VSAR 422
Art and Technology of the Moving Image
Spring 04

Assignment 1: Socialized Vision, visual habits, using the Oculus,
Due: Week 2. Be prepared to discuss your observations in class.
On an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of white cardboard cut an oculus in the middle of the page that is a horizontal rectangle two inches wide and one and a half inches high. The proportions should be roughly the same as that of a conventional television set, the 4:3 ratio, horizontal rectangle. During the coming week take your oculus with you where ever you go and use it to frame your view. As you are framing and composing these shots be looking for specific examples of socialized vision and the visual habits you come across at home and in public spaces. Write down you observations and hand in to me next week a one to two page paper and also be prepared to discuss your observations in class. You will use this oculus throughout the semester so bring it to every class.

Assignment 2: Review of Sam Chen's presentation
For the second assignment you will write a 700 word review (the typical length of an art review in a free newspaper, i.e., the Reader) of Sam Chen's presentation. As you write the review, refer to specific points I made in last week's presentation regarding the origins of the moving image and the first, second and third waves of globalization. Your review should NOT be a series of sentences describing what you like, but rather, should be a critical analysis of his work. I will explain in greater detail in class today.

Assignment 3: Hypathetical proposal for a site-specific video installation
Using your oculus to look through, choose a familiar place and look very carefully at this site. What do you see? What kinds of activities are happening or not happening there? Who enters the space, etc. Write a short narrative/description/poem about it. After you have described the site, create a hypathetical installation for this site which would include one or more monitors (televisions) installed at the site. The content of what is seen on the monitors should relate to the site. For instance, if you chose the front entrance to the library as your site, the images seen on the monitor could be close-ups of pages of books. You can create this hypathetical video installation using drawings, still images and writing. The monitors should be installed in such a way that the typical orientation to the monitor is subverted. Think of the ways Nam June Paik has subverted the viewerÕs orientation to the monitor and how this changes the viewers experience of the images. Hand this in after the break--bring to class.

Assignment 4: Hypertext Exquisite Corpse
I will explain this assignment in detail the week before. This assignment will take place in class and will address issues brought up in the lecture and the article, such as the mechanisms of recombinant culture, authorship, collaborative creations, appropriation, plagiarism, hypertextuality and alternative narrative structures. You will need to bring to class several pictures (taken by someone else) of the four major parts of the human body (male or female): head, upper torso, lower torso and legs. You will also bring to class fragments of found text on the Internet and will read your fragments of found text as you place the photographs onto the group Exquisite Corpse. I will have a camera set up to record the making of an Exquisite Corpse. This video tape will be edited, compressed and posted on the class webstie.

Assignment 5: Observations of the panopticon in everyday life
This is a hands-on photo or video assignment.
Writing, research and observation: During the coming week, note and document instances of the panopticon in your own life, either actually, architecturally or symbolically. Be aware of how the panopticon works as a system of visual control, power or punishment. Also, how does the campus exhibit instances of the panopticon? Have your observations ready for discussion and to turn in next class (two pages). You can use photos, video, web or text to document your observations. You may also use your occulus to frame and reframe your observations.

Assignment 6: Midterm paper: Analyzing "the gaze"
through these texts: "Under Western Eyes", "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" and Berger, Chapter 3. All texts are in your reader.

Assignment 7: Abstracts for panel presentations.

Assignment 8: Flip book animation
In the lower right hand corner of your reader make a simple flip book animation. The drawings can be as elaborate as you want to make them. In class we will shoot video of each of the animation and make a compilation of your annotations. This video will be edited, compressed and posted on the class website.

Assignment 9: Final Presentations