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Last updated: May 2008

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·        Economics of Information Systems, Mechanism Design, and Product Differentiation

·        Supply Chain Information Coordination, Contract Design under Asymmetric Information

·        Information Economies, Prediction Markets, and Rational Expectations Equilibrium

·        Competitive Strategies, Game Theory, Industrial Organization

RESEARCH: Journal Publications

1.   “Proper Scoring Rules with Arbitrary Value Functions”, with Maxwell Stinchcombe and Andrew Whinston, forthcoming in Journal of Mathematical Economics. 

2.   “An Economic Mechanism for Better Internet Security”, with Xia Zhao and Andrew Whinston, Decision Support Systems, Vol. 45, No.4, Nov 2009. (won the Emerald Management Reviews' Citation of Excellence). 


3.       “Collective Outsourcing to Market (COM): -- A Market-based Framework for Information Supply Chain Outsourcing”, with Zhiling Guo and Andrew Whinston, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Vol.9, No. 3/4, Apr 2008. (acceptance rate: 12%)

4.   “Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - A Betting Platform for Better Prediction”  with Maxwell B. Stinchcombe and Andrew B. Whinston, the journal of Review of Network Economics, 6(2), June 2007.

5.   “Option Contracts and Capacity Management – Enabling Price Discrimination under Demand Uncertainty,” with Andrew B. Whinston,  Production and Operations Management Vol. 16, No.1, Jan-Feb 2007. (Business Week's 20 Premier Journals)

6  “Reengineer the Internet for Better Security”, with Manoj Parameswaran, Xia Zhao, and Andrew B. Whinston, IEEE Computer, 40(1), January 2007.

7.    Supply Chain Information Sharing in a Macro Prediction Market,” with Zhiling Guo and Andrew B. Whinston, Decision Support Systems, 42(3), December 2006.

8.   “The Impact of Mediation Service on Consumer-to-Consumer Auction Market,” with Xia Zhao and Andrew B. Whinston, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 10(3), Spring 2006. (abstract)

RESEARCH: Conference Presentations and Proceedings

1. “Chinese Government Information System and Entrepreneurship, -- a Case for Rule-Based System,” Presentation at the Twelfth Annual Global Information Technology Management Association (GITMA) World Conference, Las Vegas, NV, 2011.

2. “Subscription based or Not? – A Profit Analysis for Video Game Releasing Strategies,” Presentation at the 2nd International Conference on Information Science and Engineering (ICISE2010), Hangzhou, China, 2010.

3. “Economic Mechanism to Manage Operational Security Risks for Inter-Organizational Information Systems,” Presentation at the Decision Science Institute, 2010.

4. “Managing Supply Side Uncertainty with an Information Market.” Presentation at the 8th Workshop on E-Business (WEB), Phoenix, AZ, 2009.

5.     “Online or Offline? -- An Analysis of Video Game Release Strategies” Presentation at the 20th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), Orlando, FL, 2009.

6.     “Where is the Manual?” Presentation at the 19th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), La Jolla, CA, 2008.

7.     Collective Outsourcing To Market (COM): A Market-Based Framework for Supply Chain Outsourcing.” the proceedings of the fourth annual CABIT Symposium. Phoenix, AZ, 2006. (program review) (a picture of my panel)

8.   “Putting your money where your mouth is- Acquiring and aggregating costly information from sources of different quality.” the proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces. June 20-23, 2005. ISSN: 1330-1012.

9.   “Toward a More Secure Internet: An Economic Mechanism for Certification of Providers.” the proceedings of Workshop on e-Business (WeB). Las Vegas, NV, 2005.

10.      On Profitability and Efficiency of Wireless Mesh Networks.” the proceedings of 15th Annual Workshop on Information Technologies & Systems (WITS). Las Vegas, NV, 2005.

11.      Putting Your Money where Your Mouth is – Information Elicitation Mechanism Design when Agents Privately Know Their Quality of Information.” conference presentation at the 16th Annual Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE). College Park, Maryland, 2004.


Associate Editor: Decision Support Systems

Co-Chair of Interactive Sessions, and Program Committee of INFORMS 2009, San Diego, CA

Conference Session Chair: POMS 2008, La Jolla, CA