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Established 13 Jan 1996 while stationed at Camp Pendleton, Ca!


This is a very extensive listing of known Marine Organizations/Associations.

[*]About the Author

Information about the creator of this web site and his career in the Corps.

[*]Sea Stories

These are Sea Stories, and Folk Lore of the Corps. Featuring the works of Major Gene Duncan USMC (ret), author of "Green Side Out", "Brown Side Out" and many others. All stories are credited to their originator when known.

[*]Leatherneck Laughs

These are cartoons and drawings from the works of Jim Darnell that remind us of the times that made us laugh.

[*]Lost Buddies

This is where those who have lost contact with Brothers in Arms may seek to find one another. Includes Awesome new locator service, and how to locate Burial Sites, Service Records and the USMC Active Duty locator. Updated on Weekends.

[*]Honor Roll

This is a listing by conflict, of all "Medal of Honor" recipients.


This is where our fallen comrades may be remembered by those who still await the final roll call. Updated Daily

[*]The Wall

This is a listing by year of all KIA's during the Vietnam "War."

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