VSAR 303
First FCP Hands-on "Quiz"


Either I or my TA will ask you to do the following

1. Launch Final Cut Pro, and create a new project

2. Save the Project to a new folder named "Quiz" on your Firewire drive

3. Set your scratch disk to the newly created "Quiz" folder on your Firewire drive

4. Create a new bin and new sequence and name them appropriately

5. Make the newly created bin your logging bin

6. "Log andTransfer" two clips from memory card.
    First, in the Log and Transfer window, mark an IN and OUT out point on the first clip (making sure to give yourself
    plenty of heads and tails to edit with later),
name it, then transfer it to the browser.
    Repeat this process for the second clip. (Note: a memory card will be provided if you don't have
    one with footage on it)

7. Open one of the clips in the viewer, and mark the in and out points as if you were going to edit it to the timeline

8. Make two new audio tracks and one new video track, then set/patch these new audio and video tracks as your "target" tracks

9. Edit the clip you just marked in the viewer to the timeline, making sure they are edited to the target audio and video tracks

10. Save, quit, throw out your project folder