Date of Presentation

Each area of worth 10 points, for a total of 100. I will be grading you during and after your presentation. Keep these points in  mind while preparing your presentation.

1.     Is the subject matter relevant to the class? Does it address or expand on issues which are important within the disciplines of art, technology and the moving image? Did you attempt to integrate some of the issues developed in class into your presentation when relevant?

2.    Did you create a thesis (proposition to be maintained or proved)? Did you present your research and ideas in such a way as to develop a thesis with a body of research to support your ideas? Did you provide insights into your subject matter?

3.    Did you develop support materials to help in your presentation? Is there a balance between your support materials and your oral presentation? Were they relevant to the presentation? Were they clear, readable, viewable, etc.?

4.    Is the presentation well organized? Does it convey the information and ideas as clearly as possible? Did you test the technical elements prior to the presentation date?

5.    Did your presentation fall with in the allotted time?

6.    Did you demonstrate the quality and quantity of your research? Did you use various sources where possible? Did you consult at least five different sources including, books, essays, articles, Internet, interviews, other films or videos, and refer to them during your presentation?

7.    Although for some of you, your research topic may be outside your normal area of expertise; what is your grasp of the subject matter, especially as demonstrated in the question and answer part of the panel?

8.    Did you participate in the discussion during the presentation of your own and other panels? Did you help out technically when you could? Did you take notes during presentations and formulate questions? Did you consider the connections between the material you presented and their presentation during the discussion period? Obviously, your attendance is essential.

9.    Did you turn in your abstract with research sources on time, one week before your presentation? Was it well written, spell checked, etc.?

10.  The overall quality of the presentation: Were your support materials relevant, clear, useful? Did you prepare something especially creative? Was your presentation well written? Did you speak clearly? Was your presentation especially forceful or insightful? Did you choose a topic which allowed for in depth research?


Total points_______________________