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The Official site of the Cherokee Nation.

The Cherokee National Historical Society is an excellent starting point for Cherokee information on the web.

The Red Nation of the Cherokee site. This site has a wonderful links section, with a lot of sites that can probably answer your questions.

The Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee, North Carolina, I especially like their FAQ page. Their Gift Shop has some books and other items available.

This page, entitled History of the Cherokee—White Indian's Homepage, has a wonderful links list which I highly recommend for anyone looking for specific information about Cherokees as well as other Native topics.

Rick Uwasgadoga's page with lots of great info. This site has grown and is just awesome the last time I looked, I especially like his CWY links, if you are looking for more info, definitely check it out.

Updated! The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma, which I highly recommend. They also list their telephone number, and are friendly enough to answer some questions.

The Cherokee Observer, as they put it they are “The Only Independent Cherokee Newspaper” and “The Original On-line Independent Cherokee Newspaper.”

All Things Cherokee, a site maintained by Christina Berry with a lot of interesting information. Her biography indicates an interesting person with a desire to share information, kinda like myself. Her Tlameha site on beadwork is quite nice too.

The home page of William Pulte the editor of the Cherokee English Dictionary, compiled by Durbin Feeling, and the co-author of the Outline of Cherokee Grammar also with Durbin Feeling.

The Cherokee Archival Project is "a group of people who are interested in locating and preserving documents pertaining to Cherokee Tribal history and genealogy."

Another cool Cherokee Language page, part of a larger Native Languages of the Americas site.

Cherokee Cousins, in Georgia, maintains a commercial Cherokee genealogy site that offers a long list of books specific to Cherokee studies, including language, culture and genealogy for sale.

Another commercial site, at Native Americans Genealogical Research and Publishing Company. A very cool site with lots of stuff.

At 101language.com you'll find language courses, a video course in Cherokee basket making and even some PC software to help with learning Cherokee.

Joe LoCicero's, freeware Cherokee Font for IBM and Mac, and a nice pronounciation table. Overall great site.

Here is a computerized Cherokee language tutorial, all done with web pages. Just the basics here, good place to start.

Soft Cherokee Winds, a wonderfully crafted, and very artistic site devoted to Ani-Yunwiya. Lots of great links.

Back to the Blanket, a Cherokee/Native American Journal in its fifth year, DayStar is the editor.

Tsalagi Woman's Place by Bryn (Blackwell) Hautamaki, I think....Interesting site.

The Native American Support Group of New York City site. Maintained by Graywolf (Western band Cherokee) and Jesse Cooday (Tlingit).

General Native American Sites   §   Cherokee Sites   §   Search Engines

The University of San Diego Native American Website is loaded with information, especially about San Diego county.

A Great list of sites dealing with Translation of Native American Language at NBCi.com.

NativeNet's Site dealing with Indigenous Peoples of the world and is the site affiliated with Native-L mailing list.

Native Web's provides resources for indigenous cultures around the world.
The Resources for Endangered Languages page, with an emphasis on Native American languages. Pretty cool site, lots of information.

Native American Language Resources list. Languages listed alphabetically.

The Circle Native American arts and culture. a monthly newspaper covering issues concerning American Indians.

Shea Grimm's Native Place page. She includes a list of Native American Newspapers, Journals, and other publications.

Native American Indian PlentyStuff, strange but very accurate name, great links and lots of them.

Phil Konstantin maintains this excellent site with a great links page..

The a1 intra NA Indian Websites + is full of wonderful links, in alphabetical order even.

The Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource group has a informative site on Costanoan/Ohlone indigenous people, scroll down to the 'Enter' link. They are located in the San Francisco area of California. (link updated on 2/24/02)

The “Sioux Heritage” site. A rich site, entrancing and very informative.

Here is an wonderful link to a really well done resource page of Beadwork!, that continues to grow, and contains links for Native American Style beadwork. WOW

Check out Irene's fingerweaving page, I used to have a friend that made similar items, Great stuff!

John and Sharen Sun Eagle live on the Mattaponi Indian Reservation in Virginia and have a sponsoring program to help children and Families in their area and on Pine Ridge, they are at http://www.spirit-rising.org.

The Four Corners Postcard, maintained by Mike and Sheilah Smith, is an excellent resource for information and links.

Pow Wow Dancing. An important web site for anyone interested in Pow Wows. If you are asking "What is a Pow Wow?" you need to check out this link. It is very well done. A lot of great links are there as well.

Brenda has a nice compilation of “Native American Wisdom” (from the book of the same title) put together at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/wisdom.htm. If you don't want the book, this site can give you a taste with the quotes she has put together.

Traditional Subjects is an ongoing photo documentary of Native American dancers, artists, elders and other keepers of tradition.
Photographs by James Cook

Here is a wonderful art page by Mishibinijima (aka James A. Simon). His paintings tell legends from his culture. They are also quite beautiful.

Past New England Native American events can be found on this AOL link. The owner has moved out of the New England area, but there is still some great info here.

Seva Foundation

The Seva Foundation is involved in many programs of “Compassion in Action,” including a program aimed at helping the American Indian community at large with the problem of Diabetes.

The link to Smoke Signal Broadcasting seems to be gone. Sorry, I have no idea where they went.

Search Engines   §   Cherokee Sites   §   General Native American Sites

A Great list of sites dealing with Translation of Native American Language at NBCi.com.

Yahoo list of Native American sites on the web.

Alta Vista's categorical breakdown for Indigenous World Cultures.


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