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The following links contain further information about Balboa Park. They will be broken up chronologically and direct the visitor to websites that will tell a general history of the Park. Links to other websites pertaining to a general history of San Diego and other historical resources are also park title

The San Diego Historical Society's biography of Kate Sessions

The San Diego Historical Society's biography of George White Marston

The chapter, "Story of the City Parks," from William E. Smythe's, History of San Diego, 1542-1908

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(Courtesy of the Escondido Pioneer Library)

The San Diego Historical Society's biography of landscape architect of Frank P. Allen

The San Diego Historical Society's biography of Fine Arts Gallery designer William Templeton Johnson

The San Diego Historical Society's biography of John D. Spreckels

Richard F. Pourade's chapter, "A 'Magic City' Surprises Even Those Who Built It," on the exposition from his book, Gold in the Sun

A pictorial essay, "Heritage of an Exposition," from Richard F. Pourade's book, Gold in the Sun

The chapter, "A New Century," from James R. Mills' San Diego: Where California Began, discussing the two expositions

San Diego's "Panama-California's Exposition" pamphlet

The Union Pacific Railroad's 1915 Exposition pamphlet, "California and the Expositions - Union Pacific System"

International Harvester Company's 1915 Exposition pamphlet, "Panama-Pacific - Panama-California Souvenir 1915 - International Harvester Company"'s online collection of 1915 Exposition postcards and posters

Collection of San Diego and San Francisco's 1915 Expositions

1935 expo title's online collection of 1935 Exposition posters

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(Courtesy of

Ida Lemler Roseland's oral history of her time working in San Diego and taking classes at Balboa Park

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The San Diego Historical Society's biography of Reuben H. Fleet

Copy of the National Park Service's "National Register of Historic Places Inventory - Nomination Form" for Balboa Park

Estrada Land Planning's map of Balboa Park

National Park Service's online photo gallery for Balboa Park

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Balboa Park's official website

The San Diego Historical Society's website

Online Archive of California's collections pertaining to Balboa Park

Collection of articles written by local San Diego historian, Richard W. Amero

Richard W. Amero's website, "Balboa Park History"

The Balboa Park Committee's "Balboa Park Cultural Partnership" report discussing the current needs and issues relating to Balboa Park

Friends of Balboa Park's website

"The Soul of San Diego," a report discussing the issues relating to Balboa Park. Produced by the Center for City Park Excellence of the Trust for Public Land

The Committee of One Hundred's website, a group dedicated to the preservation of Balboa Park's historic buildings