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  • [Fall 09 - Spr 10] University Campus Connection Program member. Link see webct.

  • [Fall 09 - Spr 11] University Curriculum Committee member. Academic Program Link

  • [Fall 09 - Spr 11] I was recently elected as a memeber of the university academic senate.

  • [Fall 08- ??] Founded "MIS Society" since  Serving as the faculty advisor since then. We have a group of energetic and enthusiastic student officers working closely together. A sequence of great events have been offered over the last year and many more yet to come soon. Go check our website! You can also find us on facebook and twitter.

  • [Fall 08 - Spr 09] I am also chairing the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee in the College of Business Administration. Find out all our meeting minutes from our website. (password protected though. :P)

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