ICAM 160 B

Senior Thesis Project
Spring Quarter 2003

Tony Allard, Instructor

Monday 12:00 – 2:40 pm

Office Hours: Mondays 11 – 12 pm VAF Rm 228
Email: antalla@cox.net

Senior Projects Course Objectives.

This is the second of two courses designed to enable you to conceive, organize and produce an original interdisciplinary research/art project. In Section A rigorous examination of your ideas and your process for developing your Senior Thesis Project was conducted and work began on research and construction of your project. The major emphasis was on a cross disciplinary approach with the computer serving as the central medium to which all other mediums were integrated. In section B we will continue with this same emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach. The form(s) that your project has taken should have included a range media such as web sites, drawing, animation, performance, installation, sound, etc. By the end of this course you will have completed your projects and given the required final presentation.


Your final presentation will be your primary focus this quarter. It is imperative that you give your undivided attention to your thesis project. On the  conceptual and aesthetic side, your research and first drafts of your project must be completed. On the technical side, construction should be well under way and you should begin testing and trouble shooting all the components. The site of your final presentation should be secured by the third day of class. It is imperative that you have all the components of your project completed at least a week, if not more, before they are to be installed/presented.


In this final quarter your attention to the details of your thesis should be of the utmost importance. You will continue to update your project website which will be used to present the progress of your project several times during the quarter. The web site must be kept up to date and contain essential information on your project, specifically, current drafts of your written thesis, your research and writing, an updated production schedule, the conceptual and aesthetic components of your project, your actual process, your resources and technical  needs, your time frame for production, your presentation space and relationship to your existing work and what you hope to achieve with the final project. 

              Section B will include discussions of current net and net art issues, an examination of artworks in the field and lectures and performances by the instructor on related topics.



Simple: don’t miss any classes. You are expected to attend all classes on time and be prepared to fully participate. You will be expected to present your work in progress to the class several times during the quarter and will also sign up for individual consultations with the instructor.


Course Evaluation:

20% attendance & participation

20% Hybrid Document/website for presentations

60% Final project


Course Schedule

WEEK ONE: 3/31

Introduction, course overview

Review of all student projects

Production timelines discussed and updated.

Other related anecdotal stories.



Due: Updated website.

In-class work, production timelines updated.

Individual discussions with all students about projects.



Lecture (Tony Allard)

“Public Art: presenting your work to the public

In-class work, production timelines updated.

Discussions with individual students.



Visit and trouble shoot sites where work will be presented.

In-class work, testing components of projects.
Demonstrate the major technology of your project.

Discussion with individual students.



Mid quarter Work In Progress presentations.

I expect to see the prototype of your thesis show complete and ready to present.

Presentations of mid-quarter project progress. Update timelines and final goals discussed.



In-class work.

Discussions with individual students about projects.



Due: updated website.

In-class work, troubleshooting, tweaking of project.

Work on site when possible.



In-class work, troubleshooting

If it is possible, installation of projects begins.



Memorial Day, no class



FINAL PROJECT presentations.



FINAL PROJECT presentations.

FINAL  WRITTEN THESIS DUE: by 12 PM the Monday of Finals week.