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The Cherokee
created by Sequoia aka George Guess, and approved by the Cherokee chiefs in 1820.

Other Online Sources
At you'll find language courses, a video course in Cherokee basket making and even some PC software to help with learning Cherokee.
, freeware Cherokee Font for IBM and Mac, and a nice pronounciation table. Overall great site.
Here is a , all done with web pages. Just the basics here, good place to start.

Cherokee Dialects:
(Eastern) Not as common, NC

(Middle) Western NC

Atali or Overhill
(Western) Oklahoma

Dialect Differences:
The sound ts is sometimes replaced by dl in the Kituwah dialect.
In addition to these syllable changes, some words are completely different due to local language changes.

The Cherokee Heritage Center can be reached at 918-456-6007. They have a museum facility, with village reconstructions (ancient and modern) and a gift shop. They will send a packet of information about genealogical searches if you call them.
Or try the . They are located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.
Another locale of interest is Cherokee, NC.

   According to Prentice Robinson, in his Easy to Use Cherokee Dictionary;

The Cherokee language is a branch of the Iroquoian language, as are several other languages. Included in these are the Mohawk, Oneida, Seneca, Cayuga and the one added later the Tuscaroar. To [his] knowledge, none of these tribes can converse with each other in their native tongue. There are related words that are similar in root base.
Mr. Robinson goes on to give comparisons of Mohawk and Cherokee words, and then a breakdown of the two major dialects, Overhill and Kituwah. He notes what he has experienced to be the most noticable differences between the dialects, which I paraphrase in the sidebar. To demonstrate his observations, he provides comparative word listings from the different dialects.

   I have used the different dictionaries I own to create the available on this site. If you are trying to find a word, and can't find it there, please send your questions to me at .
   I will try my best to help, but please be patient, as I don't always get a chance to respond quickly. For more complicated requests, I suggest contacting the Cherokee Language and Culture Center at 4185 East 48th Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74135-4739.

   See the list of dictionaries below for more information.

Don't forget to check out the online bookstores, such as Amazon.com, BooksNow.com, bn.com (barnes and noble), Borders.com etc. Many of them have a wide selection of books with Cherokee subject matter. I would suggest shopping around for the best prices.

Easy to Use Cherokee Dictionary
  by Prentice Robinson
  pub. Cherokee Language and Culture
  ISBN: not given

Cherokee English Dictionary
  by Durbin Felings
  pub. Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
  ISBN: not given
  Printed by Heritage Printing in Talequah, OK

Beginning Cherokee
  by Ruth Bradley Holmes and Betty Sharp Smith
  pub. University of Oklahoma Press
  ISBN: 0-8061-1463-0

Cherokee Words With Pictures
  by Mary Ulmer Chiltoskey
  pub. Not Given
  ISBN 9998290864
  Library of Congress card catalog number 72-76716

How to Talk Trash in Cherokee
  Cherokee by John Oocumma
  English by Don Grooms
  pub. Downhome Publishing Company
(Publishers address 3702 NW 6th St.
Gainesville, FL 32069)
  ISBN Not Given

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