Quiz: Camera Basics
VSAR 303: Introduction to Video Art
120 possible points

1. What is focal length?



2. The shortest focal length means the camera lens is (choose one)wide  or telephoto
and the image appears (choose one) small  or large in the frame.



3. To fill a frame with a person's face only, you would (circle any correct answers):
            A. zoom in
            B. move the camera closer to subject
            C. ask the person to step closer to the camera


4. What kind of problematic effects can occur if you shoot a person with the lens zoomed all the way in or set on telephoto? Name three.



5. For handheld shooting, when focus is critical, where do you want to set the focal length?



6. What are four factors that might effect the focus of your image?



7. With a good camera, what is the best way to set your focus?



8. What is the function of the aperture or iris?




9. What does deep depth of field mean?




10. How does zoom or telephoto effect depth of field? How does the aperature or iris effect depth of field?




11. Name one positive and one negative effect of boosting video gain.




12. Choose one from each group of italics.

Outdoor light is bluer/redder/greener than artificial indoor light when unbalanced.
Incandescent light (artificial indoor light)  is more red/blue/green.
Fluorescent light tends to look red/blue/green.

List two ways to compensate for color temperature of lights that do not match in one scene.