Writing Assignments

University Writing Requirement
California State University San Marcos has established a 2500-word minimum writing requirement for each course.
The University offers assistance to students who encounter writing difficulties and invites you to visit the Writing Center.
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Project Position Papers

Over the course of the semester you will write a total of four two page papers; the subjects of these papers coincides with
the four interdisciplinary art projects you do, with the reading assignments and with class lectures/presentations. During the second class, I will
explain in greater detail what is required in the position paper.

Critical Art Reviews

You will write two 750 word critical art review of two interdisciplinary artworks. The first review will be on an artwork that is
analogue-based and the second review will be of an interdisciplinary artwork that exists on the Net.
First Critical Art Review due Oct 18
Second Critical Art Review due
Dec 6

Writing Assignment 1: Socialized Vision, visual habits, observations through the Oculus
Due week 4. Be prepared to discuss your observations in class.
On an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of white cardboard, cut an oculus in the middle of the page that is a horizontal rectangle two inches wide and one and a half inches high. The proportions should be roughly the same as that of a conventional television set, the 4:3 ratio, horizontal rectangle. During the coming week take your oculus with you where ever you go and use it to frame your view. As you are framing and composing these "shots" be looking for specific examples of socialized vision and the visual habits (discussed in class) you come across at home and in public spaces.Take particular notice of the site/context where you observe these examples of socialized vision. Write down you observations and hand in to me next week a one to two page paper and also be prepared to discuss your observations in class. You will use this oculus throughout the semester so bring it to every class.

Ten Events Writeups

Brief, one paragraph writeup of ten cultural events you attend over the semester. Five writeups are due at midterm and five are
due at semester's end.
Fall Arts and Lecture Series

Interdisciplinary Projects
These four projects are designed to dovetale with the four main sections of the course which deal with a wide range of issues and approaches to
interdisciplinary art. The projects are divided into two individual projects and two group projects. In partial fullfillment of the required writing
component for this course, you will write a one to two page paper that discusses central issues and ideas put forth in each section. Each paper will be due the day your project is presented.

Project #1
Personal Identity Collage
In our examinations of the cultural and art historical origins of interdisciplinary art, the medium of collage has played a key role in
this long and intriguing history of interdisciplinary art practices. For this project you will create two collages: the first collage will
address your cultural/ethnic identity; the second will be a more fanciful representation of your personality, that of your alter ego.
The two collages can be made using the computer and scanners, however, the first stage of the collage process must be done with cutout
images, textures, texts, etc., before you scan it into the computer and manipulate it. The size of the finished collage must be 8.5" x 11".
We will use the documentation camera on the podium to view the collages during presentations--which will take place on week four.

Project #2
Illusion Is the Devil's Campground: Plato's Allegory of the Cave
Like the medium of collage, performance art and installation art have played a key role in the development of historical and contemporary
interdisciplinary art practice. This project consists of two components: a performance and an installation at a chosen site where the
performance will be done.
The subject of this project is an alegory of knowledge, written by the Greek philosopher, Plato. I will explain
the project in greater detail during today's class.

Project #3
Personal Manifesto: Culture Jamming in the 21st Century
We have looked at a number of manifestos by avant garde artists and non artists. These manifestos present, for better
or worse, the person's strongest convictions about their beliefs, politics, art, culture, religion, etc. The written form that
the manifesto takes is not limited to straight expository prose, but rather, the text might be a mix of poetry, prose, dogma,
political rhetoric, etc.--or, it might take just one form, such as a poem or just a plain statement. Many of these manifestos
have been written for the purpose of publicly performing them. For this assignment you will write your own manifesto that
expresses your convictions and principles (artistic, political, religious, etc.) you live by. The central theme of your manifesto
must address your personal stance on the use of technology for cultural production and communication in our technological
and mass media-based culture.
You will present/perform your manifesto in class and you may use whatever analogue or
digital media for your presentation--which I strongly encourage you to do.

Project #4
Internet Broadcast Performance
For your final project and presentation of the semester, you will be divided into groups and will collaborate on
developing an online performance in a chat space. These performances will be done outside of class at a time of the group's
choosing. As a group you will develop a performance in which you all perform as Avatars (your online electronic body, the
"second self" in a visual or text-based chat space. The group can take on an identity,for instance, as the Wizzard of OZ posse,
or the Simpsons, etc. Each group member will develop his or her own avatar, which could be based on the collage you did of your alter ego.
You may develop your part of the performance in the medium or mediums of your choice. For instance, if you play a musical instrament, you might create
a musical composition that expresses some aspect of the topic; or, if you are working with digital media you can incorporate you
contribution to the
performance via output from a computer. For the final presentation of your group's online performance, you will
present a series screen shots taken during the online performance. Each group member will be required to talk briefly about the project
and their respective part of the performance. Each individual member of the group will be required to turn in a postion paper


Conceptual Aerobics
These studio activities will be presented chronologically in conjunction with lecture topics and are intended to expand on the material covered in lecture. No projects will be assigned. T hese activities are participatory in nature and therefore, you will be graded on the quality of participation. These exercises will include both analogue and digital media.
Some Conceptual Aerobics activities
1. Socialized vision, visual habits, visual literacy, using the oculus
--opening the Senses: considering the senses before and after they are socialized
--drawing and perception exercises,
--Blind contour drawing, drawing with both hands
--Socialized vision. I will conduct a variety of Conceptual Aerobics exercises to increase
your awareness of visual habits that are the foundation for how our vision gets socialized.
--visual literacy, representation, culturally bound visual habits examined
Introduction of the oculus, a device used by artists to compose pictures
2. Drawing, Principles of Design, Color Theory
--Blind contour drawing, drawing with both hands
--Principles of Design explored with the oculus
--Color theory, creating a three dimensional color wheel
--Ephemeral paintings
3. We explore a variety of analogue and digital methods for creating perspective and the illusion of three-dimensional space on a two dimensional surface. The main focus will be on Linear Perspective from the Renaissance and multi-dimensional perspectival methods from the 20th Century.
--Perspective anomalies.
4. A visual/suclptural/digital/performative retelling of Plato's Allegory of the Cave.
5. Ephemeral art and process art, immaterial art, conceptual art, video art, computer art, net art, TAZ