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In Association with Amazon.com    I noticed that people seem to really like some of the Music CDs available through Amazon.com, and wanted to offer a quicker way for you to find some good Native and Indigenous music selections there. I will probably add DVDs too, so stay tuned.
   I cannot vouch for the quality of most of the CDs listed, nor their authenticity. I recommend reading the comments on each, listening to the samples, and making up your own mind.
   If you are really interested in some traditional or pow wow music, your best bet is to go to a pow wow. Ask around the colleges in your local area and see what you can hunt up. There are some good sites online for pow wow schedules, and I will add links to them soon.

So, here we go with the CDs;

   Mahk Jchi
   by Ulali
   An awesome group, beautiful sound.
   ASIN: B00004LMDN

cover Powwow Songs: Music Of The Plains Indians
ASIN: B0000030G9
cover Ghost Dance
by Bill Miller
ASIN: B00004SU8M
cover Pray [HDCD]
by Douglas Spotted Eagle
ASIN: B000006NPS
cover Sacred Path: Healing Songs Vol. 6
by Primeaux and Mike
ASIN: B00000137V
cover Walela
includes Amazing Grace in Cherokee
cover Authentic Native American Music
ASIN: B000001V9R
cover Tribal Songs Of The American Indian
ASIN: B000000L31
cover Music For The Native Americans
by Robbie Robertson
ASIN: B000002TOC
cover Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy
by Robbie Robertson
ASIN: B00000634T
cover Makoce Wakan
by Red Thunder
ASIN: B000001SM4
cover Sacred Spirit: Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans
ASIN: B000009CIO
cover Heartbeat: Voices Of First Nations Women
ASIN: B000001DKR
cover Weaving The Strands
Music By Contemporary Native American Women
ASIN: B00000DI3J
cover Voices of Forgotten Worlds
Awesome! Comes with a book.
ASIN: B0000059T2
cover Freedom Chants From The Roof Of The World
ASIN: B0000009UB
cover Tibetan Tantric Choir
ASIN: B000000NIB

cover American Warriors: Songs For Indian Veterans
ASIN: B0000009QV
cover Lakota Pipe And Ceremonial Songs
from Wahancanka
cover Honor The Earth Powwow
Songs Of the Great Lakes Indians
ASIN: B0000009O4
cover Red Wind
by R. Carlos Nakai
ASIN: B000007N5M
cover Feather, Stone & Light
by R. Carlos Nakai
ASIN: B00000138F
cover Kokopelli's Cafe
by R. Carlos Nakai
ASIN: B00000138J
cover Carry The Gift
by R. Carlos Nakai
ASIN: B000001385
cover Big Medicine
by R. Carlos Nakai
ASIN: B00000AEH0
cover Island Of Bows
by R. Carlos Nakai
ASIN: B00000138R
cover Loving Ways
by A. Paul Ortega and Joanne Shenandoah
ASIN: B00000136L
cover Colors Of My Heart
by Sharon Burch
cover Smoke Signals: soundtrack
ASIN: B000007Q6L
cover I Am Walking: New Native Music
ASIN: B000005P6A
cover A Native American Odyssey: Inuit To Inca
cover Peru: Music of the Indigenous Cuzco Indians
ASIN: B000003I3Z
cover Around The World (For A Song)
ASIN: B0000009MI

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