Writing Assignment

Hybrid Hypertext & Multi-media Projects
Each week you will respond to the assigned readings by creating a hybrid hypertext and a multi-media project, both of which will engage the main through lines of thought in the readings. Each week, the hypertextual writing and multi-media projects you produce will be subsequently connected to the following week’s hypertextual writing and multi-media project. The writing you will do must engage what Deleuze refers to as rhizomatic lines that continuously connect up with existing lines (in the readings) and also create new ones (which can be achieved through hyperlinks). The multi-media projects you produce must in some way be telematically linked or physically connected with your hybrid hypertext and can include, among other media: an interactive website, a time-based digital work which may include the use of locative media (such as a cell phone, or GPS), physical computing elements, an online performance, a site-specific installation, or a static work such as a drawing, painting, or printed images.

Each reading has been carefully chosen to create a thematic rhizome that will be launched into ‘perpetual becoming’ as a result of your reading and subsequent writing through the texts. Once put in the motion of becoming, your hypertext and the multi-media projects will have no beginning and no ending, but will be all ‘middle’. Throughout the semester each student will be called upon to respond to a specific reading, which you will do so by referencing your hypertext and your multi-media project. There will be a total of three reviews of your hybrid hypertext and Multi-media Projects.