VSAR 101 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Art
Grade Sheet
Fall 2004


Writing Assignments
Due week 4, September 27th

1):  Socialized Vision, visual habits, observations through the Oculus,

Critical Art Reviews

Two critical art reviews of two interdisciplinary artworks.
First critical art review: Analogue art, Due Oct 18
  Second critical art Review: Net-based art Due Dec 6

Interdisciplinary Projects
Project 1
Due week 4, September 27th

 Personal Identity Collage
 First Project Position Paper


Project 2
Due week 7, Oct 18

6)  Illusion Is the Devil's Campground: Plato's Allegory of the Cave

      Performance and an installation
 Second Project Position Paper,


Project 3
Due Week 11, November 15

8)  Personal Manifesto: Culture Jamming in the 21st Century

9)  Third Project Position Paper

Project 4
Due Week 16 December 20

10)  Internet Broadcast Performance

11)  Forth Project Position Paper


12) Ten Events Write-ups

Five due at midterm
Five due at semesterŐs end


13) Conceptual Aerobics
14) Participation