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Here is a of various articles and books concerning both Cherokee issues and general Native American issues, sent to me by Stephen W. Russell.

Other Online Sources
At you'll find language courses, a video course in Cherokee basket making and even some PC software to help with learning Cherokee.
, freeware Cherokee Font for IBM and Mac, and a nice pronounciation table. Overall great site.

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Or, over to the Lexicon to look up a word.

    Here I have some brief information on various books dealing with the Cherokee and other Native American Tribes. Don't forget to check out the online bookstores, such as Amazon.com, bn.com (barnes and noble), Borders.com etc. Many of these commercial sites have a wide selection of books with Cherokee subject matter. I would suggest shopping around for the best prices.
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Also try
Cherokee Publications in
Cherokee, NC 28719
phone: 828.488.8856 fax: 828.488.6934
This resource contributed by Blackwolf.

If you are looking for any other languages, start at the or go straight to their , which contains a catalogue of language learning materials.

If you are interested in the Lakota language, I found a great lexicon at the

   When possible, I have included a brief synopsis, or my opinion of a book. However, I have not limited this list only to books I have read myself. I will note each entry appropriately.

   If you have something to contribute, please email it to me, include whatever information you think is vital, plus of course the author and title. If you know the ISBN, that would be helpful for some folx. If you have something to say about the book, I will credit it to you, unless you tell me not to. So let me know if you prefer to stay anonymous.

   For now, there is no particular order to this list, except that the dictionaries are at the top. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. To help make up for that, some of the titles are now direct links to that book on Amazon.com. Many of the prices are discounted there, have a look.
   Thanx in advance for any help with this resource list.

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Easy to Use Cherokee Dictionary
by Prentice Robinson
pub. Cherokee Language and Culture
ISBN: not given

Cherokee English Dictionary
by Durbin Felings
pub. Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
ISBN: not given
Printed by Heritage Printing in Talequah, OK

cover Beginning Cherokee
by Ruth Bradley Holmes and Betty Sharp Smith
pub. University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 0-8061-1463-0

Cherokee Words With Pictures
by Mary Ulmer Chiltoskey
pub. Not Given
ISBN 9998290864
Library of Congress card catalog number 72-76716

How to Talk Trash in Cherokee
Cherokee by John Oocumma
English by Don Grooms
pub. Downhome Publishing Company
ISBN Not Given

Aunt Mary, Tell Me a Story : A Collection of Cherokee Legends & Tales
by Mary R. Galloway, and Mary U. Chiltoskey
Illustrated by John B. Galloway
ISBN 0962863009

Here is a list of titles published by
Cherokee Publications
P.O. Box 430
Cherokee, NC 28719
(704) 488-8856

Seven Clans of the Cherokee Society
by Marcelina Reed
ISBN 0-935741-17-8.

The Cherokee Past and Present
by J. Ed. Sharpe
ISBN 0-935741-04-6.

Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears adapted by Thomas Bryan Underwood,
ISBN 0-935741-00-3.

Story of the Cherokee People
by Tom B. Underwood


Cherokee Connections: An introduction to genealogical sources pertaining to Cherokee ancestors
by Myra Vanderpool Gormley
ISBN 1-886952-55-3
Published by Family Historian Books
404 Tule Lake Road
Tacoma WA 98444-1952
Phone: 1-800-535-0118 and 206-535-0108

The Cherokees, a Critical Bibliography
by Raymond D. Fogelson
ISBN 0253313465
Call # z1210.c46 f64

I have not read this book.

cover Mankiller : A Chief and Her People
by Wilma Pearl Mankiller, 1945- with Michael Wallis
ISBN 0312098685
Call # e99.c5 m335 1993

I have not read this book. But I am going to be Very soon. I hear that it is a wonderful biography.


cover Walking the Trail: One Man's Journey Along the Trail of Cherokee Tears
by Jerry Ellis
ISBN 038530448x
Call # e99.c5 e484 1991

A very good book about Jerry Ellis' walking journey along the Trail of Tears. This book is written in an easy to read narrative style, with humor, insight and touching emotion. I highly recommend it. There are maps on the lining papers.

Cherokee Sunset : A Nation Betrayed
by Samuel Carter III
ISBN: 0385067356.

“I thought it was a pretty good account of history, much better than what I ever learned in school.” Says Linda, who sent me this source.


Sent to me by Keith Townson.....

Cherokee Roots, Volume 1: Eastern...
by Bob Blankenship
ISBN 0-9633774-1-8

Cherokee Roots, Volume 2: Western...
by Bob Blankenship
ISBN 0-9633774-2-6

Cherokee Roots, vol. I & II (Set)
ISBN 0-9633774-0-X

These next five books go together, and though they aren't specific to Cherokees, I highly recommend them for their beauty and their information. They are published by Chronicle Books in San Francisco, CA.

coverThe Spirit of Native America: Beauty and Mysticism in American Indian Art
by Anna Lee Walters
ISBN 0-87701-515-5

coverDancing Colors: Paths of Native American Women
ISBN 0-8118-0165-9

cover Becoming Brave: The Path to Native American Manhood
Laine Thom (compiler)
ISBN 0-8118-0163-2

coverDolls and Toys of Native America; A Journey Through Childhood
ISBN 0-8118-0570-0

coverIn the Spirit of Mother Earth : Nature in Native American Art
ISbn 0-8118-0501-8

These five books are very beautifully put together, they are visually stunning. I recommend them especially for teachers as a resource for the classroom.


cover And Still the Waters Run
by Angie DeBebo
ISBN 0691005788

coverFire and the Spirits: Cherokee Law from Clan to Court
by Richard Strickland
ISBN 0806116196

coverTrail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation
by John Ehle
ISBN 0385239548

Sent to me by Ann "Sky Eyes" Monken who has a large personal library (in my terms) and has been doing tribal research for 15+ years.

James Mooney's History, Myths and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee
by James Mooney
ISBN 0914875191

Recommended by Joey Burgess who picked it up at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee, NC.


These next 5 books were sent to me by Red Otter, the comments are hers.

How Rabbit Tricked Otter (and other Cherokee Trickster Stories)
by Gayle Ross; Illustrated by Murv Jacob.
ISBN 0060212853

This is an excellent book for teachers and all storytellers. The illustrations are beautiful and fit the stories wonderfully.

cover The Cherokee People
by Thomas E. Mails
ISBN 1569247625

This book is chock full of the history of the Cherokee from the very earliest times. I have yet to read completely throught the book but have found what I have read to be very interesting. This is a book that is really a resource book and not the type to just sit and read. I use it a lot just to compare things I read in other books.

coverMyths of the Cherokee
by James Mooney
ISBN 0486289079

This is more than just a book of legends and myths of the Cherokee people, but also gives a lot of history regarding these stories and the Cherokee people.

coverLiving Stories of the Cherokee
collected and edited by Barbara R. Duncan
ISBN 0807847194

Ms. Duncan has done an outstanding job of collecting these stories from some members of the Eastern Band of Cherokees. Included with the stories are brief profiles of the storytellers and most importantly, Ms. Duncan has given a voice to Cherokee story tellers to keep our stories and culture alive.

coverWalking on the Wind : Cherokee Teachings for Healing Through Harmony and Balance
by J.T. Garrett and Michael Garrett
ISBN 1879181495

coverMedicine of the Cherokee (Way of Right Relationship)
by J.T. Garrett and Michael Garrett
ISBN 1879181371

This is the best book [Red Otter has] found giving meaning to the Medicine Wheel (Circle of Life) from a Cherokee perspective.

This is the last of the 5 contributed by Red Otter, note I have received feedback from a surfer pointing out to others that the Medicine Wheel is not usually considered a traditional Cherokee element.

These next books are not specific to the Cherokee people, but they are books I value having in my collection. Each has interesting stories to tell and thoughts to share. Each also has stunning photography, indeed some of them are vehicles for this photography, with only a bit of supporting text. All of them are well done and enjoyable. They are in no particular order, other then where they fell when stacked in my lap.

coverStrong Hearts : Native American Visions and Voices
ISBN 0893816108
an Aperture publication
ISSN 0003-6420

American Indians: The Lost Field Notes Franklin R. Johston
ISBN 1885440057

Native Americans in Early Photographs
by Tom Robotham
ISBN 1571450084

Edward S. Curtis (American Art)
by Barry Pritzker
ISBN 0517069814

coverWisdom's Daughters : Conversations With Women Elders of Native America
by Steve Wall
ISBN 0060925612

coverHonor Dance : Native American Photographs
by John Running
ISBN 874172772

I enjoy creating beadwork pieces, both for myself and as gifts, the following books are great references for technique and design.

coverThe Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork
by Joel Monture
ISBN 0020664303

coverIndian Bead Weaving Patterns
by Horace R. Goodhue
ISBN 0961350318

cover Indian Designs for Jewelry and Other Arts and Crafts
by Connie Asch
ISBN 0918080258

North American Indian Design Coloring Book
Rendered for coloring by Paul E. Kennedy
ISBN 0486211258

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You can find a longer list at which includes some comments about a few books I don't have, and some further references for digital and audio resources.

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