 1967. 3 Feb 14
Trying to locate an old buddy, Cpl. Richard M. Mcintyre/1st Bn 8th Marines/Camp Lejeune NC, 1962 to 1964/discharged naval air station, corpus christi, tx. 1966/I am ron h allen 1999244, 02-14-66 to 06-14-66 USMC. 13 Jan 14
I was in truck Co h&s Bn, Camp Foster Okinawa, 4-1972 to 4-1973. I am Cpl. Robert I Hess. 17 Dec 13
My name is Warren Bellock. Had been in platoon 538, 4th. Btln., Company C in Parris Island from Oct. 7, 1951 to January 1952. D.I.s were Hagler, Cargile and Daly. Went to Primary airman school in Jacksonville Fla. then to aircraft school in Memphis Tn. then stationed at MCAF, Peterfield Point, New River Inlet, Camp Lejuene N.C. Have the year books from P.I. plus the unit book from Lejuene. Would share with anyone inteterested. 12 Dec 13
Looking for my husbands Marine buddies who served with him. He went to boot camp in April 1972. Then to Camp Pendleton until Feb, 1975 which at that time went to Okinawa (camp courtney) until December 1975. Then got transferred back to Camp Pendleton. In 1980 he was transferred to Glenview, Illinois until September of 1985. Back to Camp Pendleton until 1987 which then he got out and finished up in the reserves. His name is Alvin "Dean" Thompson. SSGT. He was a radio operator and Com Chief. He will be 60 on April 20th 2014. We are planning a Huge get together reunion. Dean is from St. Joseph , Missouri. Please email me, his wife of 40 years( Eva). 2 Dec 13
7th Motor Transport Battalion looking for lost Clutchers from Viet Nam era " Delta Co. and others, Dick Darnell. Call me 818 248-7385-- Reunion in Branson Mo. in October, 2 Oct 13
My name is Van and living in PA, USA . I really need your help to find my uncle's father and grandmorther's partner( Vu Tran & Nguyet Tran) . He was trying to looking for his own father over 30 years but recently my uncle found out that information was wrong until his father came in VN about few days ago to looking for my grandmorther and his son too. So, i keep to searching on internet help my uncle and i seen your website and that ,i hope you help us! His name Tom Simon (on his uniform was "S Simon") about 76 years old now, Simon's father is French and morther is American , Sgt. Simon of the U.S Army detached to MACV Command in Vietnam, He came in Phu Bai, Hue, Vn from 1964 to 1966, Aviation reconnaissance aircraft, Div 1, ARVN Division Station at Hue Citadel, Vietnam. If you hear anything from Tom Simon, or know his current whereabouts, please contact me. 22 Sep 13
I am looking for 1954 year book Parris Island. 2nd Battalion Platoon 228 July of 54. Richard Battagliola 22 Sep 13
My father entered Marine Corps on 3-16-1969 and was in Plt.# 2050 through 6-17-1969, looking for platoon album, especially his dress blue picture. I'm really trying to find it since I don't know how much longer he will be around, he's had three major heart attacks and has an "Aortic Annuersym" I don't know but I am trying to get this as soon as I can-my dad really wants this for all us kids. Thanks and Semper Fi 23 Jun 13
I am looking for my biological father. His name is Joseph Jones and he was in the U.S. Marines stationed at NAS Cecil Field in Jacksonville, FL between 1983 and 1985. He is from New York and also has family in California as well. My mother is also retired Navy serving 20+ years. She was only able to provide me some information about him as he was discharged somewhere between 1986 and 1988. If anyone has any information or know someone with information please email me. Kashun Davis 17 Jun 13
I'm doing this for my dad. He was a Recon Marine and was in 1st Bn, 4th Marines, Charlie CO in Vietnam, 1967-1969. We're searching for any of his buddy's that may be out there, even Richard Lee. Richard had a twin brother. If anyone knows Richard please email us or if you serviced with my dad please feel free to email. He would love to reconnect with old buddies. 8 May 13
Looking for Marines, P.I. Platoon 298 1958. FMF, Camp Lejeune A-1-6 1959 and NAS JAX 1960. 1 Apr 13
My father was a Marine on Iwo Jima, name was Charles Thomas Kimball Jr. I am looking for anyone who has any information about his servivces. He was from Meridian, Mississippi. 19 Mar 13
I am looking for anyone who may have gone through Boot Camp with me. We started boot camp on Feb.12, to May 1,1973 at Parris Island, S.C. we were Platoon 114 our S.D.I. S/Sgt. R.Fields, S/Sgt. Wene, and Sgt. Quinn. we took all honors at P.I. Any member of platoon 114 please contact me at 4 Mar 13
1st bat. 9th marine, Johnny ray DeArhie. I was his 1st born. ANNA m. DeArhie. not a common name. does anyone plz have pics of my dad? He knew Gunny. my dad sat me on Gunny's lap & a pic was taken & I hope that pic exists? 16 Feb 13
my stepfather inwhich he is more like a real dad to me/us is in the hospital we would like to find out more about him and about his service to our country. we have a picture of his battalion platoon 1 sixth recruit battalion m.c.r.d,parris island,s.c. sgt w.w.mayo s.sgt.f.l. klicker cpl.p.v.brask are in the front of picture. my stepfather was also new york city police officer. 16 Feb 13
I am looking for Richard Watson that I was stationed with me at Camp Geiger N.C. from 1967 to 1970. I think he lived in Bristol Tenn. Any info about him you can contact me at 15 Jul 12
Wanting to hear from anyone that was with Alpha Co. 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Div. The Battalion was in Arizona Territory the month of June 1969. We were set up in a defensive position. We didn't have to go looking for the enemy, The 90th NVA Regiment hit us every night and was even over ran a few times. My name is Roger Smith, I was in the 3rd platoon. I was hit with shrapnel by a B-40 rocket that hit beside my foxhole. The Marine in the hole next to me was shot and I remember he said, he could feel the NVA going through his pockets. I do not remember his name but someone out there does, or knows me. 5 Jul 12
Looking For Lost Boot Camp Brothers and DI's Stoner Rifle Test Platoon 236 P.I.S.C. for my husband and found DI S/Sgt. C. Edwards and Boot Camp Brothers. They attended boot camp April 1964 to July 1964. Looking for Drill Instructor C. T. Wade and Platoon Members: CHARLES E HECK, WILLIAM G ALBRECHT, STEVE T ANDERSON, THOMAS FREEMAN, WILLIAM C NEWMAN, HARRY R SMITH, LOUIS E SPRIGGS, RICHARD A TOWERS, HARRY E BURLEY JR, THOMAS A BURNESTON, CHARLES G THORNE, DAVID G STOKES, RICHARD B MELLINGER, PETER J THIBODEAU, ROBERT P MISSINO. Please contact Flora Molski by email or call 347-204-1226. 25 Jun 12
3RD PLT, K CO, 3RD BN, 9TH MARINES, 3RD MARDIV, III – I am looking for someone who was with 2nd Lt. Clinton H. (Andy) Anderson, Jr. when he was killed on 07/04/1967 at Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. Roger Bass 1 Jun 12
My name is Russell L. Miller and I’m trying to locate a former Marine by the name of Michael G. Koehler. He was my best man at our wedding in 1966. We also served together in Air Borne Radio Operators School At MCAS Cherry Point, in VMGR-352 and VMGR-152. Anyone knowing his were-a-bouts, please contact me or ask him to contact me via email at: 22 May 12
I am looking for a picture of Jimmie Ray Orr. All of his information is on the wall. He was my father's best friend in the war, and when my father was wounded during the war he lost the photos he had of his friend. I am trying to put together a simple reminder of Jimmie framing his picture and all of his information. I know this would mean a great deal to my father, and I wanted to know if anyone might be able to help me track down a picture. Jimmie his unit was K CO, 3RD BN, 9TH MARINES, 3RD MARDIV, III MAF, and he died in 65 during an engagement in Quang Nam. He is originally from TN. Any help would be greatly appreciate! 20 May 12
I am looking for anyone who has a picture of Larry Freeman Faulkner. He was killed in a grenade accident in 1967. He was in a Marine Recon unit near Chu Lai. He was getting on a chopper to go on a mission when the pin in one of his grenades worked itself lose and exploded. His name is on the Virtual Wall with all information about his unit and circumstances of his death. We are working on his tribute. He had a good friend, John Willis, who is helping. I am also looking for those who knew John Terrence King a Marine KIA also in 1967. He is on the wall and I only have one pic. I was in the army and have the exact same name as him. John T. King 16 May 12
I am trying to locate any Marines that knew or served with my late Brother, Edward Pickrell SGT, VMA-211. Ed joined the Corps on September 12, 1952 ( I am not sure if that was 12 or 16 weeks) at Parris Island. How can I find out what Platoon that was as they graduated in early 1953 and then they went to Memphis and Jacksonville FL. Eventially he sailed on the USS Wright en route to Korea with AD4 aircraft. Ed loved the Corps and spoke highly about a DI named SGT Bonnifant (spelling?). Thank you in advance of any information out there that is available. I want to try and pass his info on before I meet up with him someday Semper Fi!" P.E "Packy" Pickrell; Mt Airy MD 301-788-8369 Cel 16 Apr 12
I’m looking to find anyone that was in Platoon 503 Second Battalion, BN Honor Platoon Parris Island in 1952, with my father Wilburt Ashley Jr. Email me at 2 Apr 12
i am trying to find anyone who served vietnam 2nd platoon charlie co. 3rd anti tank bn. 3rd marine div may of 1965 i am lcpl william ricketts. i lost my house and everything i had from the nam. if anyone out there know anyone i would love to have some pictures. 2 Apr 12
Looking for Dale Harper served with him in the late 1980's at VMAT-203 Ordnance. Contact me Conrad T. Nagel 740-352-4346 2 Apr 12
I am looking for anyone who may have gone through Boot Camp with me. We started boot camp on Feb.12 , to May 1,1973 at Parris Island, S.C. we were Platoon 114 our S.D.I. S/Sgt. R.Fields , S/Sgt. Wene , and Sgt. Quinn. we took all honors at P.I. Any member of platoon 114 please contact me at 27 Mar 12
I am trying to locate any information on My grandfather who went missing during a search and rescue mission on the East Coast. My grandfather was Master Sargent Gerald Alan Moreau. He was a member of the Marine Attack Squadron 542 based out of Cherry Point, North Carolina. He served during WWII and Korea. He was a Radar Navigator on the Douglas F3D Skyknight. On November 14, 1954 his plane abandoned a typical training mission to help locate a downed Navy aircraft that was in the same area. A naval harpoon or "flying boat" crashed with 5 men aboard near Pamlico Sound, VA. My grandfather's aircraft went in search of the downed plane only to then be lost themselves. Their last contact with the control tower was at 9pm. The coast guard and other navy aircraft searched for months for any sign of the F3D, with no luck. There was a memorial service held in January 1955 for my grandfather and his other two crew members after they were presumed dead, yet no body has ever been recovered. He is listed as MIA and all cemetery records searches have come up empty . He served from 1945-1954. Before being stationed at Cherry Point he was previously at El Toro Marine Base in Southern California. I am hoping that someone out there knew him and shed light on what happened/what kind of person he was. I also would like to find someone that has knowledge of what happened, more than the archives can provide, as I am waiting for a copy of his DD214. If you can help me or someone can, please contact me at 20 Mar 12
PISC Plt 223 P. D. Wilcox Parkersburg, WV. Would like to buy a MCRD Parris Island Platoon Book for Platoon 223 April - June 1962. CLNC 1962-July 63, C Company H&S Platoon, C52 Tank Battalion, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Cuban Crisis), July 63 - Nov 64. Camp Hansen, Okinawa C Company 3d Tank Bn. Dec. 64 - Aug. 66. Marine Barrack, NNSY, Portsmouth, VA. Office Clerk. Sea School. Marine Liaison, Portsmouth Naval Hospital (attached to Marine Barracks (NNSY). Clerk. MB, NNSY, PTSMTH, VA. Will be 50 years in April 2012 and I have been looking for Platoon book since 1963 15 Mar 12
Requesting to talk to anyone that was in platoon 3011 jan 1985 san diego ca and anyone that was on the 13 meu and 11 meu in 1987, 1988, 1989 9th comm. battalion. Victor Nicholson (Nick ) 909-253-2121 15 Mar 12
I had a close friend I have lost track of. He went to school in Washington DC when I did in early '70's then he went to Parris Island for boot camp. I think he did go to Viet Nam. I reconnected with him in about 1980-1982 and then we lost track again. His family lives in Maryland close to D.C., assuming they are still there. His name is Hubert (Butch) Turner. Its a long shot but thought I would try. Thanks if you can help. Thank you for your service. That is probably most important. Kathy (Minahan) Liddle 12 Mar 12
I am trying to find Leroy Dillon he was on the USS Midway in 1970. Does anyone remember him? 9 Mar 12
I am trying to locate anyone who served with my husband, Barry Chapman, at Camp Lejeune from 1982-1987. My husband is one of the Marines that is now dealing with horrible health issues due to the water contamination there on base. I will get more info on his exact rank and unit. 29 Feb 12
I am trying to fill in the gaps of my father's Marine career. I have many items he gathered and would like to put some information with them before I give them to my children. From his discharge papers I know he enlisted in early 1942 in Birmingham Alabama. He was a corporal. He was in Guam and the Marinas. I'm assuming he was part of the initial attack on Okinawa because his papers list April 1 as the date he arrived there. He was listed as artillery, bayonet and 745FLZ. He is listed as leaving Okinawa in August 1945(I may have that date wrong). It only then lists his discharge date as January 1946 in Illinois. I know he was in Northern China. He did speak of this part of his Marine career, because apparently he had one great time. He often told stories about spending time with some Chinese mayor and his family. I have a good amount of pictures and uniform pins and bars but no information as far as his regiment, platoon, company etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Even if you can give me some direction to search I would be greatful. The more reading I do about the Pacific arena and the places my Father spent time it just makes me wonder how he came back to become a loving husband and a Father I dearly loved. I never knew how brave he must have been. I can be reached at 29 Feb 12
I am looking for Frank E. Martin, LCPL. USMC located at AN HOA, 1970, he may be in Oakland Calif. Been trying to find him for several years. Anyone knows how to get in touch with Brother Frank let me know. It’s been 42 years and would like to find him before I die. Stephen K. Clark 513- 833 -1647 cell 28 Feb 12
I'm looking for anyone who may have know my father Bart J McGarry. He also went by "Bert" and "Black Bart" He served from around 1952 to 1960 and was in Korea for a short time. I have a photo of him in PLATOON 26 - Second Recuit Battalion from March 6, 1952 taken at Parris Island, SC. If anyone was there at that time i'd like to hear from you. 28 Feb 12
Looking for any Marine friends of deceased Joseph S Benbenek III. He was in Korea during early 1950's. Graduated Boot camp in Parris Island. Possibly 3rd Battalion. I do not have any other info. Looking for info and Boot Camp Photos. Thank you. Please contact me at 27 Feb 12
Looking for Marines that served w/ my father. His name was Jimmie Lee Rogers. J.L. Went in the Corp in 1948 and served in Korea. He got out but went back in sometime in mid 50's. Became a DI in March of 1959 at PI and I know for sure he was the SDI of 1st Battalion plt 128. I have whats left of the grad book. Any info please write to 21 Feb 12
I have the Platoon book for 538, 4th Bn., Co C from 10/51 to 1/52 if anyone is interested? 21 Feb 12
I was wondering if anyone knows whereabouts of Liwayway (lori) Balaba. I know it has been some years. She married a sailor and moved here to United States. Have been looking and checking with other resources. Why? We had a son together and wanting some closure. I am sure he is looking also. Jimmy Pete 17 Feb 12
Looking for Marines and DI’S that where in PLT 363, PI, SC, 04/69 to 06/69. 10Feb 12
Looking for members of Plt. 2071, 2nd Bn, Fox Co 1980. Staff Sqt Willy, Sgt Jefforsen. Graduated 11/30/80. Edmond C Chakmakian. 8 Feb 12
1st Lt William Curl B Co / DCo 2nd amtracs '76-'80 Court House bay, Camp Lejune. Looking for 1st Lt Les Harrel, Clay Nans, S/Sgt Barlow, 1st Sgt Sammy Epperson, Cpl Calvey, Woosley,Jasper,Gould, Sgt Clem anybody from the n football team '76-'80. 22 Jan 12
Looking for Marine buddies. Marines, PI platoon 298 1958. FMF, Camp Lejeune A-1-6 1959 14 Jan 12
Looking for Craig E Moore served with him at VMA 331 Ordnance in the 1980's. he was also with VMA 231 at MCAS Cherry Point NC. Tim Nagel 12 Jan 12
I am looking for anybody that served with Tony Lee from Patchogue, NY in the late 60’s. I am a former Marine, as was he, and his family is wondering about his service. 11 Jan 12
I a looking for a marine by the name Harry Mullins stationed at Beaufort MCAS around 1967. He was accidentally shot in Jax florida and since then I lost track of hi. Pls contact axel at 8 Jan 12
My name is Shelly Thornton and i am trying to locate or make contact with anyone who served with my father..Sgt John T Thornton. He was a USMC KIA on June 8 1970 in DaNang Vietnam. I do have more info but would like to talk to ANYONE can help. 904-554-7201 31 Dec 11
Trying to locate former Marine Harry K. Fisher whom I was stationed with at Marine Barracks, NSA, Naples, Italy from Oct 1960 to Oct 1962. I can be reached at 8 Dec 11
New River AF Base Motors Jan 1962 Mar 1963, 3rd Anti Tanks Aug 1963 Dec 1964, H&S Base Motor, Base Buses Camp LeJune 1965 email me. Cpl. Kenneth Hendry 5 Dec 11
I am Pvt Donald L Douglas looking for plt241 1974 graduation book from Parris Island, S.C. 25 Nov 11
Looking for any Members of San Diego MCRD Honor Platoon 296, October 1960 to January 1961. Alexander, Acel C. E1, Applegate, H.D. E1, Baggot, J.A. E1, Barnett, Johnnie W. E1, Bartkus, Simon P. E1, Beavin, Donald T. E1, Bisset James A. E1, Bouffard, J.T. GySgt., Bowen, C.E. GySgt., Brown, Joe C. E1, Burke, Dennis M. E1, Busick, Roger D. E1, Cahall, James C. Carothers, P.R. E1, Carpenter, R.C. (Bob) E1, Carrara, James L. E1, Castleman, Don B. E1, Cave Jerry D. E1, Clark, Brent R.E1, Clements, T.F. SSgt., Cortright, D.E. E1, Cotton, J.A. E1, Cox, Boyd L. E1, Curtis, D.R. E1, Dahl, Roger N. E1, Donathan,T.M. E1, Dotson, E.L. E1, Fame, R.D. E1, Faulkenberry, C. E1, Fauser, Ronald M. E1, Filippi, Phil A. E1, Francis, Thomas E. E1, Frazier, Jim D. E1, Gallo, M.D. E1, Gonzalez, R.B. E1, Gorham, Larry A. E1, Grace, S.F. E1, Graham, L., Lt. Col., Green, William H. E1, Hammons, V.L. SSgt., Hanratty, G.T. E1, Harrimon, Larry A. E1, Heavey, W.1st Lt., Hickman, Fred E. E1, Hudson, Joe N. E1, Hudson, R.D. E1, Jordan, W.D. E1, Kennedy, J.W. E1, King, Thomas L. E1, Lloyd R. Jr. Capt., Loper, Burton L. E1, Lorenzini, D. E1, Luna, Robert E1, Mains, P.M. E1, McLeod, S.H. E1, McMillin, D.L., Miramon, Alex M. Jr. E1, Moats, Roger E. E1, Moore, Dennis R. E1, Mora, F.H. E1, Nagel, Roy R. E1, Noakes, David L. E1, Price, Lloyd E. E1, Pruitt, Herbert D. E1, Reich, Elmer J. E1, Rhodes, W.F. E1, Sanchez, Fred R. E1, Schoolcraft, J.R. E1, Sharpe, Patrick J. E1, Simenson, D.F. E1, Solis, Pascual, J. E1, Stewart, Richard L. E1, Stong, Richard N. E1, Swinney, James E. E1, Tapia, M. Jr. E1, Taschler, A.J. E1, Thistle, Gordon D. E1, Thomas, Charles M. E1, Thurman, M.C. E1, Truc, J.A. E1, Vigil, David J. E1, Walker, M.B. E1, Waller, Harold E. E1, Watson, B.A. E2; Webb, J.O. Major; West, Ray L. E1, Westin, Larry E. E1, Wilkerson, J.E. Jr. E1, Zielke, Thomas H. E1 17 Nov 11
My Father (Joseph D. Escobedo – 25509555 ) graduated with this platoon, but never purchased a yearbook, and since he has been pretty ill with “Heart Attacks” and other problems, I have been trying to locate either a yearbook or the “Dress Blue” graduation photo of him upon graduation, any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. San Diego MCRD Platoon 2050, March 17, 1969 to June 20, 1969. God Bless 16 Nov 11
Kerry Wilson is looking for Edward R. Ryan. We served at Camp Lejune N.C. in 1964/65 was in the combat support group. He showed me how to play handball and I showed him a few things about basketball. WE played on the company basketball team and worked just inside the main gate. He is from Penn. Got married in 1965. While I was at welding school he and the company went to Rota Spain. 14 Nov 11
I’m looking for Ed Williamson. We entered the Marine on the buddy program 11/8/1977. The last time I saw Ed he was a SSgt with the Military Police in Iwakuni Japan. He married a local national and I’m pretty certain he retired and stayed in Iwakuni. Please have Ed contact me at 7 Nov 11
I am searching for the following Marines who were stationed at Cecil Field, NAS during the year 1966-1967: Charles Zimmerman, Lloyd Carter, Ronnie Garrett (not sure of spelling), Robert Young, Jim Rielly Thank you, Jim Prater 4 Nov 11
Looking for anyone who graduated from mcrd parris island, plt 211, 2nd bn under cpl ridenhour. 21 Oct 11
I am looking for a marine from the uss essex who I met when he was visiting greenock scotland in the early 60's his name is WILLIAM J. SOROKIN if any one can help me locate him I would be very greatful. jeannie 3 Oct 11
I am seeking any one who knew or served with my uncle, Pvt Arthur C Squires. he went to parris island some where around sept 1942, my understanding he was in Burma,then on to Eniwetok atoll,then onto the island of Guam where he was kia July 24th 1944 on agat. he was a morterman,company C,1st Battalion 22nd Marine,1st provisional Marine brigade. he had served with his best freind,Randal Hudson who has passed,my uncle was buried on Guam then later reburied at Honolulu 19 Sep 11
Looking for the parents of Lance corporal (Richard?) Murphy company B second platoon Subic Bay. I believe he died in Subic Bay in October 1988. 22 Sep 11
Looking for Joan Ceurvels CW03? Last time stationed together Okinawa 1993. Also Cpl Ann Bishop Contact SSGT "CC" EDNEY. Quickly Ladys Quickly. hahaha Troop Handlers. 19 Sep 11
I am especially looking for woman Marine, CAROLYN ROBINSON, we were in radio repair school together at 29PALMS around 1981. I know she went on to become a DI, at PARRIS ISLAND , I believe. I know she was from WILMINGTON NC. and had a daughter. Would love to hear from any marines who remember me as well. I served in Parris Island (1980), 29 Palms (1980-1981) and ITS at Camp Geiger (Lejune) NC (82-84). Deborah D Sabin. 19 Sep 11
Plt. 337, Feb. - Apr. 1966 Parris Island. "I" Co., 2nd. Plt., 3rd. Bn., 26th Marines, July 66'- Apr 67'. "F" Co., 2nd Plt., 2nd. Bn., 26th Marines, Apr. 67' - Oct. 67'. My name is Michael "Mick" Fisher and want to hear from anyone who may have served with me in any one of these three Battalion's 19 Sep 11
I'm looking for an old buddy of my dad's from the Marines. They served at Camp Lejeune in the 70s. My dad was Melvin F. Orso. He has since passed away, but I remember fondly, my dad & his buddy "Dino" Abbott watching the Saturday Night fights on tv. Anyway, I'm hoping to find Dino. Thanks, Shalynn Orso Williams Daniell. 7 Sep 11
I am looking for Cpl Melvin T. Castillo who served with me in the 1st Marine Brigade in Hawaii in 1961-1962. I really hope he is still alive and that we can make contact before we are both gone. Also I would like to hear from or hear about any Marine who trained with me in PI in Plt. 1019 from November of 1958 to February 1959. Our DI's were Gysgt C. Carmen, Sgt. Harms and Sgt. Mickle. I think I saw Sgt Carmen on TV in a USMC recruiting ad some years ago. Any information about these Marines would be greatly appreciated. Robert Simpson, 16 W39th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19802-2204 Cell: 302-465-5068 7 Sep 11
My name is Andrea Calonge. I'm looking for anyone who knew my God Father so I can finally understand how, where he got killed but most of all who he was..... All I know was that the died December 27, 1967 at at 18 yrs of age and had shipped out out San Diego. If you have any information please contact me. Andie Calonge 24 Aug 11
San Diego Boot camp Nov.1956 to Jan 1957 platoon 1017 Sr Drill Instructor Staff Sgt Fox who Retired as a Col. and medal of honor winner Vietnam. Looking for any graduates also served 1957-1958 Foxtrot 2nd Batalion 3rd Marines Okanawa looking for any one that may have served with me. Cpl Don Winfrey 22 Aug 11
Can't remember first name of Sr.D.I Sgt. Bosworth, from Texas I think, jr. D.I."s were Artz & Allen--Plt. 274 Parris Island aug-oct, 1953. Anybody else from same platoon. tel-937-339-4467, 720 Willow Creek Way, Troy, Oh 45373 Rich Foust 8 Aug 11
Trying to locate Cpl. Millett, Cpl. Camden, Cpl. Cole and Cpl. Bradly that was with 3rd tank batt. at Camp Hansen in 1970 and 1971 I cannot recall their first names. thanks. please contact me at 25 Jun 11
Trying to locate any Marines who graduated with me in Platoon 2011 in 1969 at Parris Island. Stephen Laslo 13 Jun 11
any 1391 marines out there 63-67. has anyone come across red year book platoon 111 mcrd parris is. feb may2 1963 sgt. winde, senior di cpl bailey and mertz asst. have platoon picture but lost book. if anyone see one please contact cpl mawson at 25 May 11
Looking for anybody from Platoon 1009, B Co. 1st RTBn, MCRD San Diego 18 Jun - 8 Sept 1995. Contact me on Facebook or e-mail me. 26 Apr 11
Looking for those that graduated from Parris Island from Platoon 2013 Jan 25, 1991. SDI was Gunny Jokins. JC 25 Apr 11
This is David Clinely looking for those who graduated boot camp on Dec. 23, 1982 at Parris Island. I was in 3rd. Bat. I Co. Platoon 3087. I remember some of your names, but not very many. I'll look forward to hearing from any of you. Please contact me at. 18 Apr 11
I'm trying to locate anyone who knew my dad, Jim D James from Platoon 2015 Parris Island S.C. My dad graduated Jan 3rd 1959. Platoon Sgts where S.Sgt R.Smith,S.Sgt K.D. Harmon and Sgt. K.V. Cole. I have photo of Platoon. Dad passed away in 1997. 18 Apr 11
My father Clyde Leroy Kintz Sr. was stationed on Camp Pendleton during the 60's. I went to grade school on the base at Mary Faye Pendleton school and then went to Fall Brook Union High. I am not sure of the years and my father is deceased and I am not sure where to look for information and came across your site. My father was in WWII, Korean Conflict and Vietnam. My folks were divorced and I lived on the base with my father and step mother. We lived on Marine Drive. I was trying to find a Juan Rodriquez who's father was also stationed on the base. I was born in 1949 and he was a few years older. I am hoping you can help me find the information I am needing. Ramona Kintz 14 Apr 11
Marine Barracks Yorktown VA WWII. My main purpose for this first post: In memory of a dear Marine friend, now deceased, I am seeking, then sharing information with his family, with "our friends from back then", and with any and every person or place I can share what I have found such as here. (My friend was stationed at the M.B. Yktwn in 1944-45. More about him and a few more names of others I knew from the M. B. in a separate message. Two of my closet friends married young men also stationed there, and many of us served as Jr. USO hostesses at the local USO as did William and Mary College girls.) I would like to share at NO Cost: Photos of the main gate, liberty buses "on the run", living quarters and more, PLUS photos of the "downtown" area of nearby Williamsburg where the buses parked. My family lived in Williamsburg for many years, had a print shop/office/art supplies store across the street from the liberty bus parking area. I was in my teens and worked at the 5&10 whose back entrance opened to the parking era. Carolyn 11 Apr 11
I'm looking for marines that were in bootcamp, San Diego, Feb - May 75, 2nd. bn, plt. 2022. SDI was SSgt. Plum. Ric Allen. 4 Apr 11
Searching for Marines from 1st Engr Bn, MT Platoon, 69-70 RVN Looking particularly for Sgt Godwin from Florida, and LCpl Kellow. Would like to hear from anyone else serving during that period with 1st Engr Bn. Contact L. Delinski 29 Mar 11
I am looking for MARINES who were in OSCAR CO. ITR CAMP PENDELTON , CA in 1970 need photo copy of company picture. Donnie D. Navidad 26 Mar 11
Looking for anyone that was in Plt 169 MCRD San Diego 1957. 26 Mar 11
I bought a box lot at an auction and found a year book from. I am trying to put together a time line with names and pictures of those that served during this time frame. Looking for members of platoon 80, 1956. Not sure if it was Parris Island or San Diego? 14 Mar 11
Looking for woman marine: Cecilia Ruth Griffin from Boaz, Alabama. She married a marine so I do not know her married name. Thanks. Dora Moore, Albertville, Alabama. 11 Mar 11
Hi! I am looking for information on my husbands father, Alvin Hall. He served in WWII, in the marine corp, he served in the Pacific. We have several photos from the flag raising and other parts of the war that a friend of his took. We believe he went to Parris Island for training, he was from NC. Any information would be helpful, as we have no idea what platoon he was in, as none of the photos have that information. Thanks so much. Tabatha Hall 5 Mar 11
My search is for a great friend of mine that I have lost contact with. We served together during the Korean War at the time he was with a 4.2 mortor outfit. We came back to the states in May of 1952 we extened enlistments I went to Quantico and he went to Camp LeJeune. The last time I saw him was at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. His name is Frank Mann Jr. his last rank was Capt.USMC. If any one out there hase any information about this fellow Marine they can contact me. Karl Leech. 25 Feb 11
Richard Saunders Marine Barracks Subic Bay Separate Guard Company 1970-1971 from Sacremento California. Daniel R. Devine, USMC 1968-1975 23 Feb 11
I am looking for a lost buddy of mine who served at El Toro MCAS in the early sixties. He lived in Costa Mesa, CA for a long time after his discharge. He was a very proficient Pool Player and went by the name of "El Toro Mac". The last time that I saw him was about 1980. He had a new wife and child. I heard that he moved back to Kentucky, possibly Paducah area. You can reach me at 17 Feb 11
My Name is Ed Cowan and I am attempting to locate P.J. Webb, a marine officer I served with at 29 Palms during the 1970-1972 time frame. Any assistance anyone could provide will be appreciated. Semper Fi 14 Feb 11
I am looking for anyone who was a member of platoon 1072 bootcamp at MCRD during the year of 20 June 1972 and 30 Sept 1972. I am hoping to get a platoon picture. We took first in Final drill that year. The platoon commander was SSgt Vea at that time. SSgt Devilla was one of the Drill Sgt, and Sgt Archerletter. Please contact me at 9 Feb 11
Looking for members plat 3025 Parris Island Aug 1969, Rick Eaton. 9 Feb 11
Looking for pics from Plt 184 Parris Island, Sept 71. SSgt Bishop was the SDI, 1st Bn. 20 Jan 11
I am looking for anyone who may have been with Battery G. 4th Defense BN ,FMF ,MB Parris Island, SC in 1940. My father, Marvin Snell was stationed there...would love to find anyone who may have known him. J Snell Sanders 19 Jan 11
I was a member of platoon 1072 in June of 1972. My name is Kenneth Rhem, I am looking for SSgt Vea platoon commander of platoon 1072 we came in first that year in final drill. Any one who was in that platoon please contact me at 19 Jan 11
Alpha 1-5 Marines, Roger Smith, Your email address appears to be incorrect. bounced. Snuffy Jackson 18 Jan 11
Hi my name is Calvin Heller and am looking for info on my uncle Calvin Estridge. He was in 1 MAC raider battalion. But don’t know much more that that. Is there some place that I could find out more? Hope you can help. Thank you for your time. 513-571-6327 18 Jan 11
My name is Roger Smith, my nickname way mouse. Looking for fellow marines that graduated from platoon 3067 in the year 1968. Also looking for anyone that was with the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment,1st Marine Div. Alpha Co. 1st squad, 3rd platoon in 1969 Vietnam. Some of the names I remember. Which were all WIA's- Roger Vandergrift, Mike Bloom, Pacheco, Janice,Desoto, Bob Statton,Gene Plesh, John Pattie, Denis Heath, Bob Latimer. We Spent allot of time in the Arizona territory, An Hoa, Liberty Bridge and Booby trap Alley. You can get a hold of me at 12 Jan 11
Looking for buddies from boot camp. 1957 Platoon 228 3RD BN. Also looking for buddies from Camp Lejuene D Co. 8th Engineers FMF. Bill Wheatley 12 Jan 11
Looking for buddies from boot camp. 1957 Platoon 228 3RD BN. Also looking for buddies from Camp Lejuene D Co. 8th Engineers FMF I am attaching Platoon photo. Bill Wheatley 11 Jan 11
I am trying to get up with al dornbach jr who is looking for somebody who served with his dad. his dad was one of my jr di at parrish island in july 1959. I have our plt book. I tryed the email he has listed but it came back. any help would be great. you can reach me at 336-667-7600. 11 Jan 11
Looking to get in touch with anyone who was in Platoon 48 in Feb. 1957. Peter J Marini, D.I was Sgt. Sanford. 3 Jan 11
i am looking for don kizak we were in okinawa and when his father got sick we were going to take a heli to pa from tawain but ood wouldnt let us take off. 3 Jan 11
I was born in 1977 in the PI. I am looking for my biological father I was told his name was (Kevin Armstrong) who was a Marine stationed in Subic Bay during 1975 and 1976. I don't know anything about him except that I was told he was a Marine stationed in Subic Bay. Please contact me at 29 Dec 10
A core group (Paul Cipa - PA, Roger Anderson - FL, Bob Longueira - GA, Ed Blanc Jr. - ME, Brian J. Mahoney - FL, & Dale Nicholson - GA) of boot camp Marines from Parris Island, RTR - Platoon 211, that graduated on 10May63 are planning a possible 50th Reunion at Parris Island in 2013. If you graduated with this platoon and are interested in attending, please contact Dale I. Nicholson, at, or call at (404) 405-4771, and provide us with your current contact information. 18 Nov 10
Looking for all Marines who ever served at the Marine Barracks in Rota, Spain. Remember the good old days in sunny Spain? Remember the Mickey Mouse Express to Seville? Remember the magnificent Bull Fights? Remember the beautiful Spanish Señoritas? Remember your favorite liberty hangouts? Remember those great Guard Duty days? Remember your Rota Marine buddies? You are invited to join us at our 4th Rota Marines Reunion to be held in Beaufort, South Carolina from October 6-10, 2011. To view a few good photos of previous reunions and to check out the latest reunion scoop link to or email us at: 18 Nov 10
Would like to hear from anyone who served with me, Timothy Alessi. Was with Golf 2/3 usmc 68/69. Capt. Hargrove was our CO, had a red haired Lt. the best one I had whole time I was in the Corps. 501-517-6833. 23 Aug 10
I am looking for Cpl Michael Anderson who was stationed on camp pendleton ca at camp horno back in 97 or 98. I think he was discharged sometime in 98 but I do not remember the month. If I am correct, when he was discharged he went to VA. Please help me find him or get in touch it has been so long and I can not think of where else to search. 11 Aug 10
Hendrik A Malinowski. Graduated from MCRD San Diego in 1965. Platoon 3033. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Laurel A Butler 11 Aug 10
Looking for Jimmy Watkins who served with Hotel Btry 3/12 USMC at Dong Ha, Vietnam in 67 or 68. Email me. L. Bell 11 Aug 10
I'm looking for a retired marine who goes by the name of Westy or USwesty. You sent me a message in June of 2009 on the Senior People Meet website. I was not a paid member then, so could not access the message. I recently resumed my membership and I need to get in touch with you. You said your passion was Military History as is mine. Please email me at 1 Aug 10
I am searching for friends of my in-laws (Marion and Josephine Jolly) that were stationed at Camp LeJeune. David and Wanda Randall, Donald and Elizabeth Jester, Robert and JoAnn Weiner, Augst and Joan Miller, Chester and Carolyn Harris, Robert and Betty Oswalt, Tom and Donna Taylor and Ed and Katie Shugart. Shannon Duncan 31 Jul 10
I'm looking for buddies from Boot Camp with Plt 2016, San Diego, 1969. B Co, 1st Bn, 2nd ITR, Camp Pendleton in April 1969. You can reach me at TONY.RAGOZZINE@INSIGHTBB.COM 23 Jul 10
I would like to find Walt White or anyone that worked at the Officers Club at the USMC Air Station in Beaufort S.C. from 1975 thru 1978. Thank you Tonya Calhoun. 19 Jul 10
I would like to hear from any one who went thru Parris island in plt 54 in 1953 apr. Also like to hear from any one who was station at Marine Bks Quonset point R.I. in 1956. Also trying to locate a Charlie Levesquie heard he was killed in Vietnam but cannot find any information on him. He is from Moose up Ct. Also a ssgt Rydleburg he was station at Quonset Point R.I. in 1956. Also, I would like to hear from any one station at Quonset point Marine Bks in 1956 trying to locate some buddeies a ssgt Rydleburg and a cpl Charlie Levesquie or anyone station their the co name was Col Sapp can reach me at. cell phone number is 352 467 0929 also their was a Cpl work the brig name Mitch cpl Levesquie work the brig also and he was from Mooseup ct. 15 Jul 10
Looking for any Marines from TBS Class 6-67 that knew G.W. Coleman from New Jersey. Also looking for any Marines from Operation WORTH, Co D, 1/7. 1stMarDiv. 2ndLt Coleman KIA March 17, 1968 when after encountering fortified NVA position. He directed attack and deployed platoon. Saved 2 wounded Marines in field of fire and was killed trying for 3rd. He was awarded Silver Star(posthumously). Looking to contact any from his unit. 13 Jul 10
Looking for lost USMC buddies from Boot Camp and I.T.R. from Honor Platoon 296, San Diego MCRD, 1960-1961. Any information would be appreciated. Semper Fi, thank you, Ron Fauser, E-3 1960-1964. 9 Jul 10
I am looking for any information regarding PFC Gus Davis, who was stationed at Whidbey Island from 1959-1961. Please forward to 9 Jul 10
Looking for lost USMC buddies from Boot Camp and I.T.R. from Honor Platoon 296, MCRD, 1960-1961. Any information would be appreciated. Semper Fi, thank you, Ron Fauser, E-3 1960-1964. 28 Jun 10
I am trying to locate anyone who was in Plt 228, Charlie Company, Parris Island, graduation August 27, 1959. Instructors were O'Connor, Lefler and Carver. William H. Persinger 22 Jun 10
Need a platoon number. Anyone graduating with my father Carlos Ivy lst Recruit Battalion, 22 January 1944.Carlos Ivy Jr., 240 Fitzgerald Road, Jackson, Tn. 383801 22 Jun 10
My name is Robert O'Connor. I graduated MCRD Parris Island, SC on July 12, 1971, platoon 244. We started basic training on April 28, 1971. I was stationed at MCB Twentynine Palms, CA. September 1971 through June 12, 1974. I would love to know if anyone has the graduation book for platoon 244 or any pictures from infantry training at Camp Geiger, NC (July - September 1971 Bravo Company). Robert O'Connor 22 Jun 10
My name is Trish and I am looking for an old friend from Camp Pendelton. I was in the Navy stationed at ACU-5 and he was in school. His name is Juan Borrego, helicopters, probably a Gunnery SGT by now, stationed in Hawaii, Ellsworth SD and maybe Quantico. anyway I would love to hear from him or anyone who knows where he is now. 22 Jun 10
I am desperately searching for anyone who knew or served with my father. His name is Albert A. Dornbach, USMC. He graduated boot camp (Parris Island), I believe in 1954 – 1955. He was a Drill Instructor at Parris Island and also served in two tours in Viet Nam. He retired a captain after 19 years of honorable service. Names I have heard my father speak of over the years are Colonial Christmas, and General Cheatum (spelling may be off). My father is deceased and any information on his time in the military would be greatly appreciated. Al Dornbach 22 Jun 10
I am looking for any Marines that were in Parris Island from July 1969 – Sept.1969 in Platoon 3007. We had SSGT Miles as our main DI. I would also like to contact any Marines that were stationed in Quantico VA. - SDT CO. B – especially Mason Albert Knabe (MAC). LCpl Glenn P Gerring 22 Jun 10
Liberty Bridge, February early March 69, Looking for guys who remember a Medevac that took place outside the gate at sundown. volunteer squad of transients found two WIAs in high grass about 3/4 mile NE of gate. Joined by squad led by Lt. Medevac came at Sundown and medevac chopper left as it got dark. Chance that the Lt's squad might have been from H&S 1-5. There were three squads: 1 - the patrol squad that got ambushed. One WIA was the squad leader, 30s married with kids. He ordered the rest of the squad to leave him behind and go after the NVA. Don't tell thats crazy. I thought so too at the time. 2 - The volunteer squad was transients waiting for a ride at the gate, Non-infantry. 3 - The Lt's squad. From Liberty Bridge, moved like regular infantry. Besides the squads, there were the two gate guards and a mess sgt who was supposed to take care of the volunteers afterwards. I suspect he was the guy killed 19 MAR 69 defending the chow hall. Snuffy Jackson HQ 2-13, Echo 2-13, Lima 4-11 & Charlie 1-11 1968-69. 1 Jun 10
I am looking for members of Recruit Platoon 144 MCRD San Diego. Graduating in 1958. Phillip R. Townsend. 24 May 10
My name is Joe R. Martinez and I was stationed in the Marine Corps Subic Bay Cubic Point Phillipines from 1961-1962. I am looking for Marine buddies serving at Cubic Point where I suffered a horrible experience. A perpetrator awakened me in my sleep attempting to kill me and while I was trying to unravel his mistaken confusion he shot me in the head. This resulted in massive bleeding on the right side of my head. Fellow marines woke up to assist me while I was wrestling with this perpetrator until such time that he was subdued. I was taken and treated at Cubic Point Naval dispensary. The action apparently resulted in a conviction and prison time. Since that period of time as a young Marine until now at 65 years of age, I have struggled with the incident but have managed to remain silent. I now have a need to speak up because I feel I need therapy from this near death incident that affects me in the follow way; I frequently think of the incident, bad dreams are a problem, I keep avoiding the issue but won't go away, I isolate myself a lot. I can't see media or movie violence because I get reminded of the event and in some troubled way get very emotional. I sleep only three or four hours a day, I am highly reactive to mild problems, and noises are very troublesome. I need to remain working all the time to feel comfortable. Please contact me at (956) 645-1655 or 24 May 10
I would like to hear from anyone who graduated at Parris Island on 25 June 1974. 3rd Battalion, Platoon 327. DI’s were ‘Gunny McConnell, SSGT Thompson, SGT Swiger, SGT Anderson. I was the Guidon. I was also at MCSC, Albany, Ga. July, 1974 until October ’75. Mess hall & Staff NCO cook. Look forward to hearing from anyone. SEMPER FI! 18 May 10
I am looking for a fellow who both, he and me get an incident with the Military Police, when we were looking at Iwoshima Statue, we served in Platoon 169 MCRD Parris Island SC, Our Drill Instructor was Sergeant Twillinger in 1970. My Name is Juan Melendez Contact me at 12 May 10
I have lost any and ALL information from my recruit training. I can’t remember the Platoon even. My name is Tom Flynn 2538215. Our drill instructors were GSGT Davis, SSGT Richardson, and I can’t remember the short wiry SGT that loved to PT us. Any one remember Turner and Johnston? Would appreciate any info, pics etc. 12 May 10
I am the daughter of a fallen soldier from Vietnam. I am trying to find others who served with my father. This is the information I have been able to gather regarding his service time. Garson Franklin White, III MAF, Force LOG CMD, 1st Force SVC RGT, 1st MP BN, H & S Co, 1st Scout Dog Plt. His service started on 5/15/68 and he was killed on 2/13/69. Any information would be helpful. 5 May 10
I graduated in this platoon January 1957 and I am trying to find out how I can get a graduation picture of the platoon. Can you advise me how this would be possible? Many thanks and Semper Fi. Louis Lima SN#1661409 3 May 10
Searching for any Marine graduating Boot Camp on January 25, 1991 from Platoon 2015, E Co., with SDI Sgt. Sablotny, DI Sgt. Drake, DI Sgt. Alexander and DI Sgt. Casaerez. I can be contacted at USMCAV8N@GMAIL.COM 3 May 10
Charles Haggerty is looking for Loyd E Ross. He was with me at Camp Lejeune in 1949, 50, 51 and part of 52. I think he is in the Maryland area? Loyd E Ross or anyone that know's Loyd please write. (215)584-5609 28 Apr 10
Looking for guys who were in my platoon which graduated in December 1968. Our platoon commander was Staff Sgt Howard. We didn't get to go home. Went straight to ITR from there. 28 Apr 10
i am looking for anyone who served with my dad james dean bates he was in nam 68 to 70 he was a tank mechanic any help would be greatly appreciated. LCPL WILLIAM D BATES 89' TO 92'. 307-371-5643 28 Apr 10
Cpl Dennis A. Williams looking for anyone who served with the 1st MAW, H&HS-1 in Danang, RVN during 1970-1971. Particularly trying to locate Cpl Dennis R. Green who served in said unit. He was from either North or South Carolina. I can be reached at 23 Apr 10
Platoon 80 1056 PISC. Looking for members. Bob Epps, CWO4 (ret.) 23 Apr 10
I am a proud marine who served in the corps from 1973-1977. I graduated from mcrd parris island platoon 241 1973. Some of the units I served in were, 2ND Amphibian Tractor Battalion (communications squadron) My MOS was 2531 field radio operator. I was in this unit in 1973. 1st MAW MWCS-18 Iwakuni, Japan in 1974, 8th engineer support bn. Camp Lejeune, N.C in (I believe I came here when I return from Japan in 1975, and stayed until my discharge in 1977) I have been searching for a very close friend of mine back then , his name Is Fred Matthews, he originally came from Ohio, he and his dad used to call me Pint size. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any contact from from anyone who might know me or I them would be fantastic. SEMPER FI! Corporal Francis ( Frank) Abbott from Maine. 19 Apr 10
Served with 4th MAW, MAG-42, NAMTRADET 1100, VMA 133, A4 flight line (6022/6012) in Alameda, Ca 1983-1985. Graduated from PISC Plt 2045, August 1982. Looking for anyone from those commands or eras. Contact me at 12 Apr 10
Marine vet.Sgt Gary Peek,Looking for any one frome 3rd Marine Div.MP CO. mid 1950"s when we moved from Japan to Camp Tincan ,Okinawa. I am trying to up date my Marine corps history. Pictures wold be grate. 12 Apr 10
Served with 4th MAW, MAG-42, NAMTRADET 1100, VMA 133, A4 flight line (6022/6012) in Alameda, Ca 1983-1985. Graduated from PISC Plt 2045, August 1982. Looking for anyone from those commands or eras. Contact me at 12 Apr 10
I am hoping you can help me trying to locate a ssgt rydlebury who was station at quonset point rhode island in 56 and beleive part of 57 Also trying to locate charlie levesquie he was station their same time he work in the brig would like to hear from any one who went thru parris island in april 53 and was in plt 54. 8 Apr 10
I am looking for an old friend of my mother's. His name is William Underwood and he served in the Marines in the early 1960's. He lived in Baltimore, Maryland in a housing subdivision called "Riverview". He dated my mother-Betty Linde-in/around 1962/1963. Any information would be wonderful and can be sent to her via my email at 8 Apr 10
I have been unsuccessful in finding buddies from Boot Camp and I.T.R. for honor platoon 296, MCRD, 1960-1961. Please me if you know any information about the below lost buddies. Lost are : Fred Sanchez, Alex Miramon, and Robert Luna. Semper Fi, thank you, Ron Fauser, E-3 1960-1964. 29 Mar 10
Looking to see if any posting related to Platoon 1068 Delta Company, graduated 1993? 29 Mar 10
Looking for all Marines who ever served at the Marine Barracks in Rota. We are compiling a DUTY ROSTER of all Rota Marines to be listed according to your name, tour of duty dates, phone number and email address so your old buddies can locate you right away. Please send your Contact Details to: 26 Mar 10
Looking for anybody,from K,co.3rd platoon 3/9 3rd Mar Div 1968/69 from 'TheCop" 26 Mar 10
I am looking for fellow marines that served in 1973-1977 plt. 2054 mcrd 1st maw Japan, bulk fuel in camp lejune north carolina, med. cruise. I am Sgt. Casey 24 Mar 10
In researching a friend, I found a letter, I believe the person in the letter is a friend of mine. If the writer has not located, and would like to locate this person, please contact me. Mary L. Davis, US Coast Guard Auxiliary 19 Mar 10
Cpl Frank Kaner - Platoon 252 Parris Island April 1966, or Marine Barracks Gitmo Oct 66-67 19 Mar 10
My father in law is looking for buddies that were in 183 platoom at Parris Island South Carolina, during 1954. He is looking a buddy with the last name of Wilkins from Buluxi, MS and another from Lakeland Fla, Bill Hamilton was a medic at Beaufort Naval Center in 1954 and traveled home on leave with my father in law James "Jim", "Jimmy" Cox to Greensboro, NC. My email is 19 Mar 10
Looking for anyone from PLT. 2036 Summer 1979 Maurice Pettiford GYSGT (RET.) 19 Mar 10
Looking for Marines that served a Andrews AFB, Maryland from 1976-1995. 5 Mar 10
Would like to hear from anyone who served with Golf 2/3 vietnam 2/3 68/69 Capt. Hargrove was CO. 501-517-6833 5 Mar 10
Looking for my Drill Instuctor at MCRD.Year, June 1972 Platoon 1042.Staff Sgt.J.K.Hurst.Wanted to wish him well. I am one of his recruits and am a DAV Viet-Nam Era.Thought i would chew the fat with him if hes still around. Appreciate what ever you can do to find him.Semper-FI Sincerly- PFC Ken Mcleish 23 Feb 10
I was assigned to the Canadian Permanent Mission in Geneva Switzerland from 1974-1976. I met SSgt Robert D Mitchell, USMC in 1974 in Geneva, just as he was being assigned to Stuttgart, Germany. From there I know he was sent to Camp Lejeune, NC. After that, I lost touch. He was from the Washington, DC area in his childhood but goodness knows where he is now, if he's still alive even. Would you have any information on him? Thanks, Anne 23 Feb 10
My father was a marine on Iwo Jima, name was Charles Thomas Kimball jr. I am looking for anyone who has any information about his service. Chuck Kimball 23 Feb 10
I am looking for any information about S/Sgt H. D. Herrington, SDI of platoon 157 honor platoon and formerly of Bangor, Maine. If you know if he is retired and how to reach him, please contact me at 12 Feb 10
Trying to fund Dave who was stationed at MCRD San Diego during the summer of 2001. Don’t remember his last name but do remember a friend of his Rick Hazel (not sure of the spelling). So if you were friends with Rick and were stationed in San Diego MCRD during 2001. 3 Feb 10
My Father Kingdon "King" George Rogers was in the 33rd Platoon Camp Lejeune New River North Carolina. April 17, 1943 is written on the picture of his entire company. I would like to contact any one who served with my dad, a family member son, daughter or wife would be appreciated. My father is no longer with us my name is Dorie Rogers I am one of six children, his eldest daughter. I should have done this years ago I hope it is not too late, my dad would be 87years old. I returned to college a few years ago I would like to write about what it was like for the African American man serving in the USMC during WWII. I thank you for your time and your contribution that keeps America Free. God bless Dorie Rogers 1 Feb 10
Trying to get ahold of the G/Sgt. of 1/5 around the year 2000. I am sure his first name is David. This G/Sgt. knew me, I did not recognize him at this time. Now my merory is back. I served with him around 1975?. I would like to contact him to apologize for not remebering as my memory was toast then. 27 Jan 10
trying to find anyone who knows my father, his buddies or has any info on any of them. his name is Staff Sgt. Walter H. Johnson. Parris Island late 1959 grad. early 1960. Charlie Company 1stB 2ndM 1960-1963. Marine Base Boston 1963-1964. 3rd Marines Okinowia 1964-1965. Marine Corp Base Gieger 1966-1968???...Marine Base Iceland 1968? Quantico 1968-1969. Sorry about my spelling}. dates are rough also. he talks often and foundly of the Corp and his buddies. looking also for william buick of Chcago,Ill. and Arthur Barrett of New Rochelle, N.Y. any info or anyone that would like to reunite with my father would be greatly appreciated. please contact us at 27 Jan 10
looking for an old friend fromm camp Lejeune, 1952 last known address (lost) was texas. sgt Joe Harockavy ) name maybe misspelled! sgt raymond babcock, 11322 cuckoo dr, leesburg, fl. 34788 27 Jan 10
hi im trying to find info.into locating a former marine was stationed camp lejune nc. 1950s-60s, name joseph norris was a lance corporal. spent time near that time,any info.please. thanks 20 Jan 10
I served in Viet Nam with C Company 1st M.P. Battalion Force Logistic Command, can someone contact me, also I was at M.C.R.D. San Diego, California, Platoon 1068, also someone who served with the Combine Action Program, 2nd CAG, 1st Company 3rd Platoon, late 1969 to 1970. 20 Jan 10
cpl rick garcia 1974-1979 motor transport mag-11 tad to vmf 214 would like to hear from anybody at eltoro in these years. 20 Jan 10
My name is Tim Schroeder and my Girl Friends sister is looking for her father who was on tour in the Philippines, Cubi Point from 1976-1978 he left Philippines in February 1978. His name is Michael Mitchell or Mitchel . Michael would be 53-54 years old now. Can you help me help Michelle Romero? Tim Schroeder 269.369.1167 20 Jan 10
I am looking for anyone in my San Diego boot camp platoon from January 1996 (Platoon 3087). Especially Gibson and Cooper. I am also looking for anyone stationed at 3rd LAAD Bn from 1996-2000. Last but not least, looking for the ones on float (west Pac) with me in 1998. We were on the Tarawa. Kris Walb 20 Jan 10
Checking for information regarding 2d Field Artillery Group, Camp Lejeune, NC from 1956 – 1959. My uncle [ Carl ‘Hands’ Paullet; service # 1632641 ] served with this unit during the time frame indicated. He is looking for information regarding reunions or other events this unit may have. Please respond at your convenience. George Vukovich, GYSGT (Ret). 8 Jan 10
I am looking for Nick Endicott, Camp Lejuene, 73-74, 5th 175mm gun battery. From Parkersburg, W.V. last known address southern Ca. WAS married to "Robbin - contact me at 8 Jan 10
looking for former marines parris island plt 212 graduation day 12/22/66 DI's ssgt fish,sgt kearns, sgt hill who replaced sgt jackson, alen traybert where are you this is adam (panda bear ). I also have graduation book for plt 211 DI's cornelison, holmes and crabtree. I will trade for graduation book 212 or copies of names and photos. 8 Jan 10
Pltoon 2015,Paris Island.Graduated January 1959.Drill instructors Harmon,Smith & Cole. Looking for fellow pltoon members, as well as Graduation guide book. I have the graduating pltoon pic if your interested in a copy. Don Ramsey 8 Jan 10
July 52 at MCRD San Diego Platoon 447 was "born" unknown to me and other "boots" there was also Plt 447 "B" . Anyway, I don't remember the DI's, we had quite a few but, we had A BOOT NAMED "CONWAY" who weas slated to go on to OCS. I wonder, same Marine that is our Commandant?? D.L.Sotelo MSgt(ret). 31 Dec 09
Hey guys, where are you. Sgt Lute, Sgt Westbrook cpl Foley and Bonnet 1st Battalion. Also anyone in Organic Supply Camp Pendleton Sgt Gray, Rucker, CWO John Woodfin and the office crew, July 53 -Nov 54 Some of you must be out there. Sgt Rucker, lived next to Jane and I on Guadalcanal St, Oceanside Ca. 31 Dec 09
My name is Gary Murawski aka Ski, I am looking for Gy/Sgt Gary W. Kaitting. I server with him at MCAS El Toro, in VMCJ-3 in the 70's. 30 Dec 09
My name is John Bickford, I was stationed at Marine Barracks, Naples, Italy from October 1960 - October 1962. I am trying to locate either former Marine David J. Hildebrand, or his former wife Diana J. Hildebrand, whom were married in Naples, Italy. I believe that David made the Corps a career and was a Gy/Sgt and retired. I have some pictures for his former wife Diane and would like to contact her to send them to her. I believe that David was originally from Ohio. Any information on either one of these people would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at 66 Wellesley Estates, Portland, Maine 04103- or at my email: 29 Dec 09
I am looking for anyone that was stationed at Glenview Naval Air Station 75,76,77. My name is Billy Jolly and I was in Hydralics. I met a lot of good people in those days and would like to reconnect. Phone # 806-438=8573 Billy Jolly 29 Dec 09
Looking for any marines who were in Second Battilion 2039 started third week Dec 1970. 21 Dec 09
I bought a box lot at an auction and found a year book from Parris Island it is dated 8 Oct 1993- 23 dec 1993 if anyone is looking for it please contact me at 21 Dec 09
I graduated with platoon 171 at Parris Island in 1963 on November 15, 1963. 1st Recruit Battalion. Our senior drill instructor was SSGT. J.E.Prince. Our junior drill instructors were CPL. L.M.Bailey and CPL. R.W. Knight. What I need is a Platoon Roster and/or someone with a Platoon Red Book that I could get a copy of printed. Even by printing the Red Book - Platoon Graduation Book on a printer along with the front cover would be very appreciated to me. I lost mine due to a divorce in 1994 and have been trying to replace it since. This is very important to me as I`m doing family Genelogy. Please, any and all help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.If there is a Platoon Book out there that is available to buy, please let me know that too. Thank you. Cloyd H. Zimmerman 21 Dec 09
Looking for anyone that trained at Parris Island under drill instructor Romain Deffes, probably sometime between 1964-67. Please contact me at 4 Dec 09
We are looking for info regarding Cpl Ronald L. Wright who was lost in the Vietnam War. Cpl Wright graduated from Platoon 173 in 1967 at Parris Island. He was with MAF III 3RD CAG and hailed at the time of his enlistment from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Should you have info, please send to Grandle Starling at 4 Dec 09
Trying to locate: usmc veterans -an hoa s.vietnam(2/66-3/67)-0311/0141 Branch of Service: Marine, Unit was: M company -3rd Batt-9th Marine- 3rd marine div. Where served: an hoa/ danang, When served: 2/66-3/67, Contact : John M Herrera Sr., 3090 Mateo Ave, Madera Ca 93637, 559/664-0363 4 Dec 09
I enlisted September 17,1953 went through bootcamp at MCRD San Diego plt 364 I am looking for a PLT 364 yearbook. 4 Dec 09
I'm trying to locate Cliff Keline. He was a Crew Chief on helocopter 34-D in Vietnam 1967. I was a Navy Corpsman who flew many many missions with him. I believe he lives somewhere near Tacoma, WA. Hopefully he or someone he knows will see this. Tom Ryan 27 Nov 09
Lcpl Javier looking for anyone who was stationed in NAS Alameda MCSF from 1989-1991? Names of fellow Marines: Sgt Washington, Cpl Howe, Cpl Guillan, Lcpl white, Lcpl Kelley Lcpl Javier, Lcpl jandegian. If these names are familiar to you please respond to this e-mail! 27 Nov 09
I am trying to locate David Hyde. He was my roommate at TBS (The Basic School), Quantico, VA in 1976. He was from Texas. We always called him David (The Head) Hyde. Bob Jackson 27 Nov 09
I am trying to acquire photos of HM3 Ronald Richard Reinke who served with Delta Company, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Battalion from 1966 thru 1967. HM3 Reinke was KIA on September 6th, 1967 near Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam. The photos will be used for a tribute page of fallen shipmates on I can be reached at 27 Nov 09
my name is travis ross jr. and I am looking for anyone that i spent time in the marines with...went to bootcamp in june of 95' mcrdsd sdi sgt salinas. we had sgt. brooks, sgt longo,and sgt sweeney graduated sept of 95'. school of infantry followed that but while there i spent some time in the sac/holding platoon under staff sgt. johnson. then it was off to chesapeake, va. for security forces school. that would have been around feb. of 96. from there i was stationed in kingsbay, ga until late 97 when discharged. jeffery allen bean was a buddy of mine and if anyone knows where he is please have him contact me. any contacts from old friends would be great though. look me up on facebook or email me at 16 Nov 09
I am John Baccarie looking to hear from anyone who Graduated from Plt 311 6/62 Parris Island or was in 1st Bn 5th Marines "C" Co 62/63 or 1st Ontos Bn "B" Co 63/64 or Marine Bks San Diego 4/64 to 12/64 LCpl Tim Kelly, Cpl Phelps, LCpl Chuck Latona hope to hear from someone 16 Nov 09
Looking for ALL Marines who ever served at the Marine Barracks Rota, Spain. Remember the good old days in sunny Spain? Remember the Mickey Mouse Express to Seville? Remember the great Bull Fights? Remember the beautiful Spanish Señoritas? Remember your favorite liberty hangouts? Remember those great Guard Duty days? Remember your Rota Marine buddies? You are invited to join us at our 3rd Rota Marines Reunion to be held in Biloxi, Mississippi from October 14 to 18. To view a few good photos of previous Reunions and check the latest reunion scoop link to 16 Nov 09
Looking for Platoon 538 4th Btln. Co. C P.I. Boot Camp 10/51 to 1/52. D.I.s were Sgt Hagler and Sgt Carlise. also another non-com helped them a Cpl Daly from Albany N.Y. HAD BEEN STATIONED AT MARINE CORPS AIR FACILITY (MCAF) , PETERFIELD POINT, NEW RIVER INLET, CAMP LEJUNNE N.C. MOS 6413 (AIRCRAFT MECHANIC) 9/52 TO 10/53Thanks W.BELLOCK 1 Nov 09
I am Marvin G Hanson. I went through boot camp at Parris Island, August through October, 1953. I was in First Battalion, Company B, Platoon 285, Like to hear from any who attended boot camp with me. You can contact me through my web site 22 Oct 09
Searching for fellow Marines who graduated Platoon 1134 San Diego MCRD, graduated 9/1970, contact 22 Oct 09
Still looking for my fellow Marines that I served with. Boot Camp MCRD San Diego Platoon 2064 06/74-09/74 Marine Barracks Navel Weapons Station Concord Ca. 2nd Section 4th. Platoon 11/74-08/75 Cpl. Charles Mullins 12 Oct 09
My name is Dr. John Barnett and I am trying to locate my SDI Gy. Sgt Poe. We belonged to Plt. 2089, "G" Co., MCRD San Diego from Sept.84-Nov.84. If there are any other Marines that were in this platoon please respond to me: 12 Oct 09
Sgt Joe Monise was from New Bedford MA. Served in Korea and Viet Nam with distinction and honor! I am proud to have served with Joe and think of him everyday. We served together proudly in the units listed. God Bless Joe and Semper Fi! 1961 I/3/6 Camp LeJeune, 1962/1963 Marine Barracks Newport RI Cpl Billy Hoare & LCpl Billy Donovan would love to see or talk to our old great friend! 27 Sep 09
My name is Danny Ray Gregory, I am looking for anyone that was in my platoon at Parris Island in 1959, Platoon 148 of the 1st Battalion. Please contact me @ Po Box 400, Meadowview Va 24361 I look forward to reuinting with this special group of men. 27 Sep 09
I am looking for anyone that may have served with Doug Mcclure. He was at Parris Island in 64, Camp Lejeune after that and served in VietNam late 66 through early 68 I believe. I know he was with 2nd Radio Battalion at NC and I only have first names on some of his pictures. Boss or Goss, Sam, Terry, Peterson, Eaves, Ray, and another that appears to be Barer (baber,baver,bager) the middle letter isnt clear. There has got to be someone out there who remembers. 27 Sep 09
My name is Joe Rocha, I served in the US Marines and faught in the Korean War in 1950-1951. I served in the E Company 2nd Platoon, 1st batallion, 5th Marines, 1st Division. I am hoping to locate and reunite with some of my old buddies that served with me. You can locate me or get in touch with me at (281)689-5064, or write me at 26631 Spanish Oak Drive, New Caney, TX 77357. I was stationed in Vallejo, CA in 1948. 27 Sep 09
I am looking for an old friend who was stationed at Camp Pendleton in the 1970's. His name is Rick W. Ziegler and the number on his letters were 2547684. He went to the same high school I did (Mayfield High School, Mayfield Village, Ohio) and used to date my sister. I have some old letters he wrote to us that I recently found and would like to reconnect with him. Sue Levine, 4376 Harper St, Perry, Oh 44081, 440-259-5545 30 Aug 09
Looking for Marines who graduated from MCRD San Diego on December 29, 1989 from platoon 2089. Senior Drill Instructor SSgt. Garcia. Please email me 30 Aug 09
I served in The Marines from April 1966- April 1970 went thru Boot at MCRD SD Plt:2011 Honor Platoon was stationed in Camp Horno for ITR and ended up at NAS Mlillington for Crash Crew Trailning was in top 3 in class and picked Duty Station MCAS Yuma from 1966 to 1970. My Name is Cowles did not get along with everyone but made some friends but Marine for Life just want to Holler out to guy like Sealy and Mudd and Bauer, Ryan, Novotny, and a lot of other guys don’t remember the names but do remember the Faces and times together. 30 Aug 09
My name is Jerry Vovcsko. I was in boot camp at PI from Oct '56 to Jan '57, platoon 356. DIs were SSgt Walter Bennett, Sgt. Rupar, Sgt Ackles. 2nd FSR @ Camp Lejeune from '57 to '59 with a Med Cruise in '58. looking for Cpl. Bill Hanratty and anybody else I served with. Played regimental baseball w/ 2nd FSR, Lieutenant Woodward coach. phone: # is 508 690 2122 30 Aug 09
S/Sgt.Ward S.D.I. Plt.3086 Aug 1966 Paris Island would like to hear from the little one's (recruits) Other D.I.'s S/Sgt.Long Sgt.Driver. Contact Pvt.Simon (portside) 30 Aug 09
Looking for anyone who has served with GySgt John Carlos Hatfield. Served in Korea and 2 tours of Vietnam. He won 2 Silver Stars. I'm his brother in law. I live in Wilmington, NC. My name is Albert Jewell. 910-231-5742. 20 Aug 09
George Charlton, Any one out there from Plt. 119 PI Sept. 55 to Nov. 55. Jr DI'S. Cpl. Murphy, Sgt. Hawkins, SDI. SSgt. Paul. Also looking for J.J Haskel Comm. 1StMAAM Bn. Comm 59. 29Palms. Richard Cahill Comm. D-2-12 57 t0 58. Michael Esposito Comm.Regt. H&S 10th. 56 to 57 and Comm. E-2 -12 57 to 58. 856-783-3973 20 Aug 09
I'm trying to locate my father , a retired marine, william daniel rice, last i know he was a staff sergeant in oahu hawaii in 79 - 80 , any information please email me at 20 Aug 09
Paul Westmoreland, looking for Marines who served at Marine Barracks Rota Spain between 1984 and 1986. 12 Aug 09
I am trying to find guys that served with my husband when he was in Parris Island. He graduated from Platoon 3045 H company in Feb. 1984. His name is Wayne (Allen) Christopher. Please send replys to 12 Aug 09
Looking for any info on the where abouts of a PFC. Gary Rose. I know he was from Port Townsend, Washington. Went thru MCRD, San Diego in the summer of 1967, then was transfered to Montford Point, Camp LeJuene in November 67. Please send any info by email. 12 Aug 09
Looking for buddies served with in PI, platoon 3013, Sept. 70'. Camp Leju. ITR, Jan. 71, Camp Pendleton, June 71-Sept. 72. 1st Batt. 1st Engineers. Semper Fi. contact me please. 28 July 09
I am looking for fellow Marines: Frankie D. Miller Jr. and L Cpl Sweet. Camp Pendleton early 1969-Vietnam late 1969 and early 1970. Possibly Okinawa April 70. One of you was nicknamed "Tex" and Frankie's dad was a career Marine. Contact me Craig Thom from Minnesota 28 July 09
Seeking anyone that was in boot camp at San Diego 4 Feb 59 to May 59. Plt.111 most members were reservist from Houston Texas. " Sam Houston Platoon." Sal at 28 July 09
Looking for members of Platoon 205, PI. Training began 20 January 1960. Richard D. Moore, Real Property Officer,Hurlburt Field, FL 32544, DSN (850)884-6860 Work (850)884-6860 24 July 09
I'm David Sears and I was stationed in yuma mcas at station weapons and worked at Rakishlitter bombing range. I'm looking for my buddies Craig thurmond bro mo and the gang 73/76 24 July 09
My name is Al Cocorochio. I'm originally from Boston, MA. but I moved to Nashville, TN. 5 years ago. I was stationed in VMA-533 MAG-24 at Cherry Point, N.C. from around Nov. of 1960 till July of 1964. I'm looking for friends that I made while I was there. A couple of my closest friends were Jim Brady and Dick Klein or Kline. Another good friend was Bob DesLauries. I know that the spelling might not be right but if I remember right he was from around the Foxboro, MA. area. Jim I think was from Indiana and Dick I think was from Illinois. I really would love to contact anyone who remembers me or was stationed with me. 24 July 09
I am Michael Knox, GySgt, USMC, Retired and am trying to locate Marines I served with during twenty+ years on active duty beginning with recruit training @ PI, Plt. 350, 1971; Marine Bks Subic Bay, RP, 1972-73; RTR, MCRD SDiego, 1975-77 through my retirement in Oct 1992. Especially, MSgt Arnold POWERS; GySgt Lou WALLER; GySgt Jerome BROWN; MGySgt Larry CASTILLO; 1stSgt Nate COLBERT and any others. 14 July 09
looking for gordon e. smith owkinawa weapons plts 1974 search james delvalle manchester n.j 08759 long time ;it's running out. 14 July 09
my name is dirk monaghan. im looking for marines that were in bootcamp, san diego, oct.82, 2nd. batt., plat. 2097. 14 July 09
I am the Grandson of William Henry Dennen, He served in the Marine Corps. in WWII. I know that he retired a Lt. Colonel. I am not sure if anyone would remember him or not. I am looking for anyone who knew him, or served under him. He did not talk much about his service, and I am looking to learn more about my Grandfather as a man... If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. 14 July 09
My Name is Mark Raymon and I was stationed at MCAS Beaufort between 1993-1995. I am looking for anyone who was stationed there during that time period. Oh yeah I was a CrashFireRescueman. 14 July 09
My name is David Hyde. My great uncle, PFC Preston Hyde, was hilled in action in Nov 1943, on Tarrawa Island. Was wondering how to get in touch with anyone who might be alive who served with him. No one in the family ever saw him in uniform. He was from Lawrenceburg Tenn. He was realley killed attacking the small island next to Tarrawa, which served as the Jap command center. 14 July 09
Looking for members of Platoon 80 PISC Feb-May 56. SDI was SSgt J A Hand. 20 Jun 09
Looking for Marines that were in Platoon 343 with me. We outposted on September 11, 1963. Remember our DI's? Clp. Jones, Sgt. Morgan and SSgt. Ritteriser. Please contact me Frank Russo at 20 Jun 09
My step father was a Vietnam vet, and a proud Marine. He had a friend who apparently was KIA and I cannot find him on your list. His name was Ted Cutler. I do not know if Ted was his legal first name, nor do I know what year he was killed. I do know they were both Force Recon. I am trying to piece together what occurred when Ted passed on and any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, your effort compiling, organizing, and drafting the various lists is an incredibly admirable achievement. Chris Danley Boise, ID 20 Jun 09
My name is Phil Rogers. My Father was Major William W. Rogers, USMC. He went ejected from his Crusader F8C on April 17th, 1964. I was just two years old at the time. I am interested in hearing from some of the men who served with him or witnessed his last flight. According to his brothers, there were questions raised at the time about his disappearance, but when his oldest brother came back from trying to get more info he reported that the family was told not to ask anymore questions. Case closed. I have waited this long to research this only out of consideration for my mother and step-father, whom she met and married in 1966. It would be great to finally get something more than the article below for closure. 20 Jun 09
My name is Joe Capozzo. I'm looking for Marines from Platoon 242, MCRD SanDiego, June 65-Sept65. Also Marines serving with me in DaNang, RVN from April 66 to Dec 66 at ASP#1, Hill 327, and Marines with the Marine Detachment, USS Yorktown CVS-10, Oct 67 to May 69. Contact me at 9 Jun 09
1st Sgt (ret) Lynn Reagan, entered USMC March 1972; recruit training at MCRD San Diego.. graduated Aug 72 (Plt 2059) Served as CH-46 crewman, mechanic, section chief, maint control chief from Okinawa (1973, 1975) MARTD Whidbey Island (1974) and then mostly on East Coast (HMM 263) primarily. Did 3 years as 1st shirt with 3rd CEB in Okinawa (1992) and 2nd LAR Bn (1993,1994) Wanting to hear from all my old buds, especially the ones who mourn the passing of the old Boeing Hilton as much as I do. Pisses me off that we are doing away with what seems to me not an acceptable alternative. Spoken like a true Phrog Phlyer!! 9 Jun 09
Searching for Marines of Plt 308, 1971 Parris Island. Bruce Leone, Marvin Highsmith, John Burton, Lloyd Anderson and Frank Forst and Robert Breen. 9 Jun 09
My name is Lynn Reagan (tree) to all past air wing buds!! Graduated San Diego 1972, Plt 2059. SDI was SSgt Miller, (later WO), SSgt Montoya, and Sgt Rosenfield. Will never forget when the bastard was standing outside the Quonset Hut after lights out and heard us laughing about him actually being “Rose IN field”. We paid behind black out curtains till 0400. You old marines will know what I am talking about. Would love to get my hands on a Plt book, price would not be an object. Does anyone know where I could get one??? Still have my platoon photo on the wall at work, sure is a conversation started. What ever happened to that ****bird??? A retired 1st Sgt that’s what. Would love to hear from any past friends. Great times weren’t they??? 9 Jun 09
"C" Company, 9th Motor Transport Battalion (1965-66) Vietnam. My name is MSgt LeRoy P. Holmberg, and I am looking for other Marines that served with me during the early periods of the Vietnam Conflict. There are few, if any, mentions of this units involvement in the actions seen in and around DaNang RVN. I am trying to put together a time line, with names and pictures of those that served during this time frame. We had a rough beginning and many long days and nights with little or no sleep, but our unit strived to aide other Marines and units in their need for transportation and supplies. Also if anyone has a story about their involvement with this Battalion please forward it to my email. I would like to have info about the first Marine convoy between DaNang and ChuLai and on highway 1, or even about the relocation of Vietnamese around the air strip in Danang. I know it's been a long time and memories are vague but lets get some of the times recorded before they are all forgotten. Thanks and Semper Fi 5 Jun 09
Hi! I'm trying to locate a couple I knew in Jacksonville, NC in 1994. Their names are DJ and Dawn and they're from NY. I can't remember their last name or what part of NY they were from, or which unit DJ was with. They drove a blazer and Dawn worked at Allied Fashions in the New River Shopping Center. They lived on TT and were friends with Mike and Gwen Flory from Ohio. Mike was with MAG-26 Ground Supply at MCAS New River. If anyone can help me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. Amy Hunt 5 Jun 09
Looking for members of platoon 80, 1956. Bob Epps 5 Jun 09
My dad was in the 1st Force Recon from 1958 - 1963. I am trying to put a scrap book together for him. Is there any information you may be able to give me for that time frame. I've been looking on the web for weeks and its hard to find anything. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. My dads name is David Wayne Kemp. I believe his rank was E8. 5 Jun 09
Former Sgt Peter Alejandro, from Sacramento, CA area and Everett Moore, Durate, CA area served with USMC buddy, Robert R Ledesma, (San Diego, CA area) in Vietnam, 1st Marine MP Company, Chu Lai and Da Nang with the 5th MP Bn at POW compound during 66-67. MCRD Platoon 180, March 1966. respond to 5 Jun 09
My Dad's name is Ray Buck, and he served in the Marines in Korea from 1952-54. He made friends with a Hawaiin named Rufino Buindia (possible spelling). He would very much like to from him, or his family. He has some great memories and stories of Buindia. His e-mail address is 5 Jun 09
I am looking for the PLT book for this period. Platoon 1072, 1972. I am preparing a VA claim for a member of this PLT. We need the book in order to attempt to locate witnesses to substantiate his claims. Ed Richards 5 Jun 09
I am a Retired Navy Veteran 1986-2006, and i am looking for any information and pictures for my wife's dad Lowell Winfred (Winford) Gregory, graduated boot camp Platoon 77 Fourth Recruit Battalion, MCRD Parris Island S. C. March 27 1951. Then went to San Diego Ca. after that. Is what we heard. I also heard that he was a DI but it is hard for me to see him as a DI with only 1 stripe, and he got out in 1952? He was Born May 29 1929 Paragon, Morehead, Rowan County Ky. He died In Dayton Montgomery county Ohio, May 9 2001. I am trying to get any info for my wife because he never talked to her about when he was in the Marines, except for 1 picture we found, his boot camp graduation picture. And the picture is very distorted and blurry we cannot make out any faces. Any info and pictures would be a great asset, and a surprise to my wife, as she was a only child and did not really know her father. Paul M Levesque EN 1 (SW) USN Ret., 4720 Whistler Lane, Virginia Beach Virginia 23455 5 Jun 09
Looking for anyone who may have been in Plt 285, MCRD San Diego back in 1957 and served with Joel Minter ( He was the Plt high shooter. ) Mr Minter son SSgt Spencer Minter would appreciate any info possiable. John Parks LCpl USMC 5 Jun 09
I am searching for my father, He was a Marine and wrote me letters when I was a baby, my mother just died and this is all I know. Dennis L. Butts, or Dennis Lane Butts. He was in Kodiak Alaska @ 1968-1969 approx. My birthday is November 6th 1969 He was a Marine, he went to Camp Lejune, Chicago, and Vietnam. I believe he might have been born 1942-1949 possible November. He is white and I believe I have step siblings out there somewhere. My Name was Shelley Lynn Butts, My mother was Virginia Lee Chya if you have any info Please contact me 5 Jun 09
Looking for Marine buddies from 1954 to 1959. Camp Lejeune, MCCWTC, and 29 Palms. Cosmo (Zip) Zipeto 5 Jun 09
My name is Cpl Andy Purchase, USMC Retired, and I am looking for anyone who graduated with me from platoon 2090 PI in 1988. We are coming up on 25 years and I would like to put together a reunion. Drill instructors please if your out there contact me as well. I can be reached via email at 5 Jun 09
1952 San Diego boot camp Platoon 506 w/Sgt. Ford from September to December '52, and later service at Pohang, Korea H&HS K-3 duty, .August '54-July '55 in First Marine Air Wing. Combat training at Camp Pendleton, December '52-January '53. VMF-114 and VMF-533 at Cherry Point, NC September '53 to May '54 before shipping out for Kobe, Japan on the General E.T. Collins in July '54. Looking for comrades at any of these posts, especially remembering Cpl. Ken Bonney and Cpl. Charlie Hall, but many others, would like to hear from any of my tour-mates. Please get in touch with me at 5 Jun 09
My name is dirk monaghan. im looking for marines from 83-85, marine bar, hawaii, waiania 7 May 09
I'm looking for Marines who served with Cleveland OH born Ron Morgan (KIA) in Viet Nam 1969. 7 May 09
My name is Jerome "Jerry" V. Phillips; was in 12th Reg. marines;hdq. 1st battalion; 3rd marine div. in vietnam. With the 105 howitzer crews in Dong Ha, Quang Tri, Rockpile, etc. from oct. 1968 nov 1969. Would love to hear from anybody there with me. My phone # is (540) 279-4108. Please leave message if not home and I'll call you back. Semper Fi and God Bless. Jerry 27 Apr 09
I am trying to find info about Major William Howard Dixon who sailed on the USS Saipan who lived in North Carolina The ship was in Rotterdam in the 80’s. If you know him please mail me. Ivonne lammering. Holland 27 Apr 09
India Battery, 3rd Bn, 11th Marines in Vietnam 1966-67 Please send note. 27 Apr 09
Searching for a photo of my father in his dress blues. H e served in MarDet on USS Valley Forge somewhere between 1958-1962. His name is Robert F. Hedrick; he has an unusual middle name, Frisco. If you have a graduation photo or one taken on the carrier of you guys in your dress blues it would mean the world to him. Donald W. Hedrick 27 Apr 09
Hello, I am looking for information on a SGT. Bud Davis that served on Iwo Jima. I have a Japanese rifle that SGT. Davis inscribed his name on while on Iwo Jima in 1945. The reason I am trying to find out about SGT. Davis is that I don't want the history behind this to be lost. I have been trying for three months and I can't find out anything about SGT. Davis. Is there any way you could help me find out or guide me to a place that will help? Thank you for your time. Jeff Guthmiller 27 Apr 09
Looking for anyone who served in CHARLIE BATTERY 1/12, K-BAY HAWAII from 1977-1980. check out TOGETHERWESERVED.COM for other Marines who served in the same time frame. contact KIRK "VENNIE" VENABLE. 337-356-8600. 27 Apr 09
Barrett, Alfred W. U.S.M.C., I am doing a family history and am seeking any info on Al Barrett, he joined the Marines with his cousin Martin D. Shepardson Jr. He was at one time stationed at Okinawa being transferred there shortly after being married. Any info on his service in the Corps will be greatly appreciated. 5 Apr 09
Looking for all Marines who graduated from Parris Island on April 24, 1959 from “K” Company series 206, 207, 208 and 209…..Please contact me if you know of the following Marines who was in my Platoon 207, or any Marine who graduated in the other platoons. We are having our 50th reunion on April 22-25. That’s this month. Platoon 207 names are: Schwartz, D.J. AM Sgt. CDI, Mitchell, J.M. A Sgt JDI. Recruits: Albritton, A.E., Alford, David M., Bradshaw, R.E., Burress, Lovell D., Caramanica, D.A., Carrigan, William , Coley, Daniel, Curry, Winford A., Crowl, Jackie K., Darden, William B., Earnhardt, Keith R., Gibbs, Albert L., Dodfrey, Elmer R., Graham, Francis X., Greenfield, C.J., Harper, Lyles M., Hoherchak, George, Ingham, James R., Ireland, William H., Kile, Jack R., King, Paul F., Kizak, Donald J., Klein, Cecil C., Lamar, Thomas E., Lema, Gerald F., Lickteig, John M., Lingle, Michael T., Machia, Lawrence H., McConell, Dennis W., Mears, Hobart D., Moore, Edward M., Mullen, James F., Myers, James E., Nocella, Ray J., Och, David A., Pierce, Clifford C., Porrine, Arhur D., Porter, Boyd F., Powell, jr. James H., Reid, Harold B., Rodriguez, W.T., Rosser, Lloyd J., Schnell, John F., Sherwin, George A., Smith, Arthur T.E., Smith, Bobby D., Stephenson, III J.W., Summers, Gerald F., Switzgable, W.H., Thrall, David D., Vermeer, William G., Vosburgh, jr., L.S., Wilson, Walter T., Yavcak, John P., Baird, jr., J.W., Greenfield, George E., Hawkins, Nelson R., McKee, Larry M., Odom, jr., H.R., Parker, George C., Roderick, Paul C., The following recruits have been located: Bowie, Thomas, Graves, Bobby, Hagadorn, P.C., Pacifico, M.J., Padgett, Jerry, Starling, Grandle, Wares, Laurence D. Grandle Starling, South Daytona, Florida 5 Apr 09
My Name is Joe Hammell and I am searching for any Marines that graduated or any DI’s with Platoon 3038 on P.I. 5 November 1969. JTHAM62201@AOL.COM 5 Apr 09
Looking for any of the "Remington Raiders" of "A" Co., Schools Bn., MCB Camp Pendleton from Feb 72 to Feb 75. Also R.L. Goodson, Schools Bn. Mail Room, '74-'75, I remember he was from Texas. I was NCOIC Bn. Mail Room. 5 Apr 09
Lima Battery, 2nd Battallion, 11th Marines.."Iron Pigs" was our nickname, we took pride in the 155. Any Marines who served with me at 43area Las Pulgas from 1981-1983 please contact me, 'Whitey" was my nickname. WHERZOG1@GMAIL.COM 5 Apr 09
Looking for anyone from Platoon 252 PI that graduated around April 20-25,1966 43 years ago this month, or from Marine Barracks Gitmo, 66-67. Cpl Frank Kaner, Retired 5 Apr 09
Am trying very hard to find an old friend of mine. She was a CW03 and stationed in Twentynine Palms, CA in 1993-ish. I can't remember the year she retired, but I do know that she moved to Virginia Beach, VA. with her son Anthony. Her name is Joan Marie Ceurvels. her married name was Joan Marie Harvey (but she's divorced...Ceurvels is her maiden name) I'm not sure if her last name was Ceurvels or Harvey when she retired. Can you help me locate Joan? 5 Apr 09
am searching for anyone who grad. with me, earl lowery, mcrd san diego 2nd batt. plt. 2243. started dec. 9, 1968. entered from portland or. di's were sgt. cataleta and s/sgt. steffey and s/sgt. johnson. have plt. photo. lost grad book. getting to know how to get info. started in old quaset huts and moved to new barracks during boot camp. hope to hear from someone soon. 1 Apr 09
I would like very much to get on your list to try and locate some fellow marines, but don't know how to do it. can you help me.? Mac. H&S 1/5 hill 65,55, & liberty bridge 1969. 1 Apr 09
Help Support the 1/5 MARINES 1st Battalion 5th Marines will deploy out to Afghanistan , taking part in the War On Terror. I am planing a care package run down to Camp Pendleton, Ca, to the 1/5 HQ building. I will be personally dropping of the care packages and supplies to the Marines. If you would like to take part in the convoy run down to Camp Pendleton please contact me. If you have supplies you would like to send down, but may not be able to go. I have a GMC extra cab truck. I can hold a lot of stuff. Items Requested by the MARINES. Socks (tube - boot) , underwear (all sizes)Beef Jerky, Coffee, Hot Coco, Peanuts, Hard candy, Cheese-it, Baby wipes, travel size ( snacks / games ), Cookies, Coopertone 48 sun block, Kellogg’s Nutri-Gram bars, Pops-Tarts, Travel size footballs / soccer balls. Where: Starbucks Coffee shops located in Irvine, Ca at : Culver & Walnut, Sand Canyon & 405 shopping center, and Campus Drive across from UCI, American Legion Post #291, 215 East 15th Street Newport Beach, CA 92663 Telephone: (949) 673-5070. The Marine Corps career center located right across the street from Downey High & next to PetCo. 8566 E Firestone Blvd Downey, Ca 90241 Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 p.m. All items most be collected by April 20th 2009. Josh Wright, Downey, Ca, 1 Apr 09
My grandad, Kenneth L. Harman of MA served in the Pacific Theater and I would like to know if anyone remembers serving with him. He was very dear to me, he adopted me back when my father shirked his responsibility and he became the only real dad I ever knew. I miss him terribly, have his military pic framed here on my desk. Would like to know more of how he served our country as he would not talk much about it. Any info helpful, thanks so much. Cassandra Harman Paquin 1 Apr 09
I was on the island in 1975 and I was wondering if anyone has a graduation book for Platoon 329. Graduation was June 10, 1975. Senior Drill Instructor was SSGT Gary Austin. Gary Huffnagle 1 Apr 09
My Name is Richard E. Beck, I am looking for my Parris Island Graduation Book. Date: 18Jul54 - 06Nov54, Plt ? Bn 3rd. I had a 23 day break in date because I went to Beaufort Naval Hospital and and had to start from rifle range onward. If you could look in your book and see if my mug shot is in your book for these dates I really would appreciate. Thanks Richard E. Beck, MSgt rtd 54 - 85 7 Mar 09
My name is Bill Nottage and i'm still looking for anybody in Plt 100 CCo 2nd Bat Parris Island Recruit Depot. Boot Camp was from March to June 1956. We kept the world at peace, I hope some of us are left, cause I can't find you. 7 Mar 09
my father was a marine back in and around 56 to 59 stationed in Cal and the el toro base. spelling may be wrong. his name is Dewey Gene Davis. he past away back in 1984 of cancer. i am looking for anyone who knew him while in the service. my mother is 73 and looking for past memories. Robert E Davis 7 Mar 09
I am kim mongrella, wife of garette mongrella trying to get in touch with any Marine from d co 3rd lai bn 29 palms ca who served with garette in the gulf war. need answers to help our son. gary died jan 29 1991 from friendly fire. 27 Feb 09
I'm looking for members of our Navigation School class at Cherry Point 1960/61. Dangerfield, Harrison, McConaghy, Morrison, Breezee, Cunningham, Red, and a couple more whose names escape me. We need to get together for a reunion. Contact Steve Cobb navigator. 27 Feb 09
When I was cleaning out a garage almost 30 years ago I came across a small box with some very old photos and I started to look through them. In this box I found a telegram from Apr 1945 telling a family that their son, Pfc Claude Ray Palmer, Jr., US Marine Corp, had been killed at Iwo Jima on 16 March 45. There was a couple military papers and the letter from Pres. Roosevelt in grateful memory. I believe he belongs on your list. The article says he was a radioman with the reconnaisance unit of the Fifth Marine Division. He was 19 when he died. I have kept all these things in his memory. I have been trying to find his family all these years to no avail. Any suggestions? If I don't find them this year I have purchased a special frame that will memorialize him for his sacrifice. I still shed a tear for him and I didn't even know him. If you have any questions, please email me at home. 27 Feb 09
Looking for any Marine stationed At Subic Bay who has filed a claim for Agent Orange exposure. I remember it being used in 1965 or 1966. The Defence Dept. has admitted it was stored at (CUBI). I have filed a claim and any info would help. Write Joseph L. Nist 906 Rolling Meadows Dr. Greensburg, Pa. 15601 27 Feb 09
I did my bootcamp training in san diego, ca i went into the marines 4/1/1976 got out in 1979 looking to get a copy of my graduation book so i can show my son there were pics of me is it possible to have a copy found for me i know it will cost me i can send money order if found pls email me very important to me i lost my book longtime ago in moving its just been hard for me i am so proud of the marines and i want to show others what it was like when i went in on disability right now but if you can help me i would be very happy thanks and semper fi. I had a marine say in his website we are not exmarines just inactive ones peace. 10 Feb 09
Looking for Marines that served with the 9th. Marines aboard the USS Bayfield (APA 33) during the evacuation of civilians from Shanghai, China in 1948-1949. Bill Rigby, Fort Mohave, Arizona. 10 Feb 09
hello, my name is danny edwards looking for anyone from plt. 364 from june 1969. sgt brubaker, gunn. stephens and ssgt gamon. i was from rock hill sc. 14 Jan 09
Anyone serve with John Michael Stewart or Micky in Viet Nam? He was in engineering bn. He is from Pell City, Al. 8 Jan 09
I'm trying to locate anyone who went through basis training w/ me in San Diego. 2nd Battalion, Golf Company, Platoon 2036. This would have been the summer of 1981. My name is Tom Murphy and I was the 4th Squad Leader for this platoon. Can you help me? 8 Jan 09
I'm trying to find any information about John Evans, my great uncle, who was killed in Saipan on June 18th, 1944. He was a 1st Lieutenant in the Marine 4th. Also, I have a letter that was written by Frank Acosto, staff sergeant in the 4th, to John's mom describing what happened. I have no idea if Frank is alive. If anyone has any information about Uncle John or Frank, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. 8 Jan 09
I'm looking for William (Bill) Houghtaling. Bill was stationed in Rota. Spain 1961-1963. He was from Yonkers New York. Married a British national who he met in Rota. They were married in Yonkers in 1963 or 4. If you find out anything please let me know. Louis Onofrio 2 Jan 09
Looking for anyone in Platoon 145, Paris Island - Sgt. Brown DI in 1964. Ron Stockholm 2 Jan 09
My Uncle's name was Cosmo (Zip) Zipeto. He swerved with you at Camp Leyeune, Ackle Meadows. I am his Sister's daughter, Linda L. Molinari was my maiden name, my Mom's maiden name is Zipeto. It is just me looking for him. No one else will knew, that I am looking him up. My name now is Linda L. Hickman. My husband is a Retired Lieutenant. At one time my Uncle Zip and I were very closed. We exchanged letters for years. Uncle Zip lived in Philadelphia with his parents, Cosmo D. Zipeto, Sr. and Angelina Zipeto. Then my Uncle moved to Wilkes Barre, Pa. The last address I got, he lived in Wyoming, PA. Linda Molinari Hickman 29 Dec 08
James (Jimmie or Jimmy Black) was stationed at Camp Geiger back in the late 70's and early 80's. Lived in Houston, Tx where we met. Turned out to be good friends. We used to go to the clubs and dated blood related sisters. Sharon and Cindakay here in Houston. Jimmy worked at the U of H College where I worked as a security guard at an apartmenet complex. I moved back to Kansas City and that's where I lost touch with my old friend. Last I heard he moved back to New Orleans. Would like to hear from him. 19 Dec 08
I am trying to locate Marines from 2nd tracs 1975 - 1980. Looking for S/Sgt barlow , B co. 4th platoon, 1st Lt Les Harrell (his family was from Ashville,N.C.)and 1st Sgt Sammy Epperson also of B company. Also looking for Marines from D company 2nd platoon. Thanks, 1st Lt Curl, B co, 4th platoon. 15 Dec 08
Looking for anyone who was at Parris Island April-June 1963. Company 223. Robert S. Winston was the Jr. Drill Instructor. Email me, Robert E. Allison (Bobby), at 15 Dec 08
Looking for info/people who may have served with my father, Alvin H. Musser. Recently found photo of "Supply Clerks Course # 163" from Camp Lejeune, 29 Sept. 1952. Class Commander: M/Sgt. Jack Bilow, Instructors: M/Sgt. McKinnon, T/Sgt. Wells. My father passed away in December 1999 and I recently found this photo with lots of signatures/well wishes on reverse side. Some legible signatures include: Bobby Stump, Ed Strickland, Joseph W. Harris, Sr., Raymond B. Kiffer (Agnes), Vincent Battista, Gene Sullivan, Orbil Baxter, Marvin Bailey, Cpl. Mike Torres, Ray Yeadon, Pete Quinto, and Walter Harris. 11 Dec 08
My first cousin was a pilot flying Corsairs for VMF 351 off the carrier Cape Glouchester CVE 109 in the Phillipeans. I think he was Exc Officer in 1944-45 but can not find any info on him. Major Ross died June 29, 2008, two days after his 89th birthday. At one time he had a book of his squdron but it was ruined by water damage when his home floodet. I would if anyone might advise me as to how I could find out about his squadron, carrier or other info about his military service. Thank you for your help. Elihu R. Ross. 10 Dec 08
Any Marines still out there, besides me, from Platoon # 437, Parris Island, SC, May 1952? Dick Gaines GySgt USMC (Ret.) 8 Dec 08
Looking for anyone who went through Parris Island in July 1957. MODDI@TRIAD.RR.COM 8 Dec 08
Looking For Lost Boot Camp Brothers and DI's Stoner Rifle Test Platoon 236 P.I.S.C. We attended boot camp April 1964 to July 1964. Looking for Drill Instructors from Boot Camp, They are Sgt. C. T. Wade and S/Sgt. C. E. Edwards. Platoon Members: RICHARD M MURPHY, CHARLES E HECK, WILLIAM G ALBRECHT, STEVE T ANDERSON, LARRY D ASHBURN, THOMAS FREEMAN, RICHARD M MC CARRON, WILLIAM C NEWMAN, HARRY R SMITH, LOUIS E SPRIGGS, RICHARD A TOWERS, HARRY E BURLEY JR, THOMAS A BURNESTON, JOHN KRAVIC, CHARLES G THORNE, DAVID G STOKES, RICHARD B MELLINGER, PETER J THIBODEAU, ROBERT P MISSINO. Please contact Bob Molski 8 Dec 08
I'm looking for anyone who was with VMAQ2 Det Yankee-2 (1981-82). Especially anyone from the admin shop that knew me. Ted Noon 18 Nov 08
ATTENTION MARINES WHO SERVED AT THE MARINE BARRACKS IN ROTA, SPAIN FROM 1963-1966! Remember the exciting guard duty days and nights at the Marine Barracks in sunny southern Spain? Remember the trip to France to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World War II Normandy Landing? Remember the trip to Guadalcanal, Spain to honor the discoverer of Guadalcanal Island in the Pacific? Remember the yearly Marine Corps Ball? Remember when Chesty Puller visited the Marine Barracks? Remember the good times at our favorite Rota hangouts? Remember the Bull Fights in Santa María? Remember the bonitas señoritas of Seville, Córdoba, Granada, Málaga, Cadiz, Almeria and Ronda? Ready to share a few cold beers and a bottle of fine Spanish wine with your Marine Corps pals? Ready to reminisce about the good old days in southern Spain with your Devil Dog buddies? Join us at our Second Rota Marines Reunion in Washington, DC on 27-31 August 2009. CLICK this URL: to let us know you want to join us for the reunion. 18 Nov 08
looking for anyone who stationed there from 1956, 57, 58,59. also, my brother was a coach there from 1943 to 1945. pat purcell 18 Nov 08
I have had no luck in locating any of the marines I served with. I grad. Parris s. Aug. 68. 2nd. Bn. F company. Plt. #269. SDI Gynsgt Zorn, JDI Ssgt. Black, And Sgt. Williams. Arty. Sch Camp Pend. Sept. Oct 68. Viet Nam Nov 68 to Nov 69. MCAS El Toro PMO Nov 69 to Ma y 71. Treasure Is. Mar. Bks, May 71 to May 72. Camp pend. ca. delta btry 3rd. bn 11th mar reg. Nov72 Mar 73. NWSC Mar 73 to Apr 75. I would like to contact anyone from this era. 18 Nov 08
Looking for anyone who served with the 7th Engineer bn. Vietnam 1965 to 1971. All members are asked to Check out the 7th Engineer website at There are already a lot of members signed up for our mailing list and annual reunions. 18 Nov 08
I am looking for any Marine with information on serving with my brother, Sgt. Thomas W. Rush USMC - he was stationed in Okinawa in April 1970 where he was killed on a motorcyle. He had a buddy that shared an apartment with him there who I would love to hear from and I would also like to know if anyone knows the name Lloyd Dawson - who I believe was also a Sgt (or Master Sgt). He was a good friend of my brother's and actually came here for the funeral. If you can help me it would be most appreciated. 13 Nov 08
My Name is Laura and I am searching Information on a long ago Friend. His name was Tim Jones and he also was stationed with AIMD PC, MCAS Yuma AZ in 1981. 13 Nov 08
Class of 1966 MCRD PLATOON 292. My name is Macario ( Mac ) Castillo 2256629 . Looking for anyone who was with me at this time .Vietnam 1966 to 1967 3rd Batt. 1st Marines H&S CO 81’s If you see this e-mail me 7 Nov 08
My name is Bob May I was in the Corps 73-77, last stationed at NAS GLENVIEW. I'm looking for Mike Mendenhall aka Mac. He was also at NAS GLENVIEW around 75,76. He was in the metal shop, I was in the hyd. shop. He was from Kansas. He married a local Glenview gal named Betty. They visited me in California in 79. I would like to contact them if anybody knows their whereabouts. Last known to reside in the Chicago area. I can be contacted at 7 Nov 08
Looking for marines who served with me in 1959 .Parris island platoon 363.Drill instructor Sgt white. 7 Nov 08
I was in the corps 1961-1965 and was in Nam in 63-64 in Danang. My best friend Larry Lee Elliott and I went through Boot together MCRD in 1961. Last time I saw Larry was at a base camp at Pendleton just before he left for Nam. I lost tract of him but think he contacted my sister while he was in country. Larry was from Fort Lauderdale Florida. I have hunted for Larry since 1965 with no luck. I heard he got married and was living in Whittier California. Anyone out there know anything about Larry? I am Michael E. Cook Sr., Central Point, Oregon I can be reached at 7 Nov 08
I've been trying to locate Diana (little sister) Hildebrand who was married to Marine David Hildebrand whom was stationed at Marine Barracks; Naples, Italy in 1961- 1962. Have lost contact with her a number of years ago and wish to locate her. She can contact me at my email address. Semper Fi, John R. Bickford. 28 Oct 08
I am looking for anyone who knew or served under George B. Bell. He graduated from Annapolis (I don't know what year), received his Master's degree in thermodynamic engineering (? - I think) from Auburn University (formerly Alabama Polytechnic Institute) about 1953-1954. He was transferred from there to Camp Lejeune, NC in around 1954, then transferred to Subic Bay, PI in 1956 - 1959. From there he was transferred to Camp Pendleton. I believe he served in the Pacific during WW II. He was awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. 24 Oct 08
I am looking for any info about oscar co. camp geiger around 1959. I was in oscar co. also known as the running O. Cpt. Holmes was the Co. he drove a brown caddy conv. with a como top. I would really like any info on him or anyone else that was in Oscar co. I lost all my info due to a fire in my home. would love to get back some memories. 24 Oct 08
My name is Eric and was born in 1977 in the PI. I am looking for my biological father I was told his name was (David Armstrong) who was a Marine stationed in the Philippines during 1976 and 1977. I don't know anything about him except that I was told he was a Marine stationed in the Philippines. Please contact me at 24 Oct 08
I am looking for anyone who has any information about Platoon # 272 out of San Diego in 1951. Also, if anyone has any information regarding my father Robert W Leake. Who was in the 7th Motor Transport and 19th Replacement Draft in Korea 1951-1954 Debra Brokaw 21 Oct 08
I'm looking for Brain Nemechek and Terry Melton who were station at camp Lejeune I Battery 3rd Bn/ 10th marines in 1975. Terry Melton was from the Dallas, Ft Worth Texas and Brain Nemechek was from Topika Kanasas. Also looking for anyone who graduated from Platoon 382 from Parris island in 1975. ph 336-548-3866 17 Oct 08
Looking for anybody from plt 285 1954 parris island. 14 Oct 08
Joseph Smith I am looking for you. You were stationed at the Naval Weapons Station, China Lake, California around 1959. You are from Louisiana. We went to the Marine Corp ball together that year. My name is Rosemarie. Contact me at 14 Oct 08
Trying to find info on my father Pvt Benny F.Casey. Not sure what year but he went to boot camp between 1952-54. 14 Oct 08
My father Maurice (Jim) Brown is looking for some old buddies from 1961-1962 El Toro Frank Marquart MCAS Crash Crew and Larry White 1964-1965 MCAS Yuma, AZ Crash Crew. Any info is greatly appreciated at 14 Oct 08
was in plt.114 MCRDsan diego ,sgts timm,hunter,cauley.anyone around also went from there to subic bay then to marine barracks pearl harbor 1957-1960 bill mcdonell 14 Oct 08
My name is Richard Cheverton and I am looking for anyone that was in # 209 2nd Bat. We arrived MCRD San Diego first week in January 1968. Our platoon commander was Staff Sgt. Stilling. I am writing from Anchorage, Alaska. 30 Sept 08
My grandfather joined the United States Marine Corps reserves in either 1942 or 1943 in San Diego. I cant seem to find any information for him anywhere. Does anyone have a yearbook from then that they could look in there and see if Harold Whitham is listed anywhere. I would really like to find anything at all. Barb 29 Sept 08
I am the proud daughter of a fellow Marine. My father, "Top" Thomas A. Martin passed away on 30 August 2008 from cancer. He served 26 years in the Marine Corp, doing 3 tours of Vietnam with the last being in 1975 - surviving them all - amazingly. I'm not sure of the first tours, but I know he served with his best friend, who we were also stationed with later in Germany (who has also passed away about 8 years ago) Skip Linville, and he was located in AZ at the time of his death. We were also with Dale Aho, Mike Brady (also passed away) and another gentleman by the name of Rufus - all fellow Marines. My father did training in Parris Island in the early 60's, and in 1977 he was stationed in Camp Pendleton. From there (1978) we went over to the 497th RTG in Weisbaden, Germany. I also know he was with 1 MAR DIV somewhere along the way. If ANYONE has any photographs of my father while he was in Vietnam or any other place - please email me. I would greatly appreciate it as would my children and my mom. 23 Sept 08
Would like to get in contact with anyone who served with the MarDet USAMPS, Fort Gordon, Ga from 1972-1976. 23 Sept 08
Looking for fellow Marines that graduated Parris Island 1955. Don't remember the platoon number but drill instructors were Barnes, Brock & Hilton. Ron Iman 16 Sept 08
Looking for anyone from Platoon 160 Parris Island 1st Bn, Graduated Nov 1959. John Botelho 15 Sept 08
Michael H. Schnur HM3, Looking for anyone that served with Golf Co. 2/3 68/69. 15 Sept 08
CWO-4 Richard Joseph Bernier, USMC. Died: May 31, 1998 - Raleigh, NC 4th Marine Division, VMSB151 WWII, Korea, '53-36, Vietman, '68-69 - Quang Tri Served honorably from '42 to his retirement in '72. We are looking for his military information, have found several records, not all the pieces have been put together. He served honorably and died of cancer from the effects of agent orange. 12 Sept 08
I would like to hear from any former members of Plt. 319, 6th BN. MCRD, Parris Island, S.C. Sept-Nov 1953. RONALD A. LAY, USMC RET. 4 Sept 08
I’m trying to find out the were about of a Charles F Brown Fairbury Neb. He served as a senior corpsman with “M” Co. #rd Bn Seventh Marine Regiment. He was awarded the silver star. He knew my father, Lewis Patrick McCabe chief Petty Officer. Lynn McCabe-Pomaville 4 Sept 08
Looking for members of platoon 252, 2nd recruit battalion. July 3,1951 Parris Island. Also 1st Marine division FMF. Korea, 5 Dec 1951 To 6 Dec 1952. Donald Barton formerly of New York City. 3 Sept 08
Looking for any one who went thru boot camp at parris island in april of 53 in plt 54 pls contact me at purpledaisy0713@wmconnect .com also I would like to know any one who has a graduation book of plt 54 I left their after boot camp went to korea and after tour of duty was over was sttation at quonset point rhode island in a guard company also trying to locate a ssgt rydleburg and a sgt charlie levesquie he is from mooseup ct would appricate if any one knows them pls call me at 352 467 0929. 2 Sept 08
I was looking for anyone that served w/ my grandpa his name was Gary Allen Hughes from Lewistown IL. I am not sure when he served for sure but I think it was 1960-64. He was a Cpl in the First Force Recon bn when he got out. I'm just wanting to know a little more about him when he was younger, he really never told me much. 29 Aug 08
I'm trying to find out more in for Brandon C. Murley he was killed in a training accident on the night of Dec 23 1995 at Camp Lejeune. I was in the same plt as him and I have a web page on another site and would like to find out more info to put on his site. Christopher P. Chiocca 29 Aug 08
I was assigned to 1st Recon Bn. from May 67 till June 68 in H&S Co. Comm Plt. Looking for others from same time period, same unit. Also, Plt 2012 2nd Bt. Parris Island: June 66 – July 66, Radio Telegraph School, San Diego: Oct 66 – April 67, 1st Recon Bn. H&S Co. Comm Plt: May 67 – June 68, MB Norfolk, Naval Station Brig / Azores: Sept 68 – Oct 69 Recruiting Duty RS Raleigh – Jan-70 – June 72. 28 Aug 08
In 1953 I was stationed with a Marine from Buffalo N.Y. in Opelika Fl. He had hocked his watch and didn't have time or money to retrieve it when he was transferred, when I was at Pendleton a letter caught up with me from him with money in it to get and send him his watch. I never did acknowledge it and I have lived with this for over 55 years. All I remeber is he was a black skinny guy who I wronged I would like to get in touch with him. Wayne Haun 27 Aug 08
My name is Albert H. Raymond. I'm interested in hearing from any Marines from M.C.R.D. Platoon # 248, Co. I, 2nd. BN, Recruit Training Regiment, Parris Island and from Co. I, 1st. Battalion, 1st. Infantry Training Regiment, Camp Geiger, - Camp Lejeune, NC. Our Senior Drill Instructor at P.I. was SSGT. J.S. Nicolopoulos. Our Jr. D.I.'s were SGT. T.A. Gagnon, SGT. W.R. Gentry and CPL. S.B. Crowe. The dates were from 19 June – 10 December 1964. I can be reached by Email at 27 Aug 08
Looking for members of Post Honor Platoon # 592 Parris Island, graduated in or around March 1953. Wayne Haun 22 Aug 08
I would like to hear from any old time Marines who knew Sgt. Donna Hatfield. She was stationed at Marine Corps Headquarters, Henderson Hall in 1952-53. In 1953 she was transferred to Parris Island to become a D.I. After a tour at Parris Island she was transferred to Hawaii at the end of 1953. My name is Don Kress and I was stationed at Henderson Hall in 1952-53. I would love to hear from any of the people who remember Sgt. Hatfield or me. 21 Aug 08
I was in Mogadishu, Somalia with 3/11. They made us an infantry Battalion. Anyway, I know for fact that LCpl. Domingo Arroyo was killed in action while on patrol on Jan. 12, 1993. If you have any questions or would like help with verifacation, I would be happy to do what I can. Parrish A. Kinney, former Sgt. USMC 18 Aug 08
Hi, my name is Gaby Herrera and I'm looking for an old friend who is a Marine from Bolingbrook IL his name is Roy L. McDaniel. Last thing I heard he was station at MCAS Miramar in San Diego CA, if anyone has any information please email me at. I would love to reunite with him. 18 Aug 08
plt 3082; graduated 9/1977; parris island; like to hear from you; kevin sullivan 12 Aug 08
Hello, I am interested in making contact with anyone who might have known him. God Bless the USA! Semper Fidelis! I was raised at el Toro and Camp Pendleton in the 50's and early 60's. 12 Aug 08
My father, Aubrey McLouis "Mac" Hunter was in Platoon 237 at PISC in April of 1942. Is there anyone out there who may have known him or was in his platoon at this time. He passed away when I was nine years old and I didn't get to know him. Any pictures woulod be greatly appreciated. 12 Aug 08
Curtis Filmore Anderson and I were in Platoon 144 from June through part of August of 1964. Curt now lives in Charlotte NC. If anyone knows how to contact him please contact me. Thank you! William Buckingham, Platoon 144 MCRD, Parris Island SC TRRHEEL@AOL.COM 8 Aug 08
I am looking for the recruit graduation photo or book from Platoon 750, 2nd Battalion, MCRD, Parris Island, graduation date of December 1943. This was my father's platoon, and he is now deceased. Please contact Ed Kelliher at 7 Aug 08
P. D. Wilcox Parkersburg, WV. Looking for MCRD Parris Island Platoon Book –Platoon 223 – April-June 1962. CLNC – 1962-July 63 C Company H&S Platoon, C52 Tank Battalion, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Cuban Crisis), July 63 – Nov 64 – Camp Hansen, Okinawa C Company 3d Tank Bn. Dec. 64 – Aug. 66 - Marine Barrack, NNSY, Portsmouth, VA. Office Clerk – Sea School. Marine Liaison – Portsmouth Naval Hospital (attached to Marine Barracks (NNSY). Clerk – MB, NNSY, PTSMTH, VA 7 Aug 08
My father, Aubrey McLouis "Mac" Hunter, went through PISC in 1942. The attached pictures are (1) his platoon photo, front; and the back of his platoon photo with signatures from others in his platoon. I'm trying to find anyone who may have other pictures of this platoon in action and possibly of my father. He passed away on Oct. 31, 1963. The other picture is of myself, Platoon 233, PISC, 1972. Is there anyone out there with pictures of our platoon during training at PI? You can contact me at 7 Aug 08
Trying to get a picture of my platoon (think it is 186) graduated august 29th, 1958. not sure if this is possible or maybe you can steer me in the right direction. I wound up in 2nd recon at stone bay and later to school demonstration troops at quantico. any help will be greatly appreciated--please respond to 28 Jul 08
My name is Jerry and my date of birth is 19 Jan 1964. I am looking for my biological father Gerald (Gary) Lee Baldwin whom was a Marine in 1963. I know very little about him except what information my grandmother could provide along with a picture she saved of him while stationed at Camp Pendleton. His mothers name is Roberta but went by Bobbie and was a beautician in The Dalles or whom my mother Juddy M Lamb worked for. My mother never told him about the pregnancy and any information provided would be appreciated. My youngest daughter is an active Young Marine and will be visiting Camp Pendleton Aug 08. Please contact me at 25 Jul 08
Looking for anyone from platoon 285 Parris Island 1954. 24 Jul 08
I’m looking for Sgt. David Ross USMC ret. Served in Vietnam with him and lost touch when we left in Dec.66. Hey you out there buddy, it’s MadDog. 21 Jul 08
My father Elton Potter was in the US Marine Corps and graduated from basic training at Parris Island in April of 1959. He passed away this past November and I was hoping to locate someone that may have pictures of him either from boot camp or during his tours. He was enlisted from January 1959 to December 1962. I graduated April 1959 in platoon 207 and do have contacts with 206, 208 and 209. We will have our 50th reunion at P.I. next year. As to the above, what platoon was Potter in? If you have photos, please contact me. Grandle Starling LJPR71@MSN.COM 18 Jul 08
This is for a Brother Marine who graduated from Parris Island in February 1959, platoon 2030. His name is Dave Shatzer and is trying to locate the recruits who were in the platoon. He is planning a reunion in 2009 and any help will be appreciated. Thanks Cpl Grandle Starling platoon 207 Parris Island April 1959. LJPR71@MSN.COM 18 Jul 08
I'm looking for my father. His name is Gerald Richard Riet. At deployment time, he lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. I do not know any information on where he served. He was deployed at the time of my birth in April 1966. My family will not share information with me. All I have been told is that he was injured, came home divorced my mother and left. If you know him or any information about him. P.S. My 20 year old son is a Marine. He will be leaving to Iraq for his first tour in December. I would like to find my marine father so my marine son can meet him. Please email me. Raelene Eppard 18 Jul 08
My name is jimmie caudill. my self and gerard ruggero or looking for homer smith and billy sprot we served together in 2nr 8in self propell in 1962 and 1963 i think. ruggero and i got hooked up about a year ago still looking for you two nuts. you can reach me at 336-667-7600. also anybody that was in plt 246 at p.i grad in 1959. sr di a.s.sgt w a wells, jr dis a.s.sgt w.b. kilpatrick. and jr di a.sgt a.a.dornbach. 15 Jul 08
My name is Nephi R. Limb and I served as Public Affairs Chief Marine Forces Southwest Asia during the retorgrade from Desert Storm. I am trying to find some contact information for Col. John M. Shotwell, USMC, Ret. He served as Director of Public Affairs Headquarter Marine Corps. 14 Jul 08
My name is Robert Ledesma. Bootcamp MCRD San Diego 1966, Platoon 180. Looking for Marines serving POW Compound DaNang Late 66 and 67. Served with 5th MP Batt and 1st Mar Div MP Company in Chu Lai. Looking for: Peter Alejandre, Joey Olochia, Bresino from Brownsville, TX, Bill Cowan from Texas (Corpus?), Jim Hale from Greensboro, NC, Everett Moore from Duarte, CA or any other Marines serving during this time at the POW Compound… Honoring the memory of Gerald Cain Stelle, Died 1967 - looking for his niece??? Or other Stelle family member. I know he was from Temple City, CA and in 67 had a sister and niece – Please contact at 14 Jul 08
Looking for Marines who went to boot camp at Parris Island in 1953. 541-459-5875. 11 Jul 08
PLATOON 209, MCRD, San Diego, 1956 Would like to hear from any member of platoon 209. Matthew M. Troy 10 Jul 08
Brown, Patrick, I am trying to find Marine Patrick Brown. When I last had contact with him in 1999, he was a Cpl at Camp Able Sentry in Macedonia and was 21 years old. Anyone with information about Patrick or suggestions for finding him, please feel free to contact me at 9 Jul 08
My name is Thomas Huddleston. In the Corps, I was mostly called "Hud." I served from 2nd Nov. 1962 to May 1st, 1969. I was in the 2nd Recruit Bn and graduated in Jan. '63. I always thought I was in Plt. 274, but apparently my memory serves me wrong. I was the platoon honor man and won the physical fitness bracelet. My SDI was GySgt. Foster and one of the JDI's was Hollingsworth. I would appreciate it if anyone out there who knows what platoon I was in would contact me. I would like to hear from any Marines that I served with: RTOC Class - MCRD 1963; 1st 155's - 1963; 2nd Marines - '64 & '65; 9th Marines - '66 - '67; 5th Recon Bn. - '67 & '69. My phone number's 406/443-7023 and e-mail is 7 Jul 08
Aloha, Ewa Field was a famous USMC WW-II Aviation Base, historic December 7 battlesite, and was a Naval Airfield going back to 1925. We are trying to save it from being bulldozed for a Shopping Center. Ewa Field is currently on President Bush's list to be named as part of a wider National Pearl Harbor Monument, designated under the National Antiquites Act of 1906. The land is a USMC WW-II airfield that was likely the FIRST American Battle of World War II- being struck by IJN Zero fighters at 07:55 AM, Dec. 7, 1941, BEFORE Pearl Harbor was struck. It was also the "Base of Aces", with famous Ace pilot squadrons like the "Black Sheep, "Swash Bucklers" and "Wake Island Avengers". We need YOUR help to make the U.S. Navy comply with Federal Preservation Statutes and Presidential Executive Orders and NOT turn Historic WW-II Ewa Field into a Shopping Center! Honolulu Advertiser story- Front Page, Wednesday KGMB TV News Story KHNL TV News Story President Bush Memo "Pearl Harbor National Monument" Presidential Executive Order 13287: "Preserve America" John Bond, P.O. Box 75578, Kapolei, Hi. 96707 808-685-3045 2 Jul 08
I am looking for anyone who was in Platoon 3052 MCRD San Diego 1970 or served in Vietnam with Golf Company 2/1 from Marble Mountain. My Name is James E. Williams. I was in Vietnam from November1970 to May 1971 and my nickname was Boom. I’m a retired MGYSGT. Contact me at 2 Jul 08
My name is peter Maat a usmc veteran who served in Panama from 1993 and 1994, I was wondering if there was anyone out there that served with my father Thomas Maat, he served 2 tours in Vietnam with Motor transport shipping bombs from North to South Vietnam. I would love to hear from you. Thanks Peter G Maat Lance Cpl USMC security force co Panama 30 Jun 08
Hoping to hear from members of Platoon 145, Parris Island, February to April 1967, Senior DI SSgt Christian, and Sgts Evans and Hayes. We barely knew each other before being sent to ITR and then most to RVN. Contact L. Armstrong at 30 Jun 08
Recently I have come into receipt of a Graduation photo of Platoon 153, First Recruit Battalion M.C.R.D. Parris Island South Carolina. Sgt W.E. Benner, Cpl C.S. Yelverton and Cpl F.W. McIntyre are listed on the photo. This Platoon graduated on 3 October, 1963. If anyone has any information on this photo it would be much appreciated. 26 Jun 08
I'm looking for Eddie "Butch" Miles and Louis Preston Colston. We served in Rota, Spain in 1967 and 1968. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please contact me. My name is Jack A. Majewski, my phone is 585-468-5601. 26 Jun 08
I believe it was Platoon # 3064, not sure, looking for members of 3rd Battalion I company Parris Island June to September 1983. Senior was SSgt Cooper along with Sgts. Zinn & Green. Also looking for Marines that served on Camp Courtney 3rd MarDiv around the end of 84 to 85. Anyone who was at Camp Elmore in 86 & 87 please e-mail me at. 23 Jun 08
I am interested in locating Marines that were 1st MarDiv(rein) FMF, Camp Pendleton Ca Communications Company 7th Comm BN FMF. MOS 2511 station at Camp Horno 1960-1964. Wire platoon. 17 Jun 08
Former Marine Connie M Crawley who served as a communication man at the Chosan passed away Early in the Month of May after a short illness. Bill Macpherson 7 Jun 08
my name is bob wise i was in from 1967to1970 pi in jan 1967 okinawa in 1968 was on mp duty with a robert turney not sure if thats how it is spelled also in getmo bay in 1969. i am from washington pa my platoon was 142. 7 Jun 08
Looking for any MARINES or Drill Instructors from Plt 3038 Parris Island November 1969. 7 Jun 08
I was stationed at Quang Tri May 1968 to May 1969. I was motor transport shop chief I also was the E-club manager. I had a small tent behind the club.we had the first wooden club house. Sgt andersen was asst club mgr. I also remember sgt valentine i think that was his name.he had bluebird tattoos above each breast. I have had a couple of heart surgeries and lost a lot of memory. I cannot remember what happened to some of the men at motor trans, I was sgt wright. if need be call me phone is 602-478-0818. thank you. sgt C.E. Wright 7 Jun 08
my name is r. e. reed, plt number 1002, 1961-1962. looking for anyone in plt. 1002 san diego. also anyone that was in [india battery] 3-11-1st mar. div from 1962-1964. i've located mose hooks, maurice cambpell, r c vice from india battery, but would like to hear from any of the old cannon cockers that are still with us. semper fi 260-982-2595 30 May 08
Searching For Platoon 308 Parris Island Graduates of 1971. James Adams, George Hurt and Marcell Greco with Platoon 308, 1971 at Parris Island please contact me at 30 May 08
I was a DI, SDI, and a CDI @ PISC F Co 2nd Bn from 1984-1986. I was also an instructor at OCS Quantico Va from 1987-1990 where I trained Candidates and had charge of the NCO School. Currently a Preacher and small business owner. God Bless, Minister Riley Msgt USMC RET 30 May 08
My very close cousin Wayne Eugene Lipsett was in the U.S. Marines back in the Vietnam war. I was in the Navy at Atsugi, Japan when he was in Vietnam. This was in 1965-67 time period. I'm not sure when he joined the Marines however, he was born in 1947, quit school to join and Im guessing early 1965, maybe in 64. He died on March 12, 2008 from esophical cancer, after surviving a lung cancer five or six years prior. I was looking for a website to include his name as a proud Marine. I also wonder if "agent orange" had anything to do with his illness. Another family member, Uncle my marriage was proud of his service to Marine Corp. He was in during WWII and was at Iwo Jima. He died some years ago, September of 1989. Jesse Thomas Wilson, Sr. His son, another Marine served in the late 1960's at Quantico pretty much his whole enlistment. He was sharp Marine and was Marine of the Quarter several times. He was Jesse Thomas Wilson, Jr. He lives in Charlotte, NC, very successful businessman. Bill Culver 12 May 08
ALL Marines who ever served at the Marine Barracks in Rota, Spain are invited to join our 1st Rota Marines Reunion on September 26-30 in San Diego, California! For complete details contact Jack Malone Telephone 858-735-8540. 9 May 08
My Father Eugene Radwanski was a S/Sgt. In the USMC and served from Sept. 1942 to Dec. 1945. He was a gunner with VMSB-231 of the 3rd MAW stationed on Majuro atoll from Jan 1945 to August 1945. He passed away this past December, and I am researching his military time. If anyone knows/knew of him, or someone that may have served with him or nearby, I would love to share pics and trade any info. I can be reached at 5 May 08
I am looking for anyone who was in Plt 3086 Aug 1966. We are going to get togethre at Crossroads in Virginia Sept 29th through Oct 2nd. SSgt Ward will be there. You can reach me at 508-378-3883 or by email. Sgt Raymond Edwards. 5 May 08
I am LCpl Greg Sheaffer. Served with 4th MAW, MAG-42, NAMTRADET 1100, VMA 133, A4 flight line (6022/6012) in Alameda, Ca 1983-1985. Graduated from PISC Plt 2045, August 1982. Looking for any Marines that were in my Boot or Unit. 1 May 08
Looking for Marines who served at the Marine Barracks in Rota, Spain from 1963-1966. Remember the good old days in Spain? Remember the Mickey Mouse Express? Remember our liberty calls to Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz and Sevilla? Remember the beautiful setas of Andalusia? Remember the Bull Fights? Remember our favorite Rota hangouts? Remember when Chesty Puller visited the Marine Barracks? Remember the trip to France to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Normandy Landing? Remember the trip to Guadalcanal, Spain? Remember the yearly Marine Corps Ball? Remember the great Guard Duty days? Remember the Few Good Men of the 1st and 2nd Platoons? Join us for our 1st Rota Marines Reunion to be held September 26-30 in San Diego, California! For complete details contact Jack Malone. Telephone 858 735-8540. 28 Apr 08
Rota Marines reunion, for 1963-1966 alumni. Plans are well underway for our first reunion in San Diego, September 26-30, 2008. So far we are expecting 30-40 Marines who served in Rota, Spain between 1963 and 1966 to attend. Contact Mike Foley. You may also wish to check out Raul Botello’s Rota Marine web site at 28 Apr 08
My name is Linda Matranga. My husband, Dan served in the Marine Corps July 1969-1970 in the 4th Platoon, Bravo Company First Tank Battalion First Marine Company. He was a tank commander on Miss Goody Two Shoes. He served on Operation Pipestone Canyon on Go Noi Island south of Hill 55 and in Dodge City. Dan died 10/10/98 of a sudden heart. We have two sons and are searching for any of his Platoon members that would have served with him in Vietnam. Our son Robert is named after one of the platoon members. I remember Dan talking about "Panther" and a dog named "Max". My phone number is 949-637-9621. Thank you. Linda Matranga - Dan Matranga "Mateo" 's bride. Semper Fi 28 Apr 08
My name is Edwin R. Perez. I was in the Corps during May 1974 to Sept 1982. I served as a Sergeant in TOW Company, 2nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. I am looking for a friend, Luis A. Sanchez, who was in that unit with me. Luis is originally from Hoboken, NJ. If anyone knows how to reach Luis please contact me at the following email address. 23 Apr 08
I am searching for any Marines that served with me from 1972 to 1976. I went to bootcamp at MCRD San Diego Plt. 2077, and I served at Camp Geiger India Co, 3/8. Theres only three names that I remember, Lt. CRAIG; SSGT. Cupp, and I hope I'm spelling his name right Mcuing. I am really curious to hear from anyone. 21 Apr 08
I would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers my father, Donald C. Jarvis. He joined the Marines from Michigan and graduated Boot Camp in 1944 (Platoon 303, San Diego). He served on Okinawa and I believe went to China after the Japanese surrender. He was a "demolitions expert." Please share anything you know regarding his outfit(s), action, and the kind of person he was back then. He died in 1995 at home in Orlando, FL. Like a lot of others, he never talked about his experiences as a young man. 15 Apr 08
john coy usmcrd sd plt #238 1966, 2/26 "F" Co. uss henrico westpac, A co 1/4 3rd mar div, uss Iwo Jima overrun Con Thien 8 may 67. was aboard on amtrac that got hung up in wire. retired 100% disabled still have gaps in memories, looking to find those that would like to chat. I also have some photoes, but I do not have a picture of PLT #238 GRADUATION. contact me at 937-728-2404. semper fi, john coy 2177305 8 Apr 08
Looking for Sgt John Shaver who was stationed at Camp Horno, (pendleton) with the 1st Anti Tank Bn. (Ontos) Alpha Co. in 1963-64-65. Home state was Arkansas, or anyone knowing his whereabouts.Also would like to hear from other Ontos crewmen from Horno who served during that time. I'm former Marine Sgt. Dave Shatzer. 31 Mar 08
Hello. My name is Angela, and my husband, Donald Edward Putnam, of North Carolina, served in Vietnam in 1966-1967 in 3rd battalion, 4th Marines, apparently Company M is what appears on his DD214. On May 29th, 1967 in Quang Tri he was nearly fatally wounded, and brought back to the states. He spent over 2yrs in military hospitals and was disabled retired.His worse injury was to his right leg, and for over 40yrs he has fought reoccuring infections in that leg. His most recent surgeries on the leg were last April, and again last week. The infections have caused a blood disorder which is now terminal. He is currently in the hospital. We have been married 20yrs, and during that time, he has stated many times that he would like to see some of the men who served with him during that time. Because of that wish, I am on a quest to find some of the men who knew him. Can you tell me if you served with him during that time, and if you knew him? I can print out all emails to take to him, or give you his phone number, address, whatever is needed that he can be in contact with you. He was a Private First Class when injured, and retired as a Lance Corporal. We currently live in North Carolina. Please let me know if you served with him. Thank you! Angela 17 Mar 08
My father Elton Potter was in the US Marine Corps and graduated from basic training at Parris Island in April of 1959. He passed away this past November and I was hoping to locate someone that may have pictures of him either from boot camp or during his tours. He was enlisted from January 1959 to December 1962. IF you have photos, please contact me at LJPR71@MSN.COM 17 Mar 08
My name is Cpl. O.V. Morgan (USMC) and I am desperately trying to locate someone that may have known my Dad 1st Sgt. O.V. Morgan. My Dad recently passed away after honorably serving over 22 years in the Marine Corp, he lost his battle to multiple miloma (a blood cancer) brought on by exposure to Agent Orange. If anyone could assist me with locating his MCRD platoon photo, number or any related information I would greatly appreciate it. My Dad was from Chicago and would have gone to boot camp (rough estimation) any where from 1969 - 1971. Shortly after boot camp he was deployed to Vietnam. You can contact me at 10 Mar 08
My father was in the US Marine Corp and graduated from basic training at Parris Island in 1968. He lost his graduation ring. I would love to find an identical ring, though I don't know if that's possible. Does anyone have a picture of what the ring looks like or any information that might help me? You can email me at 10 Mar 08
Looking for anyone that knew my Daddy-A.J.Avit Joseph Couvillion.He was a Master or Major Gunnery Sargent in The Marines and served in The Korean War.Before he surcame to cancer in 1990 he would still cry in rememberence of his men.One of his medals included The Bronze Star. 27 Feb 08
I am looking for anyone that I went through bootcamp with at parris island June - sept 1966, platoon 3052, 3rd marine battalion,also anyone I might have went to Vitnam with from camp Pendlton february 1968, 27th marines. Home phone is 315-472-1591. Ted Dening 27 Feb 08
my name is john keith. I am looking for a friend ,last name is johnson, from johnson city, tenn. We were stationed on parris is. in 1958 and 1959 at wpns. ( "B" line)> I now have a home in Johnson City and would love to find him. I live in Beaufort,S.C. Any help would be good, even his first name. 27 Feb 08
I'm looking for anyone that served with my uncle Staff Sargent Harold Clarence Davis. He was killed in action 3 Oct 1944 Peleilu Island invasion D+18. Was in 557 Platoon San Diego in 1942. Contact me at 19 Feb 08
Looking for anyone with information on Marine Leonard Kelly. He was stationed at the marine barracks in Rota, Spain from 1963 to 1965. After leaving marines, he opened a bar in Rota, named "Kelly's" which closed in 1967. Please contact me at 14 Feb 08
I am looking for any Marines that was stationed in Pensacola, FL at Corry Field from January 1967 to August 1966, or at 2nd Radio Camp Geiger, NC from August 1966 to September 1970. I have lost touch with all my friends and would like to reunite. If you can help me you can contact me by e-mail. I am try to find Jerry Rainer, Dave Culligan, Mickey Dyer and Les Haines or from anyone who was there. Gerald Prescott, Jacksonville, FL 14 Feb 08
Platoon 225 - is there a 50th reunion this year for those who enlisted in March 1958? I want to say hi to my buddies. Contact me, Lloyd Black, at 12 Feb 08
I'm looking for fellow marines from plt 2089 com date 11/15/85 contact me at 11 Feb 08
My name is Mary D. Bell (leach) I am looking for information on two Platoons 11B Dec 1967 and 12B Jan 1968. I am looking for the Year Books for Platoon 11B, the platoon songs for both platoons, Address: Mary D. Leach, PO Box 1028, Van Buren, MO. 63965 6 Feb 08
I am looking for anyone that was with Golf 2/3/3, 68/69. The company CO. was Capt Hargrove. I was a Navy Corpsman with 3rd plt. My Plt Lt. was Lt. McCaan and Cpl Reusegger was second in command. Michael H. Schnur 6 Feb 08
I am looking for a book-pictures for my Dad, Al Churila. He was at Parris Island the summer of 59' July, Aug and Sept. He said there was a record of sorts of Platoon 335 made while he was there.. he had a copy but it was lost thru the years. It would really mean a lot if I can find a copy for him. not only for his own memories but he wanted to share it with my son Ryan, who is now a recruit at Parris Island. Please contact me if you know where I can find this. 5 Feb 08
I am looking for members of Platoon 1021 San Diego 1958/59. Please contact me if you would. Steve Cobb 1 Feb 08
I’m Charley Theodis Yancey, Msgt Ret, I’m looking for Gysgt Dale Ledbetter, we served together at Camp Elmore in the early 90’s please contact me at if you have any info on Dale 1 Feb 08
This is a notice for all Marines stationed at MCAS El Toro at any time. Apparently the chemicals used to degrease aircraft and aircraft parts is/was(?) known to be highly carcinogenic. Many Marines have has serious health issues due to this exposure, especially if you were in the MWSG-37 area. Go to for more information. PLEASE pass this on to all of your USMC friends. Semper Fi, Terry Whitford 29 Jan 08
my name is Gary gross. I am looking for anyone who served with mag 13 motor transport from 1968 -1969 I was the wrecker driver along with cpl Robert young. 29 Jan 08
Sean Ingram is looking for Marines that he graduated with @ MCRD Parris Island 29 September 1989 (Company M, Platoon 3072). He is also looking for anyone that has a copy of the Recruit Training Book for that Series. His was misplaced while changing duty stations. He is also looking for Marines that attended Marine Security Forces Training Battalion January 1990 to March 1990 at Mare Island. He can be reached at 25 Jan 08
Looking for anyone who was at Parris Island May-July 1969 , PLT 283, DI’s SSG Davis, SSG Okraska, SGT Chadwick. Need to know if you are still with us and would like to get together for a reunion. Mitchell Holmes, (361) 961-2606 ext 257 wrk (361) 548-5811 cell. (SEMPER FI) 25 Jan 08
Seeking to find missing classmates for reunion. USMC / Hawk, Pulse/BCC Class 23S20/4 – MOS 5911. Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Graduated July 1967. Missing Classmates; Charles “Charlie” Carter (AL), Mike “Chappy” Chappell (MS), Steve “the Hulk” Guthrie (TX). Classmate Norman A Klatt, died 9/07. Any info on these three please call. For reunion details contact Jack “Fat Jack” Robinson at 269-781-7849 Will be held July 4, 2008 in Chicago, IL. 18 Jan 08
James Paulus is looking for Harold Myles. Paris Island Platoon 3069 sometime around 1983. Any help would be appreciated. 17 Jan 08
Looking for members of platoon 121 1st Bat graduated June 1974. wanted pictures and service storys, staff Sgt was our senior DI. Thank you Robert Ryan 14 Jan 08
My name is John Henely. I am looking for anybody that served with VMA-513-Det-A or Vma-542. I was with 513 from late 1975, until May 25th, 1976 and then with VMA-542 from June-76 until my discharge on Oct. 3rd, 1977. 14 Jan 08
My name is Kerry Vincent. I am looking for guys from my platoon, Parris Island. In particular, I am attempting to locate, Brian Sult, Jason Sistrunk, and Ernest Rice. I can be reached at my police department e-mail or my home e-mail. Thanks for the assitance. Work 717-691-3301 ext 217 11 Jan 08
In 1961 we lived in Tarawa Terrace in Camp LeJune, N.C. My sister, Sarah, became pregnant by a young Marine named Pat (or Patrick) Huey. Of course my family took our family and moved, my father requested transfer. Why I am writing this is for my niece. She was born in 1962. She was a beautiful baby. She took our last name of Leitherland. My niece was eventually adopted by our parents and raised as our sister. In 1988, at the age of 25, she was killed in a car accident. She often wondered about her real father. The last 6 months of her life was spent living with me, my husband and our 3 children. If you know of a Pat Huey who was stationed in Camp LeJune in the early 60's, please let me know. We don't want anything from him. We just want to tell him what a beautiful daughter he had and that she wanted to know him. My email is 11 Jan 08
Looking for anyone in San Diego C & E Bn in the late 60's. 3rd Marine Wing, MAG 13 or 16 or merchandise/memorabilia. Looking for my dad. 7 Jan 08
Looking for herny castaneda who served in the maines with me (vincent flores) married a young lady named edna they are from southen california. We were station in southern california in the early 80's. 7 Jan 08
Parris Island Platoon 151 from 1962 is looking for our JDI, Sgt. W. H. Murphy, or any Marines from Plt 151. Contact me at 7 Jan 08
STEELE, James (Jim, Jimmy or Racko), 1958-1962, USMC. I'm looking for anyone who served with my father. It would be wonderful to get him in contact with any of his old friends that are still out there looking for the same. These were by far the best years of his life. Thanks, Beth Steele Radisek 7 Jan 08
I'm looking for anyone who served with my uncle Harvey Neal Bryant, the guys he served with in Vietnam called him Tex. He was stationed at 29 Palms and Camp Pendleton I believe and went to Vietnam in '67 or 68, I believe he made Lance Cpl. and was at Khe San and Hue City. He past away on Christmas Day this year of colon cancer and just wanted to see if anyone out there he served with would like to talk.Hre was 60 yrs old and I loved him dearly. Semper Fi Uncle Harvey. Randy 31 Dec 07
I am trying to locate someone I knew that was stationed at the El Toro Marine Corp Air Station. I last had contact with him in 1996-1997. His name is Calvin and his home state is in Oregon. I believe he was a helicopter maintenance person. We had mutual friends by the name of Lonnie and Molly. I am hoping their is someone out there that may can help even with the limited information I have or if someone knows of a website I could find to look through the list of units I have that I believe he may have been in that has names and/or photos I would really appreciate the information. 31 Dec 07
I am Sal Armenia, I was with 2nd Anglico FMFLANT from 1969-71, looking for Bobby Bennett, JC, or Budwieser. if anyone knows of them please have them email me at Also I graduated Parris Island in 1969 Ptl. 209, my S/Sgts were, Sr. Harvery, S/sgt Okraska, and Staff Sgt. Palmer if they are available to email me I would like to here from them, or anybody else who graduated with Platoon 209 1969. 28 Dec 07
Looking for anyone who was in Plt.535 Parris Island Oct/Dec 1952. also anyone from Comm Co 1st Div Korea 1954/1955. My name is Dick Barufaldi. 28 Dec 07
Searching for any members of "C BATTERY, 1ST LAAM BATTALION, 1ST AIR WING" who were in Da Nang, Vietnam, from June - October 1965. Or any members of "A Battery, 2nd LAAM Battalion, 3rd Marine Amphibious Force" who were in Chu Lai, Vietnam, from October 1965 - December 1965. We need to locate written records, documentation and/or testimonies that can verify reconassion missions and/or atrocities witnessed by members of either group to help my husband, Fred "Kraut" Heidenreich justify his PSTD claim with the VA. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Semper Fi, Brenda L. Heidenreich. 26 Dec 07
Looking for Marines who were in Plt 244, K Company Parris Island, July - September 1962 Sgt. James (Jim) Batey Anniston, Al. 26 Dec 07
Looking for Marines ( A J Lavigne.A J Rodriguez Jr,T F Switzer, P Ballew, and the Walls brothers GA Jr. and L D, ), to name a few I can remember who were in Platoon "2027" MCRD San Diego ( Boot camp commenced 28 March 1972). I later served at Camp Lejeune, and Cherry Point May 72 to Dec 73, can't remember to many names there. I served at MCAS Iwakuni H&S Dec 73 to Aug74, and remember Robert Baber, Robert Sendejas Jr and his wife Bea who lived in Guam prior to joining and probably retired there? And anyone who I might have served with at 29 Palms 175mm Gun Battery like Larry Bias of some small town in West Virginia from Aug.74 to Feb.75. Would enjoy hearing from anyone I might have served with even if I can't remember your name at the moment. Semper Fi, John R Haverkamp 17 Dec 07
Looking for former marine corps cooks of the 5th Marine Regiment 1/5, 2/5 and 3/5 1977 to 1980. Cpl Dennis Keller 17 Dec 07
I am Ken Cummings a WW2 Vet who served with the First Div. Seventh Marines, G Co. I know that there arent' many of us left but I can't seem to find anything about my old Company and their history. I served with the 7th Regiment, 2nd Bn, G Co on Guadalcanal 1942 and with A Co, 21st Marines at Guam till wars end. Can you help me? 10 Dec 07
Looking for former Marines that were in the 9th Marines on Guam and went to Shanghai, China in 1948 aboard the USS Bayfield (APA 33) to evacuate the U S Civilians from China during their Civil War. We left there march 30 1949 for the States and arrived at Moorhead City N. C. and Camp Lejeune, N.C. Bill Rigby Fort Mohave, Az. 10 Dec 07
Hi, i am robert reinke's daughter, he served in vietnam, he was a pfc marine. if anyone served with him and/or has pictures with him of him, i am trying to make a present for him. would like to hear from you. he was supposed to go to a reunion a year or 2 ago with some of his buddies but his new wife didn't really want him to go, if you guys are out there and still want to do it me and my mother will make sure he gets there this time, he needs it. thanks 4 Dec 07
Looking for any Marines who served from Aug. 1975 to Aug. 1979 Parris Island, South Carolina Graduating platoon 294 Nov.1975 Anyone who remembers David Berkowitz? 4 Dec 07
I'm looking for anyone form mcrd,Parris Island platoon 145 grad. Aug 1965 I'm Former Sgt.Jack Smith Our D.I.'s were SSgt Kirkley and who can forget Sgt Goodnight. I was with FLSG/Bravo in Chu Lai may 66 - jun 67 looking for anyone I served with there. I remember John Hanks, Crowley La. and Kenny Hugheskamp, Lima Oh. I was a P.M.I. back at Parris Island in summer of 1969. Looking to make contact with any I instructed or served with. Also looking for platoon book. Capt. Jack 29 Nov 07
I'm working on a scrapbook for my father who served in the USMC 1940-1946. I'm looking for anyone who may have served with him or had a relative that may have served with him. He is now 85 yrs. Below is what I've traced so far of his active duty. Thanks for any help that anyone may have. 9/1940 Parris Island 2nd Recruit Bn, 11/1940 Guantanamo Bay - Provisional Co "M"; 01/1941 Co. G, 2d Bn 1st Marines, 5/1941 - 6/1941 Detachment, New River, NC, 7/1941 Co. F, 2d BN, 5th Marines, June 1942 arrived in New Zealand. 8/7/42 Battle of Tulagi 9/14/42 - Battle of Edson Ridge, 9/26-28/42 First Battle of Matanikau River 10/7-11/42 Second Battle of Matanikau River, 10/31 -11/3/42 Third Battle of Matanikau River, 12/30/43-2/10/44 Cape Gloucester, New Britain Air-Strip #2, 3/6/44-3/15/44 - Talasea, 5/3/44 - Pavuvu, Russell Islands, 6/20/44- Arrived in San Francisco via USS ROCHAMBEAU. You may contact me at 28 Nov 07
Looking for Marine buddies that were in MCRD San Diego from Jan-April 1976, Platoon 2002 I'm pretty sure. Our Drill Instructor, Sgt. Gordon Poling, was court-maritaled for abusing recruits after we graduated & were put on legal hold. Also had D.I. by name of Knox (nice black guy). I went on to Intelligence School, Coronado Island, San Diego (Silver Strand), and then assigned to Division G2 at Camp Pendleton, CA, (Mainside), HqCoHqBn, 1st Mar Div & was there till discharge. Also looking for intel buddy, Craig Larsen, of Seattle, Wash, who was married to Trish while in intel school and then at Camp Pendleton. This is Larry Kelley in St. Petersburg, FL, Come on guys, I'm waiting to hear from any of you. 11-28-07 12pm. 28 Nov 07
Looking for anyone serving 1974 thru 1975 who remembers Jack Fisher (PFC, L/CPL, CPL). Walter Durant, Chuck Shannon to mention a few. 19 Nov 07
I am trying to put a scrapbook together for my father Lee Edward Thoney. Any information/stories/pictures of him would be very much appreciated. He served in 1970-71 he graduated from Pendleton California. If you have any information for me please email me at 19 Nov 07
Searching For Platoon 308 Parris Island Graduates of 1971. James Adams, George Hurt and Marcell Greco with Platoon 308, 1971 at Parris Island please contact me at 19 Nov 07
Kenneth E Hendry Aug 1961-1965, Looking for anyone that I was servied with MDPI Aug 1961 Plt 153 1st Blt. Base Motors New River Jan 1962/1963 3rd AnitTanks Camp Hanson Motor T 1963/1964, Base Motor 1964/Aug 1965. 19 Nov 07
Hello, I'm looking for any jarheads who served at Marine Barracks in Yokosuka, Japan during June of 1975 to September of 1977. I was a Sergeant when I transferred back to the world, my name is Max Loynaz (from Miami Florida). I'm looking for many of my friends from over there, to mention a few: Bob Kelly, Michael J. Arscott, William O. Tongate and many more others. Please email me at 13 Nov 07
Looking for Parris Island Platoon photos from 1961. Platoon 246 Thanks in advance. Dan 9 Nov 07
Hi, my name is Janet Stanley, I'm looking for anyone who served in Okinawa in 1962. I need information on my biological father. The only info that I have is that his name is jack (don't know last name) he was 19 yrs old in 1962. My mother never told him about me. My mothers name is Kiyoko Nakamura before she married. She lived in Chebana. She worked at the base. If anyone knows a man named Jack in 1962 in the Marines, Any info would be appreciated. My email is 8 Nov 07
I was at Parris Island in Platoon 3013 H company in 1986-87. It would be Awesome to hear from any of my fellow Jarheads. Thx again. Jeff Redifer. Currently living in Charlotte Nc, from Baltimore Md. 30 Oct 07
I am Garry Raymond, service # 2684200, looking for any buddies who were in bootcamp with me at MCRD San Diago, from Oct 1970 to Jan 1971, Plt 2149. Looking for my service mate Donald L Foster, who was from Kentucky, and with me through the whole ordeal, and graduation. Also,would love to hear from anyone who still has the Plt graduation picture. To all marines, and my service comrads, Semper Fi. 29 Oct 07
Looking for former Marines who served with me from 1976 -1980, in VMAQ-2 Detachment Yankee and X-Ray (Playboys), EA-6B. NAS Whidbey Island and Westpac on the CV-41, USS Midway. Branch of Service: United States Marines Corps Active Duty: April 05,1976 ? March 05, 1980, Highest Rank: Sergeant (E-5) MOS: 6013 (EA-6B Plane Captain). Significant Duty Stations: 1. MCRD, Parris Island, South Carolina (Platoon 233) 4/1976-6/1976, 2. NAS Millington, Tenn. (A-School, Jet Engine Mechanic) 7/1976-9/1976, 3. NAS Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, Washington (VMAQ-2 Det X and Y) 9/1976-3/1980 4. NAS Atsugi, Japan. 1979-1980, 5. USS Midway, CV-41 (WestPac) 1979-1980 Significant Awards: 1. Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, 2. Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, 3. Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon, 4. Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, 5. Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, 6. Marine Corps Expert Rifle Badge. VMAQ-2 DETACHMENT YANKEE 1979 - 1980, ***OVERSEA DATES, PLACES BEEN AND EVENTS*** 30TH June 1979 - Came to Japan, stated at N.A.F. Atsugi, Japan until 19 August 1979. 19th August 1979 - Boarded the USS Midway (CV-41), set sail on 20 August 1979 for Hong Kong. 31st August 1979 - Pulled into Quarry Bay, Hong Kong 2nd September 1979 - Vice President Mondale spoke onboard the USS Midway, while docked in Hong Kong. 4th September 1979 - Left Hong Kong and out to sea for the Philippines. Subic Bay, Olongapo 6th September 1979 - Pulled into the Philippines (First Time). 9th September 1979 - Out to sea heading back to Yokusha, Japan for the second time. 14th September 1979 - Pulled into Yokusha, Japan. 29th September 1979 Boarded the USS Midway, again. 30th September 1979 Out to sea. 8th October 1979 - Pulled into the Philippines for the second time. (Subic Bay, Olongapo). 10th October 1979 - Left the Philippines, heading for Perth, Australia. 14th October 1979 - WOG Day - Crossed the Equator. 20th October 1979 - Pulled into Perth, Australia. 25th October 1979 - Left Pert, Australia and out to sea heading for Mombassa, Kenya (Africa). 9th November 1979 - Pulled into Mombassa, Kenya. 13th November 1979 - Left Mombassa, Kenya for the Philippines (third time). Enroute to Japan. But due to the Iran Hostages conflict, we were delayed. 12th December 1979 - Still at sea for month straight, in the Arabian Sea, due to the hostages being held in Iran. 25th December 1979 - Christmas at sea (42 days, without liberty). 31st December 1979 - New Years Eve, 48 days at sea, still on the Midway. 1st January 1980 - At sea when a new decade starts, aboard the Midway. 13th January 1980 - 60 days at sea. 15th January 1980 - Dr. Martin Luther King Day on the Midway. 18th January 1980 - Still at sea and had a steel beach picnic. 28th January 1980 - 75 days at sea and took my separation physical, was found fit to get out. 2nd February 1980 - Finally left Gonzo Station? at 20:13, heading for the Philippines for the fourth time, after being at sea for 81 days. 13th February 1980 - Arrived in the Philippines, after 93 days at sea. (This was the longest time a carrier has been at sea at this time in history). 16th February 1980 - Departed P.I. via Japan. 29th February 1980 - Left Japan for the United States and arrived at NAS Whidbey Island. 5th March 1980 - Honorable Discharged (released) from the United States Marine Corps. R/S, Sgt. Hibbler, M.N. USMC 22 Oct 07
My name is (former) Sgt. Ron Parent and I graduated from boot camp on Parris Island in September 1965 with Platoon 246. Would like to hear from anyone who graduated with that Platoon including the DI's who were Sgt. FX Muldowney, Sgt. MP Martin and Sgt. SR Michaux. Also served in RVN with 5th Comm. Bn., Comm. Spt. Co., Radio Plt. from April 1966 to December 1967. Would like to hear from anybody who was there also. 18 Oct 07
My name is Don Hutchinson. I served in the USMC from Mar65 - Nov71. My serial number was 2141530. I served with the following units: Plt 320 Parris Island - Apr - Jul 65, 2nd ITR, Camp Geiger, NC, DCo and BCo 1/8 - Sep65 - Aug66, Staging Bn, Camp Pendleton - Sep66 USNS Gen Barrett - Oct66, 1stMarDiv HQ - Oct66 -Jan68. 2nd CAG, III MAF - Jan68 - Jan69 HQMC - Feb69 -Nov71. If you served during this time or with any of these units my e-mail is 18 Oct 07
I am looking for Marines who graduated from platoon 3035 MCRD Parris Island SC,1986, contact me at 18 Oct 07
Trying to find anyone who went through boot Camp in Platoon # 78, Parris Island in 1947. I was also with the 9th Marines, Co. B on Guam, Saipan and North China during the Civilian evacuation from Shanghai, China in 1948-49. Semper Fi, Bill Rigby, Fort Mohave, 18 Oct 07
I'm trying to obtain some service information and/or communicate with someone who may have served with a marine who fought in the Pacific in WWI. His name is Andrew H. Williams. I'm doing this as a favor for his wife (Erma) and family. What I know. Andy grew up in Detroit Michigan and later lived in East Detroit (now known as Eastpointe). He was born on August 1, 1920. Not sure where he went to boot camp but was assigned to the 1st Marine Division. Andy fought on Pelieu and Okinawa He was wounded on Okinawa. He was a corporal and used a BAR. Any advice or direction is appreciated. Regards, Wayne Somers, Rochester Hills, MI 12 Oct 07
My name is LCpl Tracy Diffin. I was at Chu Lai, in January 1968 to February 1969. My MOS was 7051 (Crash Crew- Fire & Rescue), and I'm interested in locating any Marines that were in MAG12 or MAG 13 at that time. Some names that stick out for me. Sgt Andy Anderson, Cpl Roy Roach, Pfc Grady Ogle, Kibidean, Parfait, Donnelly. Any contact/news with these guys or any others from MAG 12/13 is much appreciated and looked forward to. I can be reached either through email or you can call me directly on home phone: 585-708-4041. 12 Oct 07
Looking for Marines that were in Pt.383 San Diego MCRD in 1953. I am Don Harder of New Orleans Contact me at 5 Oct 07
I would like to place an Ad on the Semper Fi Lost Buddies webpage on behalf of my future father in law. My fiancee and I are in the process of creating a commemorative album for him and would like to get in touch with some of his old buddies for more information ... we have submitted the paperwork for his DD214, but until we get it, we are missing a lot of information! Here is what I have so far: Looking for USMC Korean War Veterans who served with Austin Rich Jr. of Garland, NC. Friends may have known him as "Junior." Graduated Parris Island in 1951, discharged at Camp Lejune, NC in 1954. We are looking for any information or stories about his graduating platoon and service in Korea. Pictures of either would be greatly appreciated! Please contact me at 3 Oct 07
Where are you? I am looking for Winston Harris a PI graduate of platoon 308 in 1971. Contact me at 2 Oct 07
I am looking for persons who served in the Marine Corps Platoon 292 out of San Diego California in Nov., Dec. and Jan. of 1961. Would like to hear from you. Trying to locate an individual who was sent ot Sea School after ITR from Platoon 292. Please contact Al at 2 Oct 07
My name is Jerry Blaine and I am seeking former recruits from San Diego Plt. 1051 began April 1972, and field artillery men serving in Quantico, VA in 1972-1974 and Marine Barracks in Morocco Africa 1974-1975. 28 Sep 07
Marine, medical discharge, looking for buddies who graduated from Platoon 1060, in 67 USMCRD San Diego. 28 Sep 07
Finding "old" Marine buddies from Plt. 74 at Parris Island in 1949. Camp Lejeune track team of 1950. Plt.'s 339, 450 & 519 at Parris Island in 1952 where I was Sr. D. I. Also anyone from A-1-1-1 Korea 1950-51. 28 Sep 07
I'm Jess Stanley, and I'm looking for my dad. In 1988, my mom met up with him and 9 months later I came along. She said he called himself a "Memphis Marine and a Tennessee Thoroughbred"? I can't remember. He was stationed in memphis and then in Yuma. She can't remember his name, but she said he is 6'2 with black hair and blue eyes. Apparently he was just divorcing and has 2 kids. 24 Sep 07
My name is Arthur Gaucher. I am a wwii Marine. served in Iceland and the Pacific. Went to Japan with the 5th Div. I would like to exchange emails with other wwii Marines Women Marines are welcome. I am now 82 years old 24 Sep 07
87-89- anyone from MCSF Co. NSB Bangor, Silverdale, Wa. who has a cruise book put out in 89-90. 89-90 - any one from Echo 2/5 89-90. 86-87 SSGT. Nutt from ITS, camp Pendleton, Ca.(I was the house mouse) 24 Sep 07
Hi, I'm looking for boot camp buddies of my dad's he is just now using the internet. he was in Parris island sc graduated April 1957 Platoon #44 2nd battalion. his drill sargents were WA Bennett, RJ Witlock and Corporal RK Sowinski. He is very fond of those days and would love to catch up with some old friends. My dad's name is Robert (BOB) Gilbride. Thanks, Linda Reichheld 24 Sep 07
My name is Robert Reed. I'm looking for anyone that graduated from PLT 287 at PI in Nov 1972; I was "Honor Man". Also looking for anyone stationed in Albany, GA (MOJOs) 1972-1973. 19 Sep 07
My name is Louie W Goodner Jr,service # 2525163. I entered P.I.,S.C. on 15 May 1969 and graduated on or about 04 July 1969. I'm Trying to find out who my D.I.s were and trying to find out how to obtain/purchase a Plt book or Recruit Training Series book. I was in Plt 373,I Co, 3rd Battalion. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. 19 Sep 07
Former Marine looking for Marines who graduated from Plt 320 at PISC in Jun65. Also looking for any Marines assigned to Delta Co. 1/8 during the Sep 65 - Sep 66 period. 12 Sep 07
I am looking for a man with the last name of Falk for my father, my father can't remember his first name because he suffered a stroke several years ago, Falk was drafted and stationed at MCAS El Toro , 1952-1953 with the VMIT 10 Unit. My dads name is James Daschke and went by the nickname Ski. How can I get a list of Marines that were stationed at El Toro during those years? Thank you, Margaret Thurman 5 Sep 07
Former Marine looking for old friends who were either with Plt 150 at PI or those who served in B-1-6 in the early 60's. We are having a reunion and trying to locate as many as possible. Email 27 Aug 07
I am looking for a friend CPL Mark A Ross. aka Bostos. We served together at Detached Guard Co. Marine Barracks Philippines. 1975-1976. We both went to Camp Pendleton and he was stationed at the Brig. 1976-1977 He is from the Sacramento area, and was a prison guard for awhile. If you know of him please have him contact Sgt James Young at 27 Aug 07
My name is Raymond Cuvilje. I am looking for anyone who graduated with me in Plt.1011 Parris Island in Feb.1974 including the drill instructors. You can contact me at 25 Aug 07
Looking for Marine buddies who were in Da Nang with 1st LAAM BN. H&S battery from 1964-1965( R.Tobias, S. Robards, Kindlespire, Evans. Riley and anyone else who was there during those years. It's time for a reunion! 25 Aug 07
Looking for anyone who served with motor transport H&S co. 3/27 marines 1968. Or any one who transfered from 13th motor transport, transport co. Feel free to call me 310-410-8856 or e-mail 21 Aug 07
My name is Bill Nottage and I am trying to locate Mike Liston? Last outfit we served in was VMF 122 Beaufort SC. He re-uped in 03/59 or somewhere around that time. I left the Corps in o4/59. Started to think of old times and his name came up.Just want to say hello and find out how everything is going. Semper Fi. 21 Aug 07
I am looking for anyone who serviced with me. Graduated Plt. 1009 1Bn MCRD Parris Island Sept 1967. Vietnam March 1968 HqBn 3rd Mar. Div Service Co. Motor Pool, 'til Oct. '68 Then Dong Ha. Worked with Div Embarkation 'til Oct 1969. Spent time shuttling between Dong Ha ramp and Cua Viet. Served as Drill Instructor with I Co. 3rd Bn Parris Island from Feb 1970 to Sept 1972. Name is Pablo Pinel but was always called Paul. 11 Aug 07
Oscar F. Borboa is looking for Marines from 1968 with the MCRD San Diego Plt. 1034. We will be meeting in Phoenix, AZ on November 10-12, 2007. Please contact Oscar at (623) 935-4062. 11 Aug 07
I would like to hear from anyone involved with the Advance Party involved with the move of Marines (3rd. Tank Battalion) from Japan to Okinawa in mid-1957. I was one of several motor transport drivers who made multiple hauls from White Beach to Camp Hansen for 24 hours prior to being hit by typhoon which leveled what was then Camp Hansen. For days we ate ice cream (no electricity to keep) and for weeks wore any clothing you could find...a real casual company! I'm Dave Edwards at 11 Aug 07
I am looking for my dear friend Robert Hanson, USMC. Robert was a USMC Sgt/Recruiter in Chicago (1990). He then went on to become a Drill Sergeant (1995). Robert is originally from Chicago, IL born in 1961. Last known - Robert is married with three children. I would truly appreciate any information on where to find him! 4 Aug 07
Looking to hear from any graduates of 1stBn, Series 1041, Platoon 1041-A MCRD, San Diego (graduated August 1977), or Hotel Company, TBS Class 10-81 - Michael "Major Pain" Parlor. 4 Aug 07
I am Gertier (skip) Skelton Plt 3033 08/69-10/69 PISC I got out 10/74.Discharged Sgt MOS 1371 kbay hi,Pearl harbor Marine Barracks for 4.6 yrs any one served with me or in boot camp with me email me or 205-750-0907 1 Aug 07
i am trying to locate capt mark felske he was stationed at fort custer battle creek mich in a bridge brigade of which he was a c.o. and capt at that time he was in his early twenties at that time, he has a brother who lives in tiffin ohio. i am an old neighbor and marine buddy of his. his time at fort custer was around the late 70"S please help me find mark as i am getting up in years and would like to see him again, paul 1 Aug 07
I am a former Marine, Bernie R. Randolph SS#1904617, I graduated from Parris Island, SC June, 1960 from Plt. 222. DI's Were AS Sgt J.H. Shelton, AS Sgt. W.S.Laban, and ASgt. J.V. Larkin. What I'm interested in is hearing from anyone who was in this plt at that time. I also went to Camp Geiger after graduation, then on to H&S, 3/6 for 2 inputs. Was in supply and then 81's. My last year in the Corps I was station at Marine Barracks, North Severn Station, Annapolis as a Marine Guard. This is close to the Naval Academy. Some time during my Camp Jejune stay we were deployed to the Med. were we were part of the making of the film "The Longest Day" We were there on the Navy Ship "APA-44, USS Fremont" Anyone who was there also I would like to hear from. email is 19 Jul 07
Looking for Kyle C. Kennedy who served with MCC-1, MWHS-1 Det, Iwakuni back in 1989 and 1990. He was a LCpl at the time, may be a CWO at this time. Please contact Tim McCarthy. 19 Jul 07
I was a member of MARDET, stationed aboard the aircraft USS MIDWAY from 1953 until the ship went out of commission at Bremerton, Washington in late 1955. I am searching for former members of this Marine Detachment. Please contact Doug Sykes at 423-586-7870 or 19 Jul 07
I'm looking for someone who served with or knew Kenneth (Kenny) Barton Hanson 2nd Marine Division, 6th Regiment 2nd Battalion in Tinian, Saipan, or Tarawa. 6 Jul 07
Searching for a Veteran stationed at Camp Fuji Japan during the summer of 1973, and was known as Junor. Junior was approximately 19 years old and his hometown is Missouri. If anyone knows of him, please contact me at 6 Jul 07
Looking for anyone who served with Paul Black in Company "C", 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion (3rd Marine Division, 12th Marine Regiment) in World War II. He was on Guam and Iwo Jima. He died in 1976, and his family is interested in finding out any details of his service, his company's actions, or any personal remembrances of him by those who served with him. Please e-mail Randy at 6 Jul 07
Robert Quinn USMC MCRD PI PLT. 112 Jan. 58 I would like to hear from Marines I served with,and or DIs that trained me to say thanks to all they all helped me still feel proud of my Corps days. Posted 17 Dec 04

If you are Active Duty, Veteran, or a Family Member you may call the Marine Locator Service at (703) 784-3942 /43/44/45. You should have an SSN, Date of Birth, and an MOS if possible. Non-veterans or non-family members can send written request to the address below with a payment of $3.50 made payable to the U.S. Treasury. This service is for locating Active Duty Personnel ONLY. If your trying to locate a retired or discharged Marine they will only be able to give you a discharge date.

Commandant of the Marine Corps
HQMC, Code MMSB-10
2008 Elliot Rd, Suite 201
Quantico, Virginia 22134-5030


Service Records for DISCHARGED Marines can be requested by a family member free of charge from:

National Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Blvd, Room 5007
St Louis, Mo 63132-5295

Provide them as much information about the service member as possible, rank, ssn, mos, ect., and what information you are looking for.


KIA and Active Duty burial locations may be requested from the USMC Casualty Section at this address:

Commandant of the Marine Corps
Code MHP-10
HQMC, 2 Navy Annex
Washington, D.C. 20380

Arlington Burial Requirements


Missing Person Internet Locator

Yahoo People Search

WhoWhere Search

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